by Felix Quigley

30 April, 2010

Basically what we on 4international proposed to Jihadwatch, to Atlas Shrugs, to Israpundit, and of course to anybody else, was the following

  1. That it is not enough to know that the US Governments (as well as all of the EU Governments) are actively siding with Islam and other reactionary dictatorships in the world against especially Jews and the Jewish state of Israel. This is just a recognition of empirical evidence before our eyes.
  2. That it is also necessary to understand why? This entails more than seeing and stating what is before our eyes, this involves a theoretical accounting for this phenomenon.


It is therefore a kick up the teeth for us, but not only for us but also for Jews, that is the Jewish people, that none of the above would print our article, and thereby begin a discussion on the why?, which is the absolutely key and necessary question that needs to be answered.

Why should the US Government be setting up Sharia states? Why on principle? Why now?

4international will shoulder this disappointment that none of the above saw fit to help develop a discussion on the why? 4international may be a small website with a small organization but we and it represents the long tradition of the Trotskyist movement, and there is nobody and nothing else on the planet which does so represent “Trotskyism” at this present point in time. It is not our job to be disappointed or even surprised but to understand the class and national political forces which run through such organizations which make them unable to have a true discussion.

We on 4international are quite unique in the world, and of all the various “left” movements we alone fight in support of the historic state of Israel which is the Homeland of the Jews. We alone out of all of the “left” movements and web sites etc are not in support of what has become known ubiquitously as the “Palestinians”, and even more we insist that the movement for a “Palestine State” was authored by Nazis, specifically by one of the very worst Nazis in the German Nazi Movement organizing the Holocaust. His name was Hajj Amin el Husseini, mentor to Arafat, Abbas and all the rest of those anti-Semitic pieces of human garbage, which have congregated under the term “The Palestinians” and supported by forces anti-Semitic in nature outside of them.

It is precisely this history, the history of this anti-Semitic Palestine Arab fiend Hajj Amin el Husseini, which all of these “Left” movements have carefully hidden. And in order to prick this “Palestinian” myth and edifice it is necessary to give as much propagandist opening up of this knowledge into the political situation in which our cadre operate.

At the same time there is one other item of history which is very carefully hidden, and this is again being hidden by the “left” mentioned above, but also by the capitalist political forces as well. This other item of history is of just as much importance as the hiding of the role of el Husseini

This is, of course, the hiding of the real fight in support of the Jews conducted by Leon Trotsky in the 1930s, up until his murder by a Stalinist thug called Ramon Mercader in Mexico in 1940.

Why is this fact vital? Vital it is because Leon Trotsky was not just an individual with a strong line of analysis against Stalin or against Hitler, creating an understanding of Stalinism and Fascism (Fascism, by the way, is often misstated. It is a modern phenomenon, a product of a specific stage in the terminal decline of once revolutionary capitalism)

Trotsky is also a continuation and a continuator of a specific historical tradition, going back to the Enlightenment, Darwin, Marx, Lenin etc. it is the continuation of that tradition, just as say the continuation of Judaism, or Buddhism, which is so important. History is important. Authenticity is important. Tradition is important.

What has to be clarified in front of millions of young people in this next period is that Leon Trotsky was fighting explicitly for the Jews of the world to create a JEWISH state in historic Palestine; we repeat here not a socialist Jewish state but a Jewish state. In other words it was up to the Jews to decide what way they would live, but what was the main essential was that they be allowed to live, alone, unmolested by anti-Semitism.

Those are the issues involved in the request which we made to answer the basic question which we repeat even one more time: Why are these states like the US and EU, intent on the creation of Sharia Jihadist type states in the world. Why? The key question surely! Obviously some of these states based on Sharia will hate the US and Europe, so what is in it for the latter? That they will soak up the hate, perhaps creating some theatre around this hate, yet still support their creation.

And that is where we on 4international separate from all of the above, Jihadwatch, Israpundit, Atlas Shrugs and so many others.

And to develop that theme and deepen the discussion requires the building of the 4international as a far more significant force than it is at this moment. The more parties like Jihadwatch there are the better, they do a really useful job in exposing what a reactionary ideology is Islam, but the question remains, is the US Government promoting Islam and Sharia, which is the key question. That means developing a leadership which will in theory and practice pose that question.

What are you waiting for? The capitalist crisis is not going to improve because it is a crisis which is historical in nature.

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