By Felix Quigley

December 1, 2009

Netanyahu from the standpoint of the security of Israel is not the worst leader that Israel has had. In fact he may be one of the best.

The problem is that the external situation that Israel finds itself within has changed enormously and is now very challenging. In the face of this situation a new type of leader is needed. It is not really the fault of Netanyahu as an individual person

Hence we say that we give our support, the support of our organization, 4international, to Netanyahu and his government in the face of hostile attacks especially from Britain and the US.

And remember that the Bosnian experience showed us most clearly that these 2 powerful states and their hierarchic leadership are tied in with Islam, in that in Bosnia they allied with the well known Nazi war criminal Izetbegovic, hid his past hid his extreme Nazi Muslim views, and created an alliance between them all against the Serb Christians of Yugoslavia, to eventually wipe Yugoslavia off the map.

So remember whether Ahmadinejad did use those exact words, he and his cohorts in Iran and the Muslim world have made plenty of such statements against Israel.

And one country, Yugoslavia, has indeed been “wiped off the map”.

That could in all rationality also happen to Israel. Happen once it can happen again. At the very least it must be admitted that that reality is in the mix

So once again we defend Netanyahu, just as we defended Milosevic and now defend Karaditz, against the combined forces of Islam and capital imperialism. But we note that such a leadership as represented by Netanyahu is inadequate to meet such powerful despotic forces.

In our previous article on the Goldstone Report we noted that the response of the Israeli Government was late and weak.

That the Goldstone Report was actually a crude plot created by the Tyrant Led UN in order to deligitimize the IDF, the main body defending Israel.

That this was especially timed to block the IDF from acting on its own, which it necessarily has to do, because Obama is on the side of Iran, in order to defang the Iran Nuclear Bomb programme and direct threat to the existence of Israel.

That by now many good and patriotic Israelis are at this moment prisoners in their own country. For example they cannot travel for a holiday or a professional conference in a country such as England or France.

That the Arabs in the area of Judea and Samaria misnamed the “West Bank”, have joined in with this attack on Israel.

That Israel over recent months has been lifting road block mechanisms in order to allow these Arab anti-Semites to travel from there to Israeli cities, where they can do expensive shopping and engage in expensive night clubs etc.

While Israel still collects millions in order to send there to Abbas and on then to Gaza. Is that all not incredible!

Meanwhile there are 2 years in which Arabs have killed in cold blood thousands of Israeli people of all ages.

And as we rightly pointed out, this Goldman Report was in the pipeline for a year and more. Why did the ISRAELI Government not make up a report of its own on those murders, send it to the UN, send it to every newspaper in the world, hold meetings in every country, have its embassies link up with organizations like 4international who are allies of Israel to hold public meetings etc!

Why not indeed! The answer to that is very interesting and important.

Israel is not at all alone but we need to build an organization to show this.

The people of Switzerland just yesterday, the vote is out as I write this, have struck a huge blow against the Iranian Mullahs, and against their US, British and BBC backers. They have voted basically to outlaw the building of Islam Imperialist mosques which are at the very centre of Jihad

It was not on the ballot paper. But it could just as well have been. The good conservative people of Switzerland are in alliance with Israel against the Muslim so called “Palestinian” Arabs. And they also are allies of the Serbs and especially of Radovan Karadzic in their struggle against the Islamists, backed by the US and EU dhimmis, in his struggle in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

It is vital that the Trotskyist party be built!


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