The danger to Israel comes from many fronts

1. There is the antisemitism in the Arab and Islamic world, which as a reading of Jihadwatch and indeed many writers today (especially John Bostom) show goes right back to the latter part of Mohammed´s life, and to his followers who came after him. (The Islamic idea of “abrocation” must be understood). The basis and basics of Islam are not understood at all except by a very few people, and I know at least one very right wing Jewish person who does not wish to know.

2.The antisemitism in the Christian world, which is not so openly obvious as that of the Muslims, but is a kind of latent antisemitism which breaks out like a volcano at times of stress. No less dangerous!

Then there are the forces of Stalinism and revisionism. Stalinism itself was a revisionism of the principles of revolutionary socialism. Modern day revisionism is contained in what is called the Left, but obviously cannot be true socialists.

But above all there are the forces of American capitalism or Imperialism, and with that equally though not quite so forward is the  capitalism of Europe.

Underpinning all of this antisemitism, as an ideology and as a kind of religion actually is: (let´scall it Palestinianism)

How many know that palestinianism as we experience it today had a beginning sometime around 1968? How many understand well, or even half well, the conditions that brought this forward.

How many know that the very patriotic Jews called themselves Palestinian inhabitants in the period of the Mandate, from 1922 to 1948, and some time before that and after it too.

How many people know today that antisemitism has been used as a tool by the ruling classes in every epoch, under slavery, under feudalism, under capitalism.

Read the Communist Manifesto by Marx, that little poetry type work, and you will understand that capitalism is different. Capitalism has been revolutionary, its methods are revolutionary, and thus is all encompassing.

There is some work done recently on the thousands of world languages and how they are disappearing. Not by magic there is a reason and the real reason is the power of capitalism and imperialism, and their demands to make a profit in every situation, especially in periods of deep crisis in their system.

capital must find a profit.

That is the essence of the work of Marx not only in that little treatise, poetic in nature, but in his vast accounting of capital.

Antisemitism as i said has always been used by ruling groups throughout history. In 1939 to 45 this took on a condition of industrial killing of Jews. Who said that would be the pinnacle of this killing? 60 more years and 60 more years of capitalism ageing, why would the next not surpass in brutality even that nazi episode, the world having had a foretaste in the past 20 years of suppression of Serbs through lies and foul murder.

I finish with one question:

How are the Jews through their leaderships prepared this time? Are the leaders of Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora prepared?

That IS the question. How can the Jewish people be prepared for what is happening now, is rapidly developing, and in the near future?

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