by Felix Quigley

September 17 2009


The case of Rifka Bary was summed up in this comment on Jihadwatch


I hope I’m wrong…on both accounts, but…
The proof that she was in danger will be in the form of her dead body.
The proof that Iran wants to nuke Israel will come in the form of a mushroom cloud over same.
On the former, she only has to hold out a little longer and she can file for emancipation I bleeb.

On the latter…stash some gas cause Israels about to kick ass. No mushroom clouds allowed over Jerusalem…unless they drift over from Iran.

islam is a lie and
Truth is killing it.




Yes indeed this is correct. Islam is indeed a lie and the main purveyors of this lie are the Governments of the western caspitalist world, especially of the US and of the EU.


They are assisted in this by the Left, so called, which is in support of Islam.


the reference above to Iran, Israel, and the danger to Israel from an Iranian Nuclear bomb is especially apt.


We have shown in recent articles here that the essence of the Iranian regime is utter falsehood. I believe the technical name for thios form of Islam lying is “takkiya”.


This is of erxtreme importance because we on 4international believe that Iran with the nuclear bomb is of exttreme danger to Israel and its population of Jews.


Of course many Arabs would also be killed by any sort of Iranian nuclear action on Israel, because Israel geographically is a tiny country.


That however would not deter Iranian Islam in the slightest because the war which they waged against Iraq when Saddam was in power a couple of decades ago shows that Islam places no value on human life, including the life of its own people, since they have the concept of martyrdom, a concept to be used in any situation.


It appears that Rifka is a Sri Lankan girl and the following comment from JW shows that the danger to this girl is going to be long time


In it, Mr. Safi notes that individual apostates cannot be killed for a “quiet desertion of personal Islamic duties,” but can be put to death as “just punishment” when the apostate deserts Islam publicly.

You can’t desert Islam much more publicly than by seeking refuge through the Infidel courts.

Even if Rifqa’s parents decided that doing her in might draw too much unwanted attention on them at this point, members of the fundamentalist mosque the family attended in Ohio would likely “see to things”.

The other likely scenario is that she would be sent back to Sri Lanka–away from the possible protection of a sympathetic American legal system–and either murdered or forced into an arranged marriage and “reversion”.



This comment also on JW from Hesperando deals with a vital isue, that is how Islam seeks to obfuscate facts. the reference is to the Guardola report


Agent Guandolo has produced a nice tight, lean mean argument: no more fat or irrelevant tissue left for any Occam’s Razor to shave off: all muscle and brain. The PC MC establishment and the Muslim apologists they enable, however, don’t like just the facts, ma’am: they like, and need, obfuscation — lots of fat and complicating tissues to distract from the grimly clear diagnosis of the disease, and thence the appropriate treatment. The latter does this out of mendacious evil, the former out of what I call quantum ignorance, born of the muddled sincerity of its acolytes.

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