by Felix Quigley

September 30, 2009

In 2006 Jared Israel wrote the following and the points he made are very relevant today


Read it yourself on


Why TENC is Posting “Ahmadinejad’s World
by Jared Israel

I see two main problems with the extensive media coverage of Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  One is the media’s tendency to accept Ahmadinejad’s preferred self-image, that of a third world populist, albeit with Islamist views, regarding whom the media celebrates supposed signs of moderation.  This approach avoids examining Ahmadinejad’s ideology and its roots in the political life of post 1979 (i.e., Islamist) Iran. 

Matthias Küntzel’s piece, “Ahmadinejad’s World,” goes a long way towards filling the void of ignorance about how this man thinks. It turns out that not only does Ahmadinejad deny the Holocaust, sponsor Hezbollah, and incite the murder of Jewish people around the world, but he took part in the government-organized murder of untold thousands of Iranian children, and is now promoting a state cult glorifying that murder.

The second problem is that the media – mainstream, extreme right, extreme left, alternative, pro-Israel, anti-Israel – unquestioningly propounds the view, fostered by the US and Iranian governments, that they are what they appear: fierce opponents.  Evidence contradicting this view is disregarded; for example, I could find no English language newspaper or TV news program that even noted the following remark, which Ahmadinejad made during his UN speech a week ago:

“The occupiers are incapable of establishing security in Iraq. Despite the establishment of the lawful Government and National Assembly of Iraq, there are covert and overt efforts to heighten insecurity, magnify and aggravate differences within Iraqi society, and instigate civil strife.” (My emphasis – JI)
–Transcript of Ahmadinejad’s UN speech

Two things are noteworthy here.

First, Ahmadinejad did not, in this quote or anywhere else in his speech, demand that the US get out of Iraq.  Rather, he criticized the occupation forces for being “incapable of establishing security.” 

Second, Ahmadinejad referred to the current Iraqi government as “the lawful Government and National Assembly of Iraq.”  But said government is the creature of the occupation forces, first and foremost the US. For example, US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad oversaw the writing of the Iraqi constitution.

For three years we have been told that the US is on the verge of a military assault on Iran. Yet here is the Iranian President, commenting on the presence of massive US and allied forces in Iraq, and instead of denouncing this multi-national attack force on his doorstep, instead of saying, “Of course we need nuclear weapons; thousands of US and other infidel troops are poised on our border!” – instead he chides the US for not being tough enough and commends the US-created Iraqi government as “lawful.”  Doesn’t this suggest that the US-Iranian relationship is different from what it appears? That mutual denunciations and threats made by the Bush and Ahmadinejad governments may be political theater? But this and much other evidence that, as Emperor’s Clothes predicted before the US went into Iraq, Iran has gained from the invasion and has in crucial ways supported US efforts – this evidence is simply ignored. [I]

Food for thought, about which more later. First, here is Matthias Küntzel’s account of what President Ahmadinejad has done and what he stands for. As you read, consider what it means for Ahmadinejad to say the Iraqi government is “lawful.”

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes

I would like to add another point to the above by Jared Israel.

It got little media coverage but I read in a brief report that the CIA interviews with Saddam showed that Saddam was above all fearful of Iran, thus Saddam boasted every chance he got that Iraq had nuclear weapons. This was deliberate and indeed throws a new light on why the US took out the relatively speaking anti Islam regime of Saddam and promoted thus the Islamic Republic

These interviews should be made available for all to read.

But they will not be because they tell too much about US and EU programme of alliance with Islam.

The big question is why is America allied with Islam.

To understand that one must make a study of the history of America and the history of Islam.

As we noted the American Revolution and the life of Tom Paine is very relevant in today´s puzzle.

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