by Felix Quigley

October 23, 2009


The appearance fo a British National Party leader on Question Time is a real tester. The dogmatists on the so called Left are condemning the BNP.


Yet the BNP is the only party I know of which supported the right of Israel to defend its country against Islam and Hamas in the war at the turn of the year!


I posted the following in a comment on Israp’undit:


[begin comment on Israpundit here]

There is another issue which is the nation state.

Judaism gets its progressive character because it is an expression of Jewish nationalism, the nation state and the Jewish Homeland, in secular as well as religious terms Zion.

That is the issue. THE KEY ISSUE.

And that is why the BNP was alone in Britain in giving support to the right of Israel to wage a war just some months ago to defend its nation state against Hamas.

The BNP emphasis on the English nation and nation state finds itself in the same camp, despite other contradictory things.

Trotsky made distinctions in his writings. For example he saw Rivera in Spain as an aristocrat, not a Fascist, (Many were getting this wrong, especially dogmatists were) because Rivera did not have a plebeian mass base, the central component of Fascism.

In Germany and Italy it was different. Mussolini did have a mass base and both he and Hitler used socialist demagogy in great amounts in their propaganda.

Islam on the other hand is a Fascist movement and ideology.

So are those in Britain who opposed Israel and its right to defend its citizens in the Gaza war. Those atacking the BNP on Question Time are actually closer to Fascism and to a last man are antisemites. Strange but true.

It was also a state Fascist movement which lied and stripped the Serbs of their nationality.

Goldstone is much closer to Fascism, state and world dictatorship Fascism than is the BNP.
This is the true Trotskyist analysis..
It is not a dogma. We think for ourselves and try to see reality for what it truly is.

Samuel is close to this spirit actually


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