by Felix Quigley

October 17, 2009


Richard Landes has just made an analysis of the Goldstone Report phenomenon and in his introduction he states “I address those readers of the news who still want to be part of a “reality-based” community, for whom evidence must be addressed, analyzed, and assessed”.

At the moment there are everywhere all kinds of conspiracy nuts and spirit (ghosts) hacks doing the rounds. There are those who are suggesting that iran is a peaceful nation really. That if Iran gets the bomb so what, it will do nothing with it!

Yes Landes has it right. The key issue of today is the understanding of the real, law based world in which we live.

I come to this key issue from the standpoint of being a dialectical materialist and opposed to all forms of idealist and religious methods of thinking.

Landes probably comes from a different standpoint. I think he represents the best in bourgeois thinking and bourgeois science, there is certainly such a thing.

In that context we on 4international offer a hand in unity to people like Richard Landes.

We will be looking at his writings on the Goldstone Report. The following article was placed on our historical site today, along with some references tot he Fatah Constitution and the Hamas Charter. That site is called


The Goldstone Report


By Felix Quigley

October 17, 2009

The Goldstone Report should be read alongside the Hamas and Fatah Constitutions, the statements by the Iranian Mullahs as well as by Ahmadinejad.

But also alongside the speech made by Obama when a few months ago he travelled to Cairo to address “the Muslim world”. In his speech Obama made a direct comparision and drew equality between the Palestine Refugees of 1948 and the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis.

Thus it should also be read alongside the numerous statements made by George Bush Jnr in which he defined the answer as being the creation of an Arab “Palestinian”, that is in all truth Jihadist, state on the flank of Israel.

And it should also be read alongside the position of Reagan towards the Holocaust.

In reading the Goldstone Report people should also be aware of the role of Britain and the US Governments towards the Holocaust of the Jews, where they forced the Jews to remain in bloodbath Europe, note here the British White Paper of 1939 which basically set up the Nazi Holocaust and also the position of Roosevelt (clearly an antisemite) towards the Jews.

At another level Goldstone is a continuation of the Big Lie technique used over 2000 years against the Jews.

Major parts of this lie in recent years, that is in our living memory are

* Hiding the role of leading Arabs in the Holocaust

* Especially hiding the relations of Haj Amin el Husseini with Hitler, Himmler and Eichman

* And hiding that Arafat, Abbas and Hamas are direct continuation of the policies of Hajj Amin el Husseini

* Hiding the central hate-filled content of the Koran, not at all a religious document but the basis for modern Fascism

* Finally Goldstone must be understood against the background of other major lies, lies against the Jews


They are


Dir Yassin

The Qana “Massacre”

The Muhammed El Durra hoax affair



Perhaps of all of these the Goldstone Report is the worst of all. This relates to the modern drive for world dictatorship, to the rule of the US and EU extremists in Government who seek to control the world.

The essence of the Goldman Report on the Israeli fight against Hamas is this:


How can any country defend itself against attack from without? Does any country have the right to defend itself from attack from without?


Poised against Israel are the countries of the Arab League, the countries of the Islamic world, who have a controlling power over the United Nations.


Poised also against Israel is the power of the US Government and the whole of the EU Bureaucracy who wish to break down all national resistance to their overall world dictatorship.


If Israel as an example of a nation state is not able to defend itself against attack on its very existence (see above where we refer to Iranian, Hamas and Fatah aims) then Israel can no longer exist as a sovereign nation state.

And although they do not see it no nation, such as Russia, China or India, can exist either as a sovereign nation state.

The issues behind the Goldstone Report are these


1. Israel was bombarded with Hamas and other rockets for 8 years

2. Hamas fought from inside civilians and fought without wearing military clothing


Yet despite those two items Israel was asked by Goldstone to fight “humanely” against hamas.


To fight “humanely” against such an enemy, against enemy in war, is to ask the impossible and to not fight at all.

So the Goldstone Report is a continuation of the Dir Yassin Lie, Qana and El Durra. It is to create a lying scenario in order to stop Israelñ from defending itself.

The issue touches the future of every country and its right to sovereigny.

It is in a different form but is the same issue…The Irish reject the EU…The rules are rewritten and the Irish are made to vote until they accept the EU.

We on 4international say that there must be unity in action against these moves towards world dictatorship, and especially in defence of the rights of Israel to defend its sovereign right to use ANY means to defend itself.

Such unity in action does not mean that we will drop our revolutionary socialist programme. Far from it, in action we will show that only Trotskyism can lead the Israeli and other peoples, and working class, to victory.

Even as I write this the hopeless opportunist Ted Belman of Israpundit is continuing to cultivate his friendship with Sarah Palin and with reactionary republican circles, thus showing that Belman is now and always will be a crass American Imperialist stooge.


Belman hates socialism, hates Trotskyism.


Even so we on 4international propose unity in action against the Goldstone Report with even Belman. Will Belman offer the same to 4international. I doubt it personally and if he does not he will again be showing his true Imperialist and Reactionary colours.

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