by Felix Quigley

January 28. 2010

We tend to forget that from 1933, the Nazis taking power, until the Wansee Conference was 9 full years and these were full years.

Martin Gilbert (page 37 to 39, a History of the Twentieth Century, Volume 2) gives a full report of these years, in this case 1933

Taken fom the London Daily Express it involved Stormtroops entering the village of Arnswalde, in Pomerania, then followed beatings, burning of books etc

Following morning most of the Jews had left the village.

And this is instructive

“ That same morning German children on their way to school helped themselves to toothpast, soap and sponges lying in the wreckage of a Jewish chemist´s shop, “while” in the words of the report “parents and teachers looked on”.

There is much of this ilk in these pages by Gilbert, and this was 1933. Remember 9 more years until Wannsee.

What these people had to contend with. What suffering.

Main point, the Holocaust was not sudden but part of the continuum of anti-Semitism, into the present day, which is the main fact that all these memorials are hiding on this Holocaust Remembrance

On the Holocaust Remembrance, year 65 yesterday, all the reports I read are never once associating what happened then with what is happening now, and the fury and hostility directed towards the small Homeland of the Jews Israel.

That is the crisis of leadership that exists.

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