by Felix Quigley

January 8, 2009

What 4international need is 2 things mainly.

  1. We need to recruit members and or associates. At first we will settle for associates. That is people who will take some active interest in our website. This means a little more than just reading but maintaining contact with us through a secure email.
  2. We would like to see more comments on this blog. Readers of this blog are doing their own reading and they will come across aspects of these stories which are actually valuable, but if not placed down on paper then they are lost


The main requirement for membership or associate is that the email does not change, and if it does change for whatever reason you promise to send us your new one. Over the internet maintaining contact is the most vital thing because the internet is a very different kind of animal that must be tamed and used by the progressive workers movement, and the ordinary person must not be tricked by this internet thing.

We will include later an email address but the easiest way is to write in comment section below but mark it private for non publication. We moderate ALL comments here.

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