by Jim Stephens

April 24, 2010

John Ging has made another Israel hating attack on Israel, saying that Gaza children do not have schools because of the “occupation”, but first of all who is John Ging?

The first thing to say about John Ging is that he is a very slippery customer. During the war between Israel and Hamas over a year ago Ging claimed that Israel had attacked a school with rockets. This was false and Ging found a form of words to cover his ass. But the first statements and claims by Ging which were all directed against Israel, and never mentioning that there was an opposite side to Israel, which was Hamas and the other terror groups, were taken up in bulk by all of especially the foreign media, the Irish Times and so on.

Ging uses words, uses emotion in his voice, and speaks to a political contingency essentially of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, very like the Haaretz newspaper. (Fewer and fewer Israeli Jews buy Haaretz. That does not matter to them. Their constituency is outside Israel, linking up with anti Israel papers such as El Pais in Spain, where anyway all the Media is hostile to Israel.

Ging did that then and he did it last night (or this morning in the early hours) on the BBC world service.

Ging heads the UN in Gaza. Ging never refers in statements to attacks on Israel from Gaza. Certainly the BBC does not cover if he does.

All of Ging´s hatred is directed towards Israel and never against Hamas.

I have never heard Ging making an attack on say the Hamas Charter where it calls for the killing of Jews.

I do not know what Ging earns in a year as head of the UN in Gaza. I would like to know but I bet it is a pretty penny.

If so he is just part of the bigger picture. More international money and aid flows to Hamas and Fatah than any other group in the world

So the latest from Ging is that thousands of children cannot go to school in the Gaza because of the blockade by Israel.

But it is a war Ging. There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas and between Israel and Fatah, or the PA, or the PLO, or whatever the latest label!

To understand the type of psychological war that Israel faces all the time from its enemies the reader could look up the IPSC, just google (Ireland, Palestine) and it is 1st.

This is worth doing and is an education.

The best explanation of all of this special phenomenon of Israel and “Palestine”, the best characterisation, was given by Robert Spencer yesterday- Referring to the “Palestinian” PM plans to boycott Israeli goods Spencer called the gambit:

at bottom this is just another play for victim status by what is in reality a relentless and intransigent jihad group.


I have never seen it better put. I have never seen a better description in print of this phenomenon we have come to know as the “Palestinians”.

I come from Ireland and although I concern myself mostly with the “international” aspect of things, I keep an eye on what is happening there. Ireland provides a perfect example of this “Jihad” in action, but there it is carried on by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with many interweaving other groups, even well known singers, musicians etc, it is quite remarkable, Irish people, and these people are actually pushing the Jihad, and essentially under the cover of being against Israel. They are hyper active. On their site they even have a map of Ireland, every one of the 32 counties marked, with a centre in each county, all virtual, in reality they do not exist these centres, and the idea is to organize a boycott of Israeli goods. But how many Israeli goods are there in Ireland anyway? It amounts to black propaganda, Nazi type propaganda. It is the Jihad against Israel and Jews carried on by Irish people. It is a world network. Not just Muslims are operating this Jihad. That is where this Jihad has crossed over into the world of anti-Semitism and Israel demonization.

Now the whole point is that Ging is part of this Jihad, a willing part, a conscious part.

And Ging is part of a much wider contingency. Certainly the Fascist Left is involved heavily with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the SWP and a hundred others.

But not solely the Fascist Left. The Haaretz is in on it and the Haaretz has links with El Pais. I think the Irish Times is in on this circle, I think also the New York Times but will write in detail on this again.

So now the BBC takes the Ging statement. Expect these and many others to be following with articles.

That is precisely how the hatred against Israel is built up. Not mysterious! Done by real people and real organizations.

Against this we on 4international fight for organization above all. So please do not just read these articles and do nothing. The comment section below is available, always moderated, so it can be private or public, you say.

But I wonder what can Israel do?

First propaganda:

Get the atlas out, print a map of Gaza (1)

Gaza has a large border with an Arab country, Egypt. There are now NO Jews in Gaza. So the word blockade must not be used or apply.

Israel must close the border totally with these anti-Semites on the basis of a hostile presence in Gaza (Hamas Charter)

With the border closed…the source of hostile propaganda is over…finished!

The Arab world is very rich.Let them build schools and whatever they like, just do not shoot rockets into Israel.

Every attack on Israel from Gaza…report it fully. Photographs! Locations etc!

Monitor all positions constantly of Hamas leaders and personnel. After each attack on Israel hit back within 10 minutes, not at where the attack came from, but at the position of the leaders.

Having advised publicly and continually that “gazans” should stay well clear at all times from these pieces of anti-Semitic shit (yes use those words!) who make up Hamas and Fatah (who are calling for a boycott of Israel)

Something like that! Perhaps others can think up better. I am not a military person.

But it is the spirit that counts.



To make this public it is vital to close down Haaretz, close down the Supremely Reactionary Court of Israel, take over Haaretz, staff it with young Jews, and watch its circulation soar.

The present journalists in Haaretz to apply for work to Hamas. That is right, take them to the border. Push them across. I am at heart a very simple Irishman and I know deep in my heart that the Haaretz journalists whose reports I read will feel right at home reporting right alongside Hamas. I do not wish them harm. But who knows!

PS  Every week we will set an article for our readers to study

This weekend it is:

Next week we will discuss some points on this article.

We will do this regularly, every week if possible


by Jim Stephens

April 23, 2010

We on 4international are fully in support of the French ban on the Islamist face veil. As such we are the ONLY organization on the left which takes this position. The whole of the left we refer to as Fascist Lefts because they are in support of reactionary and Fascist Islam.

The issue is well covered by Jihadwatch. Note the ban will apply to tourists as well. This is very courageous and is principled. France leads the way. France may be the inspiration of Europe but time will tell.

Liberty, equality, fraternity, and sanity: “When you arrive in France, you respect the laws in force …. Everyone will have to respect the laws in France. That’s how it is.” An update on this story. “France veil ban ‘will apply to Muslim tourists too’,” from Agence France-Presse, April 22 (thanks to Dumbledoresarmy):

Muslim tourists in France will be forbidden to wear the full-face veil along with French residents under the Government’s plan to ban the garment in public places, a minister said today.

“When you arrive in France, you respect the laws in force …. Everyone will have to respect the laws in France. That’s how it is,” Nadine Morano, a junior minister for families, told the radio station France Info.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to France each year from the Middle East, according to estimates from the tourism ministry, and veiled women are a common sight in the luxury stores on Paris shopping boulevards.

Ms Morano said women breaching the ban would be fined but would not be unveiled “on the spot”.

Ms Morano said the planned ban was in line with France’s secular principles but also aimed to give “a message at international level” and would apply equally to visitors from abroad.


by Jim Stephens

April 23, 2010

Is Islam a religion of peace, as Bush claimed, as he stood inthe ashes of 9-11?

And where did the Jew hatred in Islam come from?

Was Jew hatred placed into Islam by the Nazis?

These are huge questions and very luckily there is one very active expert living today who is an expert on these matters. That is, of course, Robert Spencer of

The following is a very learned article by Spencer with many references to the sources in the Koran

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010, 17:06:54 | Robert

This is a common species of wishful thinking and willful blindness. Its proponents imagine that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ with no anti-Semitic elements (you know the drill, Islam reveres the “People of the Book,” etc.), but it was corrupted by the Nazis. Thus all one needs to do to solve this problem is to eliminate the Nazi elements and call Muslims back to the true teachings of the Qur’an, and the jihad will end. How wonderful! Except it’s completely fictional, and based on ignorance or denial of the jihad doctrine, Islamic supremacism, and Qur’anic anti-Semitism.

Note also what my estimable and indefatigable colleague and collaborator Pamela Geller has revealed about the Mufti of Jerusalem’s role in the Holocaust, and his own radio broadcasts.

“Roots of Islamic funamentalism [sic] lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims,” by Allan Hall in the Telegraph, April 21:

The roots of Islamic fanaticism can be traced to Adolf Hitler’s radio messages broadcast around the Arab world during the Second World War, according to a new book.

“Your only hope for rescue is the destruction of the Jews before they destroy you!” Hitler said in a 1942 message, one of thousands broadcast across the Middle East in an attempt to woo the Arab world.

In a broadcast aimed at provoking an anti-Semitic uprising in Egypt, he said: “A large number of Jews who live in Egypt, along with Poles, Greeks, Armenians and Frenchmen, have guns and ammunition.

“Some Jews in Cairo have even asked the British authorities to set up machine guns on the roofs of their houses,” he claimed.

But the Nazi’s wartime broadcasts had remained a largely hidden chapter in the history of the war until the transmissions were unearthed by a US scholar, who believes they have fuelled continuing unrest in the Middle East.

“The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians would have been over long ago were it not for the uncompromising, religiously inspired hatred of the Jews that was articulated and given assistance by Nazi propagandists and continued after the war by Islamists of various sorts,” said Jeffrey Herf, a history professor at the University of Maryland….

Herf is not original with this roseate and fantastic view. Journalist Lawrence Wright writes in this vein in The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11:

Until the end of World War II … Jews lived safely–although submissively–under Muslim rule for 1,200 years, enjoying full religious freedom; but in the 1930s, Nazi propaganda on Arabic-language shortwave radio, coupled with slanders by Christian missionaries in the region, infected the area with this ancient Western prejudice [anti-Semitism]. After the war, Cairo became a sanctuary for Nazis, who advised the military and the government. The rise of the Islamist movement coincided with the decline of fascism, but they overlapped in Egypt, and the germ passed into a new carrier.

This is a common view, but in reality there is a strong native strain of anti-Semitism in Islam, which is rooted in the Qur’an. The Muslim holy book contains a great deal of material that forms the foundation for a hatred of Jews that has perdured throughout Islamic history. It is virulent and hard to eradicate. The Qur’an portrays the Jews as the craftiest, most persistent, and most implacable enemies of the Muslims — and there is no Islamic authority that has moved to mitigate the most destructive interpretations of all this. The Qur’anic material on the Jews remains the prism through which far too many Muslims see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict–and Jews in general–to this day.

A vivid illustration of this came in 2004 from Islam Online, a website founded by, among others, the internationally influential Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in 1997. Although al-Qaradawi has won praise from Islamic scholar John Esposito for engaging in a “reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism, and human rights,” that “reformist” impulse doesn’t seem to carry over to his view of Jews (he has justified suicide bombings against Israeli civilians), or the view of them he has allowed to be published on Islam Online.

In 2004 the site posted an article titled “Jews as Depicted in the Qur’an,” in which Sheikh ‘Atiyyah Saqr, the former head of the Fatwa Committee at the most respected institution in Sunni Islam, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, depicts Jews in a chillingly negative light, illustrated with abundant quotations from the Qur’an. Among other charges he levels at the Jews, Saqr says that they “used to fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah”; they “love to listen to lies”; they disobey Allah and ignore his commands; they wish “evil for people” and try to “mislead them”; and they “feel pain to see others in happiness and are gleeful when others are afflicted with a calamity.” He adds that “it is easy for them to slay people and kill innocents,” for “they are merciless and heartless.” And each charge he follows with Qur’anic citations (including, among others, 3:75; 5:64; 3:181; 5:41; 5:13; 2:109; 3:120; 2:61; 2:74; 2:100; 59:13-14; 2:96; and 2:79).

Though he offers many examples of the alleged evil traits of the Jews supported by the Qur’an, Saqr doesn’t mention the notorious Qur’anic passages that depict an angry Allah transforming Jews into apes and pigs: 2:63-66; 5:59-60; and 7:166. The first of those passages depicts Allah telling the Jews who “profaned the Sabbath”: “Be as apes despicable!” It goes on to say that these accursed ones serve “as a warning example for their time and for all times to come.” The second has Allah directing Muhammad to remind the “People of the Book” about “those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil.” The third essentially repeats this, saying of the Sabbath-breaking Jews that when “in their insolence they transgressed (all) prohibitions,” Allah said to them, “Be ye apes, despised and rejected.”

In traditional Islamic theology these passages have not been considered to apply to all Jews. The classic Qur’anic commentator Ibn Kathir, whose commentary is widely distributed and respected among Muslims today, quotes earlier authorities saying that “those who violated the sanctity of the Sabbath were turned into monkeys, then they perished without offspring,” and that they “only lived on the earth for three days, for no transformed person ever lives more than three days.” While parts of the Qur’an are hostile to the Jews, Muhammad’s curse, in this case, was limited to these Sabbath-breakers, not to all Jews.

However, that hasn’t stopped contemporary jihadists from frequently referring to Jews as the “descendants of apes and swine.” The implication is that today’s Jews are bestial in character and are the enemies of Allah, just as the Sabbath-breakers were. The recently deceased grand sheikh of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, who was the most respected cleric in the world among Sunni Muslims, called Jews “the enemies of Allah, descendants of apes and pigs.” Saudi sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Sudayyis, imam of the principal mosque in the holiest city in Islam, Mecca, said in a sermon that Jews are “the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs.”

Another Saudi sheikh, Ba’d bin Abdallah al-Ajameh al-Ghamidi, made the connection explicit: “The current behavior of the brothers of apes and pigs, their treachery, violation of agreements, and defiling of holy places … is connected with the deeds of their forefathers during the early period of Islam–which proves the great similarity between all the Jews living today and the Jews who lived at the dawn of Islam.” A 1996 Hamas publication says that today’s Jews are bestial in spirit, and this is a manifestation of the punishment of their forefathers. In January 2007, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas stated, “The sons of Israel are mentioned as those who are corrupting humanity on earth,” referring to Qur’an 5:64.

All this shows that leading Muslim authorities approach the Qur’an not as a document rooted in history, but as a blueprint for understanding the world today. Likewise, Sheikh ‘Atiyyah Saqr describes the Qur’anic teachings that because Jews “revolted against the Divine ordinances … they found no warm reception in all countries where they tried to reside. Rather, they would either be driven out or live in isolation.” Moreover, “Almighty Allah told us that He’d send to them people who’d pour on them rain of severe punishment that would last till the Day of Resurrection.” Then comes a threat: “All this gives us glad tidings of the coming victory of Muslims over them once Muslims stick to strong faith and belief in Allah and adopt the modern means of technology.”

The classic Qur’anic commentators not do not mitigate the Qur’an’s words against Jews, but only add fuel to the fire. Ibn Kathir explained Qur’an 2:61 (“They were covered with humiliation and misery; they drew on themselves the wrath of Allah”) this way: “This Ayah [verse] indicates that the Children of Israel were plagued with humiliation, and that this will continue, meaning that it will never cease. They will continue to suffer humiliation at the hands of all who interact with them, along with the disgrace that they feel inwardly.” Another Middle Ages commentator of lingering influence, ‘Abdallah ibn ‘Umar al-Baidawi, explains the same verse this way: “The Jews are mostly humiliated and wretched either of their own accord, or out of coercion of the fear of having their jizya [punitive tax] doubled.”

Ibn Kathir notes Islamic traditions that predict that at the end of the world, “the Jews will support the Dajjal (False Messiah), and the Muslims, along with ‘Isa [Jesus], son of Mary, will kill the Jews.” The idea in Islam that the end times will be marked by Muslims killing Jews comes from the prophet Muhammad himself, who said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.'” This is, not unexpectedly, a favorite motif among contemporary jihadists. On March 30, 2007, a spokesman for Hamas, Dr. Ismail Radwan, said on Palestinian Authority television:

The Hour [Resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the rock and the tree will say: “Oh, Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, kill him!”

We must remind our Arab and Muslim nation, its leaders and people, its scholars and students, remind them that Palestine and the Al Aqsa mosque will not be liberated through summits nor by international resolutions, but it will be liberated through the rifle. It will not be liberated through negotiations, but through the rifle, since this occupation knows no language but the language of force…. O Allah, strengthen Islam and Muslims, and bring victory to your Jihad-fighting worshipers, in Palestine and everywhere…. Allah take the oppressor Jews and Americans and their supporters!

The history of Jews who lived under Muslim rule is a more or less unbroken record of theologically sanctioned humiliation and wretchedness. Like the Christians, Jews were allowed to practice their religion within restrictions, but they were seldom allowed to forget their humiliation. Although the strictness with which the laws of dhimmitude (the subservient status of Jews and Christians) were enforced varied, they were never abolished, and during times of relaxation the subject populations always lived in fear that they would be enforced with new stringency. Muslim rulers did not forget that the Qur’an mandates that both Jews and Christians must “feel themselves subdued.” One notable instance is recounted by the Arab historian Phillip Hitti: “The caliph al-Mutawakkil in 850 and 854 decreed that Christians and Jews should affix wooden images of devils to their houses, level their graves even with the ground, wear outer garments of honey color, i.e. yellow, put two honey-colored patches on the clothes of their slaves, … and ride only on mules and asses with wooden saddles marked by two pomegranate-like balls on the cantle.” A millennium later, in 1888, little had changed. A Tunisian Jew noted:

The Jew is prohibited in this country to wear the same clothes as a Muslim and may not wear a red tarbush. He can be seen to bow down with his whole body to a Muslim child and permit him the traditional privilege of striking him in the face, a gesture that can prove to be of the gravest consequence. Indeed, the present writer has received such blows. In such matters the offenders act with complete impunity, for this has been the custom from time immemorial.

In 1291 Isaac ben Samuel, a noted Kabbalist and Palestinian Jew, sought refuge in a Christian-controlled area of Spain after the collapse of the last Crusader kingdom in the Levant. He explained, “For, in the eyes of the Muslims, the children of Israel are as open to abuse as an unprotected field. Even in their law and statutes they rule that the testimony of a Muslim is always to be believed against that of a Jew. For this reason our rabbis of blessed memory have said, ‘Rather beneath the yoke of Edom [Christendom] than that of Ishmael [Islam]. They [the rabbis] plead for mercy before the Holy One, Blessed be He, saying, ‘Master of the World, either let us live beneath Thy shadow or else beneath that of the children of Edom’ (Talmud, Gittin 17a).”

Ben Samuel’s choice of Christian Spain is paradoxical, as Muslim Spain was supposed to have been a famous exception to the oppression of Jews that prevailed elsewhere among both Muslims and Christians. Islamic apologist Karen Armstrong enunciates the common wisdom when she says that “until 1492, Jews and Christians lived peaceably and productively together in Muslim Spain–a coexistence that was impossible elsewhere in Europe.” Even the U.S. State Department has proclaimed that “during the Islamic period in Spain, Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived together in peace and mutual respect, creating a diverse society in which vibrant exchanges of ideas took place.”

Yet the philosopher Maimonides, a Jew who lived for a time in Muslim Spain and then fled that supposedly tolerant and pluralistic land, remarked, “You know, my brethren, that on account of our sins God has cast us into the midst of this people, the nation of Ishmael, who persecute us severely, and who devise ways to harm us and to debase us….No nation has ever done more harm to Israel. None has matched it in debasing and humiliating us. None has been able to reduce us as they have….We have borne their imposed degradation, their lies, and absurdities, which are beyond human power to bear.”

Notably, Maimonides directed that Jews could teach rabbinic law to Christians, but not to Muslims. For Muslims, he said, will interpret what they are taught “according to their erroneous principles and they will oppress us. [F]or this reason … they hate all [non-Muslims] who live among them.” But the Christians, he said, “admit that the text of the Torah, such as we have it, is intact”–as opposed to the Islamic view that the Jews and Christians have corrupted their scriptures. Christians, continued Maimonides, “do not find in their religious law any contradiction with ours.”

Even María Rosa Menocal, in her romantic and fantastic hagiography of Muslim Spain, The Ornament of the World, acknowledges the second-class status to which Jews and Christians were relegated there. “In return for this freedom of religious conscience the Peoples of the Book (pagans had no such privilege) were required to pay a special tax–no Muslims paid taxes–and to observe a number of restrictive regulations: Christians and Jews were prohibited from attempting to proselytize Muslims, from building new places of worship, from displaying crosses or ringing bells. In sum, they were forbidden most public displays of their religious rituals.”

According to historian Richard Fletcher, “Moorish Spain was not a tolerant and enlightened society even in its most cultivated epoch.” On December 30, 1066, about four thousand Jews in Granada were murdered by rioting Muslim mobs–more than would be killed in the Crusaders’ infamous Rhineland pogroms of the mid-twelfth century. What enraged the Granadan Muslims was the political power of the Jewish vizier Samuel ibn Naghrila and his son Joseph: the mob resented the fact that these men had authority over Muslims, which they saw as a “breach of sharia.” The mob was incited to kill the Jews by a poem composed by Muslim jurist Abu Ishaq: “I myself arrived in Granada and saw that these Jews were meddling in its affairs. … So hasten to slaughter them as a good work whereby you will earn God’s favor, and offer them up in sacrifice, a well-fattened ram.”

The mob heeded his call. A Muslim chronicler (and later sultan of Granada), ‘Abd Allah, said that “both the common people and the nobles were disgusted by the cunning of the Jews, the notorious changes they had brought in the order of things, and the positions they occupied in violation of their pact [of second-class status].” He recounted that the mob “put every Jew in the city to the sword and took vast quantities of their property.”

“Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews…” — Qur’an 5:82. Hitler didn’t write the Qur’an.

Please make sure you read the comments always on Jihadwatch.

One of the commenters here make a very important point against the “conspiracy theorists” who try to provide a cover for islam:

Why do Muslims kill Buddhists in Thailand and why did they seize and castrate innumerable black boys in Africa, centuries before Europeans had any realistic idea that such places and people existed? Did any external non-Muslim agency force, or persuade, or encourage, or pay the Muslims to blow up the Bamiyan Buddhas? Is anybody external to Islam forcing them or telling them to take and rape child-brides?


by Jim Stephens

April 23, 2010


Palestine Telegraph is a website based in Gaza and London and aims to provide its services as a cover/coalition  for the antisemitic Hamas terror organization

The context: making Hamas acceptable in London.

The content of Hamas propaganda, an example:

2- Jews to face yet another Holocaust

Headline: “Suffering by Fire is Jews’ destiny in this world and next.”
“… you will taste the punishment of Scorching Fire.” [Quran 3:181]
“This [Quran] verse threatens the Jews with the punishment of Fire… the reason for the punishment of Fire is it is fitting retribution for what they have done… but the urgent question is, is it possible that they will have the punishment of Fire in this world, before the great punishment [of Fire in Hell] … many of the [Islamic] religious leaders believe that the [Jews’] punishment of Fire is in this world, before the next world… therefore we are sure that the Holocaust is still to come upon the Jews.” [Sheikh Yunus Al-Astal, Hamas MP, in his regular column in Al-Rissala, (Hamas weekly) March 13, 2008]

It is important to note that the Hamas MP switched words in the last sentence, from the word he used throughout, “harik”, which means “fire”, to “mahraka” a word from the same root, that is used by Arabic speakers to mean “holocaust.”

3 – Muhammad’s promise: Jews will be killed
“Regarding the Jews, our business with them is only through bombs and guns… the prophet [Muhammad] promised that we will fight you, with Allah’s help, until the tree and stone say: “Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”
[Nizar Rayan, Hamas religious and military leader, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Jan. 1, 2009. Note: Rayan was killed on Jan. 2, 2009]

4 – Extermination of Jews – good for humanity

In an article promoting the continued use of suicide terror in the official Hamas newspaper:
“We find more than one condemnation and denunciation of the resistance operations and bombings [suicide attacks], carried out by Hamas and the Palestinian resistance branches… [Eventually] everyone will know that we did this only because our Lord commanded so: ‘I did it not of my own accord’ [Quran] and so that people will know that the extermination of Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

[Al-Rissala, (Hamas weekly) April 23, 2007]

read much more of this on

Another blogger took this from the Hamas Charter:

Then I took a look at the Hamas Charter, just to see what this is all about. It’s somewhat long, but I’ve distilled a few choice parts:

Art. 2: Islam is the comprehensive doctrine for every single aspect of life. (They’re pretty clear – their view of Islam is that it’s a totalitarian doctrine.)

Art. 7: The Islamic resistance movement extends over the entire globe, it applies everywhere, and Jews are to be killed.

Art. 11: Every last bit of Palestine is Islamic, a non-negotiable point.

Art. 13: No peace negotiations, no compromises, ever. Jihad only.

Art. 15: An individual obligation… kill, kill, kill. (Yes, stated three times.)

Art. 17, 22, 28: The Masons, Rotary Clubs, and Lions Clubs are the enemy too. (What the hell?)

So we repeat: that is the purpose of Palestine Telegraph, to make THAT (and more, see the full article listed) acceptable in London.

Now Harry´s Place reports the following change:

Gone is the link ontheir front page to the video by the racist David Duke.

Gone is Jenny Tonge as Patron.

The following explains this admirably





You may remember him from this interview he conducted on Press TV.

So Galloway takes the place as patron of Palestine Telegraph in place of Tonge.

So what is the difference and why the change. Galloway is now on the Palestine Telegraph, which carried the horrific claim against the Israeli team which went to Haiti to help the unfortunate people with Israeli medical help, that these Israelis were there to rob Haitians of body parts.

I cannot see the difference in having Tonge there as patron and having Galloway! What is the difference?

It appears that Tonge left because she is on the team of the Liberal Democrats. She left only for opportunist Lib Dem electioneering issues.

But also the Tories and Labour are implicated with Tonge on the Palestine Telegraph issue because they are all supportive of Hamas, one way or another.


The only significance of this story is that it shows that the whole of the British Establishment are in support of the terrorist and antisemitic organization Hamas (see our initial remarks) and that there is a general rallying behind Tonge and Clegg by all of the parties.

And it is Israel who is being attacked and denigrated by these moves.

These moves spell out that Israel is in great danger.


by Jim Stephens

April 21, 2010o



Oh look, this blog is on someone’s front page.

And guess who else is on the front page? Why, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, ranting about Israel and Jews in a video.

You can watch the video on Youtube if you like.

Here’s the screenshot of the front page showing both stories. Click to enlarge.

Is Jenny Tonge still a patron of the Duke loving crew at the Palestine Telegraph? Of course she is. So is Lauren Booth.

If you would like to ask Nick Clegg if he thinks Tonge’s patronage of a far right hate publisher is appropriate, his e-mail address is


by Jim Stephens

April 21, 2010

From the Caroline Glick website I am publishing this story and analysis by Glick. We on 4international have a unity with Glick, but also major disagreements because she does not identify American Imperialism as being distinct from the American people. More on that again. I really do think that her politics must be sharply critiqued

But what this article shows is that there is a very definite traitor to Jews class of people who live in Israel.

This is the reason that these antisemites from places like Ireland can travel at will across to Israel, and can link up with these other antisemites who live in Israel and who call themselves Israelis. I always wondered how the Palestine Solidarity Campaign can do that. This article by Glick goes part of the way to explain it for me.

[Begin analysis by Caroline Glick here]

Over the past two weeks Israel has been rocked by a major espionage scandal in which the Haaretz newspaper plays a central role. To understand the significance of the scandal, it is worthwhile to preface a discussion of it with a look at a smaller story Haaretz developed this week.

On Sunday, Haaretz’s Amira Hass reported that in January, the IDF published a new military order that paves the way for the mass expulsion of illegal aliens from Judea and Samaria. The story sported the disturbing headline, “IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank.”

In a follow-up on Monday, Hass reported that 10 self-described human rights organizations (all funded by the New Israel Fund) sent a joint letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak asking him to rescind the order. She noted, too, that, “the international media also has taken great interest in the story.”

And indeed, on Wednesday, a Google news search for “IDF West Bank deportation order” drew nearly 20,000 results.

Also on Monday, Haaretz published an editorial based on Hass’s stories. Titled, “IDF bid to expel West Bank Palestinians is a step too far,” the editorial asserted, “Implementing this new military order is not only likely to spark a new conflagration in the territories, it is liable to give the world clear-cut proof that Israel’s aim is a mass deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank.”

That is, Israel is fomenting a war and Israel deserves to lose that war because it is the villain.

On Wednesday, Haaretz reported that Jordan had joined it in condemning Israel.

That’s quite an accomplishment for an Israeli newspaper with a negligible share of the domestic market.

The only problem is that the order Hass reported on is 41 years old. After creating an international scandal, on Wednesday Haaretz acknowledged that the supposedly new order has been in place since 1969. What changed in January is that the IDF decided to expand the rights of illegal aliens in Judea and Samaria to pre-deportation hearings.

This was not a change for the worse in the status of illegal residents. It was a change for the better.

And still, due to Haaretz‘s misreporting, Israeli diplomats are being called into the chanceries of the world and raked over the coals for the country’s alleged plot to conduct a mass expulsion of Palestinians.

Haaretz accomplished two things with this story. It weakened Israel abroad, which clearly serves its ideological purposes. And it demonstrated its enormous power to damage Israel’s international image at will, which of course puts Israel’s law enforcement and judicial arms on notice as they prosecute and adjudicate the Haaretz spy scandal.

HAARETZ’S MANIPULATION of the deportation story bears a striking similarity to the way it manipulated its own spy scandal. That scandal was under a total court-issued gag order that barred the local media from reporting on it until last Thursday.

That gag order gave Haaretz the opportunity to manipulate the story to its advantage before the state authorities had a chance to explain what it was about. And so, early last week, Haaretz editor Dov Alfon approached credulous foreign journalists and spun a tale. By Alfon’s telling, Israel’s draconian Shin Bet security agency had “disappeared” one reporter – Anat Kamm – and caused another – Uri Blau – to flee the country.

As Judith Miller put it in her write-up of Haaretz‘s version of events in “The Daily Beast” Web site, Blau was on the lam in London, “to avoid answering questions about how and from whom he obtained the confidential defense department documents that are said to have resulted in a spate of stories alleging personal and institutional misconduct on the part of the Israeli Defense Forces, the hallowed IDF, and some of its senior officials.”

As for Kamm, Miller reported that she was suspected of stealing up to 1,000 documents from the IDF during her military service and giving them to Blau. But, Miller claimed, she denied the allegations.

Miller, like other journalists who spoke to Alfon, compared Israel to the likes of Cuba and Iran. Alfon and Haaretz were portrayed as the courageous defenders of freedom of speech and the true watchdogs of Israeli democracy, selflessly paying the expenses of their persecuted reporter hiding away in London.

All of this, of course, was reported abroad, before the actual story was published. And, like the deportation order story, all of it was hogwash.

When the gag order was revoked last Thursday, Israelis – and any foreigners who were interested – learned that Anat Kamm, a reporter hired by the Walla Web portal when it was partly owned by Haaretz, had been under house arrest for four months. She is on trial for acts of espionage with the intent of harming national security that she committed not as a reporter, but during her service in the IDF. Not only did she not disappear, she continued reporting for Walla, while under house arrest until the end of March.

Haaretz staff reporter Uri Blau fled the country not to protect a source, but to evade punishment for possessing classified military documents in breach not only of the law but of a plea bargain agreement with the Shin Bet.

Kamm served in the IDF from 2005 to 2007 as a secretary in the office of the commander of Central Command. In the weeks before her release from service, she copied about 2,000 highly classified IDF documents onto two CDs and uploaded them to her home computer. After her release, she shopped the documents around to various military reporters and eventually gave them to Blau. The documents she stole included top-secret information about IDF orders of battle, units, armaments and operational orders. Such information in the hands of Israel’s enemies could cause the death of thousands of Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Kamm refuses to return one of the CDs to authorities, claiming that she lost it. And since until her arrest her home computer was connected to the Internet, the documents she downloaded to her hard drive were vulnerable to penetration by everyone and anyone.

The Shin Bet launched its investigation of stolen IDF documents, which led it to Blau and then to Kamm after Blau published articles in November 2008 based on the documents he received from Kamm. At the time, the Shin Bet asked that Blau return all the classified documents in his possession. In return for his agreement to do so, the Shin Bet agreed not to prosecute him for illegally possessing classified materials. Blau returned 50 such documents and asserted that he had no more documents in his possession.

But then the Shin Bet found Kamm. And after confessing to stealing the 2,000 documents, she told them that she gave them all to Blau. When Blau found out that the Shin Bet knew he lied, and still illegally possesses thousands of classified documents, he decided not to return to Israel.

The gag order on the case until last Thursday was issued by the court at the Shin Bet’s request, not because it wished to stifle free speech, but because authorities wanted to give Blau more time to agree to return the documents he still holds illegally. That is, publication of the story was barred in order to give Blau another opportunity to come clean and walk free.

And it was with the knowledge that their reporter lied to the Shin Bet and fled the country that Haaretz chose to pay his living expenses in London and his legal expenses in Israel. It was with the knowledge that Kamm committed treason that Haaretz hired her as a reporter for Walla and represented her as a persecuted journalist to the international press.

In her statements during her investigation published in court documents, Kamm revealed that she is a messianic leftist. She came to the army not to serve the country, but to transform it. It was only when she realized that she had failed to bend the IDF to her will that she decided to reveal its secrets.

As she put it, “I didn’t succeed in changing enough things that it was important to me to change during my army service, and I thought that I would bring about that change by exposing them. That’s why it was important to me to inform the public about the IDF’s policies in the territories.”

KAMM’S TREACHERY is a deeply disturbing comment on the mindset of the radical Left in Israel. But her crimes are even more alarming when we realize that Kamm is not a lone renegade. In her treasonous activities, she enjoys the support of a massive organization.

By collaborating with Kamm first by publishing her stolen documents and hiring her as a reporter, and finally by covering up her crimes while suborning Blau’s perjury, Haaretz has demonstrated that leftist traitors have a powerful sponsor capable of exacting painful revenge on the State of Israel for daring to prosecute them.

In facilitating and supporting treason, Haaretz itself can depend on a massive network of supporters in Israel and internationally. Reporters, self-proclaimed human rights groups, and the leftist blogosphere in Israel and throughout the world as well as foreign governments happily swallow whole Haaretz‘s manufactured stories about Israel’s purported venality.

As for the State of Israel, depressingly, what the Haaretz spy scandal demonstrates is that the state is utterly unwilling to deal with this dangerous state of affairs. Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin stated that Israel will not change its screening process of candidates for military service. In the post-Kamm IDF, religious youths will continue to be grilled about their willingness to expel Jewish Israelis from their homes, and radical leftist youths will not be questioned about their loyalty to the state and willingness to keep the IDF’s secrets.

So, too, Diskin admitted that the Shin Bet was loath to aggressively pursue the investigation because its officers didn’t want to be accused of impinging on freedom of the press. Because he was a journalist, Blau was not seriously investigated and was let off the hook even as he lied to investigators. And the Shin Bet gave Haaretz the rope with which to hang it by requesting a gag order in order to give Blau more time to do the right thing – in spite of the fact that he had already demonstrated his bad faith and flagrant contempt for the law.

Ma’ariv and Globes both reported that thousands of Israelis canceled their subscriptions to Haaretz this week. Haaretz denied the reports. But really, it doesn’t care. Haaretz‘s target audience is not Israeli. It is global. And there it remains the champion of those who seek an Israeli affirmation of their anti-Israel attitudes.

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

(The Haaretz Spy Scandal)


by Jim Stephens

April 21, 2010


Big changes are happening to the North of Israel that are very definitely going to threaten the lives of many thousands of Jews.

That is in Lebanon, and Spain with its UN troops there are up to their necks in this future massacre of the Jews.

And yet the Spanish, British, Irish and European Media are totally silent on what is happening!

[Begin report from DEBKAfile here]

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 18, 2010, 5:24 PM (GMT+02:00)

Syrian M-600 missile converted from Fateh-110

debkafile’s military sources disclose that Syria has expanded the flow of smuggled Syrian and Iranian weaponry across the Lebanese border to Hizballah in line with a master-plan charted in Tehran and Damascus for transforming the 25,000-strong Hizballah terrorist militia into an organized, mobile army with a whole range of sophisticated missiles and other weapons. The new Hizballah is being trained to carry out such offensive operations as capturing parts of Israel’s Galilee and equipped with the hardware for knocking out warplanes, warships and armored strength.
One of their missions will be to defend the Syrian capital, Damascus. Tehran and Damascus calculate that the next time a war erupts on Israel’s borders, its army will try and outflank Syrian forces on the Golan and drive past the units defending Damascus. That is where Hizballah is expected to come in.
Even after the Kuwaiti Al Rai claim that Syria had smuggled Scud ground missiles into Lebanon proved inaccurate and was denied in Washington, regional war tensions remained high – although not for the reason ascribed by Jordan’s King Abdullah during his current visit to Washington.
The king forecast an outbreak of Middle East hostilities in the coming summer because of the Israel-Palestinian diplomatic stalemate. What’s the connection? Our sources ask. Rather than admit he is nervously watching his aggressive Arab neighbor to the north, the Jordanian ruler is pinning the region’s troubles on Israel because it is the right tune to sing in Barack Obama’s Washington.
In actual fact, a Middle East war this summer depends on two actions which have nothing to do with the Palestinians: a decision by the US and/or Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities together or separately, and a decision in Tehran to unleash its allies against Israel – spearheaded by Hizballah – to preempt such an attack.
Ready to step into its new shoes, Hizballah is being armed with five major military capabilities, debkafile reports:
1. Surface-to-surface missiles able to reach as far as the Dimona reactor in southern Israel: They include Fajr-5, which has a range of 33 km, and the M-600, developed by Syria from the Fateh-110, whose range is 250 km. Both are precise, propelled by solid fuel and carry 500-kilo warheads of conventional explosives, as well as being able to deliver chemical, biological and radioactive materials.

This dangerous new arsenal which tops up the 40,000 rockets Hizballah was allowed to pile up since the 2006 Lebanon war.
Saturday, April 17, Israel’s deputy defense minister Mattan Vilnai, warned that Syria and Hizballah between them had ballistic missiles that could reach every millimeter of Israeli territory.
But he did not explain how the national defense leadership, of which he is a senior member, allowed this to happen.  
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said nothing to account for his 14-month old government’s failure to make good on its pledges for change, and first of all to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat.  Instead, he follows his predecessors’ same old passive routines on Iran, Syria and Hizballah, an open invitation to aggression and a recipe for armed conflict. Of late, he is hardly to be seen or heard except for the irrelevant comments he makes at state ceremonies.
2.  Iran has built for Hizballah five expanded commando brigades whose mission in a future conflict will be to capture and hold key northern Israeli towns and villages, including the town of Nahariya or parts thereof. This tactic would force Israeli forces marching into Lebanon to turn back and recover lost land.

On March 28, debkafile revealed this Iranian-Syrian master plan in detail.
3.  Syrian instructors are training Hizballah militiamen at top speed in the operation of ground-to-air weapons, including self-propelled missiles, against warplanes and incoming missiles and cruise missiles. Israel has threatened to destroy these batteries if they cross the border into Lebanon. They are therefore being held back in Syrian bases up against the border until such time as fighting flares. They will then be transferred into the hands of Hizballah units standing by on the Lebanese side of the border.
4.  Syria has set up a Hizballah special unit for attacking warships and fighting off Israeli coastal landings. It is equipped with advanced Chinese SS-26 Yakhont marine cruise missiles, which combine assault features with the ability to intercept attacking missiles or cruise missiles.
5.  Iranian and Syrian military engineers have constructed fortified anti-tank lines in many parts of Lebanon. They are linked by fast highways, to be closed to all traffic barring Hizballah units in an emergency, and by a military-grade communications network.

Now google “Spain in lebanon”. You find nothing but trivia.

Then google “Spain troops in Lebanon”

This comes up, from a paper in Barcelona:

Spanish General Alberto Asarta will shortly take command of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, according to a report released today by the Cadena Ser Asarta, he will have at his command 12,000 military and 1,000 civilians.


Another 200 soldiers to join Spanish troops in Lebanon, if Spain takes overall command.

Spain’s MoD are possibly sending 200 more soldiers to Lebanon, to join the contingent of 1,100 soldiers currently deployed in that country, if Spain takes command of the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL).

According to EFE, sources in the defence department have stated that the extra troops would only be sent on three conditions: that the UN give command to Spain, that the Ministry and the General Staff of Defence approved the reinforcement and that it will obtain authorization from Congress. If these three requirements are met, the Spanish mission in Lebanon would comprise 1,300 troops, most of which are located in the Miguel de Cervantes base in Marjayoun.

The rest of the items on page 1 of google refer to 2006, that is the date that Spanish troops went there.

So the troops were sent and then there is silence. What this adds up to is that the Spanish troops and the Zapatero and Popular Front opposition to Zapatero are prediding over, and being deliberately quiet about, this great threat from Lebanon to Israel.

This amounts in my book to antisemitism of a deep order. Do not forget the Spanishexpelled all Jews from Spain in 1492 and everything today shows that the Spanish are dhimmis to Islam.

So then is DEBKAfile making this stuff up? Of course not. It fits right in with the truth about Ahnmadinejad, Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah. But the Spanish are playing a really duplicitous game. They are truly antisemites. Truly they are dhimmies.

This was Livni´s work and what a trap that reactionary Jewess has set for Israel!