by Jim Stephens

April 26, 2010

Consider the following from Mr Abbas, who was trained by the arch killer of Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, Hajj Amin el Husseini:

 Speaking to members of his Fatah party, he said: “Mr President and members of the American administration, since you believe in this [an independent Palestinian state], it is your duty to take steps toward a solution and to impose this solution.”

And the solution which Abbas really wants, as he wanted when he worked alongside Arafat, who was a close relative of that master killer of Jews, Hajj Amin el Husseini


Consider also this:

Some high-placed official sources (Of the American Government..FI) are also critical of Netanyahu’s approach to America’s drive for peace talks with the Palestinians. They complain the Israel prime minister insists that every issue is cleared with him in person and holds his closest aides, including his national security adviser Uzi Arad, back from efforts to seek out common ground with their American counterparts.

(…Abbas wants imposed solution)


Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.

The great American Government of Obama, (but was Bush any better? No! )This great and democratic government wishes to have a government in power in Israel that is totally its vassal.

So it is getting all upset here because the Israeli Prime Minister wants to be in charge of his own government.

And that all things concerning his government on the biggest issue facing his Jewish people should pass through him.

That is totally scandalous is it not! That simply could never happen in any other part of the world, could it, that a Prime Minister would be in charge of his or her Government.

But enough of the irony! This is deadly serious! We are talking here about whether those Jews who escaped the last Holocaust will be wasted in the next!

Nothing better explains what is happening in the world than the above comments, which have all the ring of truth about them.

The US Government, and the US Governments down the decades, are absolutely dead keen to create an Islamic state and to place this Islamic state right onto the flank of the Jewish state of Israel.


This is the question which we on 4international implore that Ted Belman answer (Ted is our friend and is the editor of Israpundit)

It is the question which we on 4international implore that Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs,  answer with great urgency.

All of these (Robert, Pamela, Ted and so many others) are doing great and wonderful work. But they must answer this question.

Why is the US Governments so determined to create this Islamist state which will eat right into the heart of the Jewish state of Israel?

(And why does the US do this in so many parts of the world as well?)

Why does the US government want an Islamist “parliament” within a mile of the Jewish Parliament? All pressed together in that so tiny country, bounded on all sides by Muslim hate filled dictatorships, that is hatred of Jews primarily!

Why does it want a Jihadist Jew Hating state of Palestine looking down from a few miles onto the airport of Ben Gurion?

Answer that question, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ANY further!

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