by Felix Quigley

18 January, 2010

This is a strange and an interesting phenomenon. Israel is foremost in the support of the people of Haiti. 4international believes this is both positive and negative and we will say more about this phenomenon later. We are familiar with Jews, or so called Jews, who do not support Israel yet are up to their necks in charity work. Anyway the details given us by Debkafile are interesting and important

[Begin Debka report on Haita here]

Within eight hours of its arrival Friday, Jan. 15, the Israeli team running the largest field hospital in Haiti had treated scores of patients. It was the only medical facility on the quake-stricken island with a functioning operating theater, which carried out three procedures on its first day. Another planeload of supplies and equipment will be sent out to restock the facility.

Sunday, Jan. 17, airplanes loaded with supplies were still circling with no place to land on the island’s only international airport, as the desperate population waited on the corpse-littered streets for the water, food, medicines and other basic needs reaching them far too slowly to save lives.

The Israeli hospital, located in the city’s Antoine Izmery soccer field, has a fully-equipped operating theaters, intensive care units, child and maternity wards, laboratories, an X-ray facility and pharmacy, carried in by El al jumbo jets. It is manned by the IDF Home Front Command’s 250 medical staff and search-and-rescue experts famed for saving lives in former world disasters.

A third of the medical team of 40 doctors, 20 paramedics and nurses plus technical staff are reservists who volunteered for the Haiti disaster relief team. Working flat out they are treating 500 patients a day. A small Zaka team, which flew in from Mexico Friday, pulled eight survivors out of the rubble of Haiti University.

Some 40,000 of the dead have been tossed into burial pits without identification. The estimate of 200,000 dead in the disastrous earthquake of last Tuesday may never be confirmed. Some 15 locations in and around Port-au-Prince are seen to have suffered an even worst catastrophe, 70 percent of all buildings destroyed, than the capital.

Following reports of looting and fights over food, the UN ordered thousands of peacekeepers to deploy in Port-au-Prince to help organize distribution in chaotic conditions.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrives in Haiti later Sunday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed Saturday to deliver the massive aid supplies coming from America and evacuate US citizens

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