by Jim Stephens

April 24, 2010

John Ging has made another Israel hating attack on Israel, saying that Gaza children do not have schools because of the “occupation”, but first of all who is John Ging?

The first thing to say about John Ging is that he is a very slippery customer. During the war between Israel and Hamas over a year ago Ging claimed that Israel had attacked a school with rockets. This was false and Ging found a form of words to cover his ass. But the first statements and claims by Ging which were all directed against Israel, and never mentioning that there was an opposite side to Israel, which was Hamas and the other terror groups, were taken up in bulk by all of especially the foreign media, the Irish Times and so on.

Ging uses words, uses emotion in his voice, and speaks to a political contingency essentially of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, very like the Haaretz newspaper. (Fewer and fewer Israeli Jews buy Haaretz. That does not matter to them. Their constituency is outside Israel, linking up with anti Israel papers such as El Pais in Spain, where anyway all the Media is hostile to Israel.

Ging did that then and he did it last night (or this morning in the early hours) on the BBC world service.

Ging heads the UN in Gaza. Ging never refers in statements to attacks on Israel from Gaza. Certainly the BBC does not cover if he does.

All of Ging´s hatred is directed towards Israel and never against Hamas.

I have never heard Ging making an attack on say the Hamas Charter where it calls for the killing of Jews.

I do not know what Ging earns in a year as head of the UN in Gaza. I would like to know but I bet it is a pretty penny.

If so he is just part of the bigger picture. More international money and aid flows to Hamas and Fatah than any other group in the world

So the latest from Ging is that thousands of children cannot go to school in the Gaza because of the blockade by Israel.

But it is a war Ging. There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas and between Israel and Fatah, or the PA, or the PLO, or whatever the latest label!

To understand the type of psychological war that Israel faces all the time from its enemies the reader could look up the IPSC, just google (Ireland, Palestine) and it is 1st.

This is worth doing and is an education.

The best explanation of all of this special phenomenon of Israel and “Palestine”, the best characterisation, was given by Robert Spencer yesterday- Referring to the “Palestinian” PM plans to boycott Israeli goods Spencer called the gambit:

at bottom this is just another play for victim status by what is in reality a relentless and intransigent jihad group.


I have never seen it better put. I have never seen a better description in print of this phenomenon we have come to know as the “Palestinians”.

I come from Ireland and although I concern myself mostly with the “international” aspect of things, I keep an eye on what is happening there. Ireland provides a perfect example of this “Jihad” in action, but there it is carried on by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with many interweaving other groups, even well known singers, musicians etc, it is quite remarkable, Irish people, and these people are actually pushing the Jihad, and essentially under the cover of being against Israel. They are hyper active. On their site they even have a map of Ireland, every one of the 32 counties marked, with a centre in each county, all virtual, in reality they do not exist these centres, and the idea is to organize a boycott of Israeli goods. But how many Israeli goods are there in Ireland anyway? It amounts to black propaganda, Nazi type propaganda. It is the Jihad against Israel and Jews carried on by Irish people. It is a world network. Not just Muslims are operating this Jihad. That is where this Jihad has crossed over into the world of anti-Semitism and Israel demonization.

Now the whole point is that Ging is part of this Jihad, a willing part, a conscious part.

And Ging is part of a much wider contingency. Certainly the Fascist Left is involved heavily with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the SWP and a hundred others.

But not solely the Fascist Left. The Haaretz is in on it and the Haaretz has links with El Pais. I think the Irish Times is in on this circle, I think also the New York Times but will write in detail on this again.

So now the BBC takes the Ging statement. Expect these and many others to be following with articles.

That is precisely how the hatred against Israel is built up. Not mysterious! Done by real people and real organizations.

Against this we on 4international fight for organization above all. So please do not just read these articles and do nothing. The comment section below is available, always moderated, so it can be private or public, you say.

But I wonder what can Israel do?

First propaganda:

Get the atlas out, print a map of Gaza (1)

Gaza has a large border with an Arab country, Egypt. There are now NO Jews in Gaza. So the word blockade must not be used or apply.

Israel must close the border totally with these anti-Semites on the basis of a hostile presence in Gaza (Hamas Charter)

With the border closed…the source of hostile propaganda is over…finished!

The Arab world is very rich.Let them build schools and whatever they like, just do not shoot rockets into Israel.

Every attack on Israel from Gaza…report it fully. Photographs! Locations etc!

Monitor all positions constantly of Hamas leaders and personnel. After each attack on Israel hit back within 10 minutes, not at where the attack came from, but at the position of the leaders.

Having advised publicly and continually that “gazans” should stay well clear at all times from these pieces of anti-Semitic shit (yes use those words!) who make up Hamas and Fatah (who are calling for a boycott of Israel)

Something like that! Perhaps others can think up better. I am not a military person.

But it is the spirit that counts.



To make this public it is vital to close down Haaretz, close down the Supremely Reactionary Court of Israel, take over Haaretz, staff it with young Jews, and watch its circulation soar.

The present journalists in Haaretz to apply for work to Hamas. That is right, take them to the border. Push them across. I am at heart a very simple Irishman and I know deep in my heart that the Haaretz journalists whose reports I read will feel right at home reporting right alongside Hamas. I do not wish them harm. But who knows!

PS  Every week we will set an article for our readers to study

This weekend it is:

Next week we will discuss some points on this article.

We will do this regularly, every week if possible


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  2. This is utter nonsense and a tissue of lies. I have met John Ging and I know of no one more honorable, courageous or insightful.
    I say this as an Israeli who has had qassams landing on his front lawn.
    I know of no unity of Serbs and Jews except as victims of Nazi Croats during World War II.

  3. Jim Stephens you are wrong, Israel does attack schools nd they kill more innocent people than hamas do. You talk about an Irish media conspiracy which does not exist, they tell truth and Irish soliders who served protecting the israeli lebaon border have been killed by israeli supported milita. their is no conspiracy if Israel wants to be safe make peace and not try and start a war with Iran

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