by Felix Quigley

30 September, 2009


Iran is the big issue which is facing anybody who is in the slightest interested in the world around them, in reality (another name of course for politics) today


What exactly is Iran? What is the Islamic Re`public? What is therefore Islam?


A major question is why is all of the so called “Left” in support of Iran to one degree or another?


What is the role of Stalinism in the left wing movement? What is the historical role of Leon Trotsky who inside the socialist moveemnt fought against the ebtrayals of Stalinism?


What is the roots of the present hatred for Israel among those who call themselves socialists?


What is the connection between the hatred for Zionism which the Soviets in the 60s adopted and churned out in massive propaganda.


And indeed what actually is Zionism?


The latter question is of such importance we cannot allow it to hang in the air as it were. Zionism is the wish of the Jewish people to have a Homeland of their own. Not just any Homeland but in the aprt of earth that they were expelled from in the most brutal fashion by the Romans. This also means that this wish for a Homeland is interconnected with their Book, the Bible, which among other things is a history of their people.


So in that real sense every Jew who is conscious of himself as a Jew is a Zionist.


It is the oldest nationn on the earth and ebcause it is the oldest this aspect of the issue has drawn the most bitter attacks from so called “socialists” who unfortunately treat theory and history as a dogma.


1. What is Iran today?


2. Who was Hajj Amin el Husseini? What is the link between Islam and the Third Reich of Hitler (Nazism)


3. Great Britain is based on many things but one of them is racism. This is shown very clearly in their attitude to the Irish over many generations. So in the key period of 1920 following the First WEorld War Britain was racist towards the Jews in Palestine. And that form of racism is also called anti-Semitism


4. Mein Kamph was a critical document. This document led on to the Wannsee Conference held in a suburb of Berlin in January 20, 1942, at which was planned the extermination of the whole of the Jewish people. Even Ireland was listed at this conference and the 4000 Jews in Ireland in 1942 were noted down for extermination. Every Jew in Ireland at that time is thus a “Holocaust Survivor”, indeed ewvery jew on the planet must be termed as a Holocaust survivor.


5.The role of Henry Ford leading on to the Holocaust


“In 1918, Ford’s closest aide and private secretary, Ernest G. Liebold, purchased an obscure weekly newspaper, The Dearborn Independent for Ford. The Independent ran for eight years, from 1920 until 1927, during which Liebold was editor. The newspaper published “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” which was discredited by The Times of London as a forgery during the Independent’s publishing run.”


6. The role of Tom Paine

Born 29 January 1737

Died 8 July 1809

Author of two key works which had a great influence on America and which is relevant in today´s discussion


Common Sense

The Rights of Man

And from this the connection between the British Revolution under Cromwell, the American and French Revolutions


8. Who was Karl Marx and his friend Engels? How do they figure in this narrative, greatly see our notes on the left above.


In order to understand the left and its hatred for Zionism we must understand October 1917, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky. Thus the 4international.



So it can be seen that the present situation and the answer to the first question, what is Iran today, what is Islam, what is Christianity, what is Judaism, is a very complex question



We will look at some of these in more detail as we go on.

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