The original Palestine which the League of Nations was originally setting aside for the Jewish nation is on the site of Eli hertz

The writer says:

Of course, I would insist that the original demarcartion is still relevant, the one that looks like this:

Oh, you think that map above is a Zionist propaganda trick? Well, here’s a Pal. version:

The writer above means the original land of Palestine set out for the Jews. But that was before Churchill, who is wrongly thought of as a friend of the jews, began to cut in to the land set aside for the Jews.

Taken from

Next we see how the land was divided up and the Jews with the creation of transjordan, later the independent state of present day Jordan, was carved out of it.

It seems that in the hands of the British Government who were given the mandate to create a Jewish Homeland that palestine was a very elastic concept.

Eli Hertz writes:-

The Line Has Already Been Drawn and is Backed by International Law!

On September 16, 1922, the final [not yet, Eli] geographical area of Jewish Palestine was drawn by the League of Nations for the Jewish National Home.

From the League of Nations Report:

PALESTINE [Eretz-Israel]

“Palestine lies on the western edge of the continent of Asia between Latitude 30° N. and 33° N., Longitude 34° 30′ E. and 35° 30′ E.

On the North it is bounded by the French Mandated Territories of Syria and Lebanon, on the East by Syria and Trans-Jordan, on the South-west by the Egyptian province of Sinai, on the South-east by the Gulf of Aqaba and on the West by the Mediterranean. The frontier with Syria was laid down by the Anglo-French Convention of the 23rd December, 1920, and its delimitation was ratified in 1923. Briefly stated, the boundaries are as follows: –

North. – From Ras en Naqura on the Mediterranean eastwards to a point west of Qadas, thence in a northerly direction to Metulla, thence east to a point west of Banias.

East. – From Banias in a southerly direction east of Lake Hula to Jisr Banat Ya’pub, thence along a line east of the Jordan and the Lake of Tiberias and on to El Hamme station on the Samakh-Deraa railway line, thence along the centre of the river Yarmuq to its confluence with the Jordan, thence along the centres of the Jordan, the Dead Sea and the Wadi Araba to a point on the Gulf of Aqaba two miles west of the town of Aqaba, thence along the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba to Ras Jaba.

South. – From Ras Jaba in a generally north-westerly direction to the junction of the Neki-Aqaba and Gaza-Aqaba Roads, thence to a point west-north-west of Ain Maghara and thence to a point on the Mediterranean coast north-west of Rafa.

West. – The Mediterranean Sea.”

So that is how the Jews essentially lost the 78 per cent that was granted to the Arabs of palestine in the first land grab by the Arabs and britain from the Jews.

So surely what was left shown above in thge map by Eli Hertz would belong to the Jews for them to aty last settle on.

Not quite! These are the Jews who are seeking a Homeland. So if you understand antisemitism you will see that even this (pitiful) 100 minus 78 percent leaving 22 per cent is going to be hacked in to again.

But even that half of 22 per cent does not satisfy the antisemites of this world.

It goes on and on.

We will look at the various manipulations of Britain which robbed the jews and sided with the Arabs.

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