This is an important week for Israel because of these reasons

  1. Every week for Israel is important because every week that passes by without Israel making a war on the Nazi forces of Mullah Iran is a week lost
  2. This week, on Tuesday, Netanyahu the PM of Israel is slated to meet with Obama


Caroline Glick has got a fantastic analysis of the meeting with Obama and how this intercuts with the need to make a war on Iran.

Jews have to decide and internalize: Die later but soon. Or strike now.

The great danger to Israel is silence, the silence of the Nazis in the BBC, of the Nazis in the faux left groups like SWP.

There are many lies in silence and what they are all lying about is that Obama is actually holding Israel back from actually dealing with Iran.

They are all suggesting that the US is going to attack Iran. What a rotten lie! It is the exact opposite. America is holding Israel back.

That is the issue with Netanyahu.

Caroline Glick makes this very plain. Caroline wants Netanyahu to meet Obama as an equal, to be independent, to assert the rights of Israel.

There are reasons why this is not possible for Netanyahu to do.

Jewish people like Caroline have a great ability to keep hoping for the best. This is partly because through the experience of the Jews the worst has been too awful to contemplate.

The real reason why Netanyahu cannot assert the independence of Israel is that as a capitalist “concern” it is tied together with the rest of the capitalist world, and there are thus ideological threads which tie Netanyahu to Obama, even as Netanyahu knows very well how anti Israel is Obama.

There are only two types of leaderships which can do that:

The first is the religious Jewish. This is where the real hatred for Obama first surfaced. They saw through Obama first because they are not so tied in with materialist capitalism, and Obama was a phoney black materialist middle class ruthless entity.

The second is Trotskyist, this party, 4international.

We start from the perspective that the capitalist SYSTEM is in a deep and historical crisis, with emphasis on the word “historical”.

If you do not understand the meaning of “historical” in this situation suggest you reread that poetry in motion, the Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, it could have been written this morning.

We have nothing to learn about Obama. While others were crowing about him being black we said what does that matter, he is a President of the crisis of capitalism.

We ask: how many defenceless creatures are perishing (in their millions surely) in the Mexican Gulf waters as we speak?

What a rotten system is capitalism. They drill deep for oil. They do not prepare a replacement, just keep drilling for profit.

They cannot even put in place a proper system of regulation. No fall back plans if an accident happens.

Actually Obama is totally exposed on this. People in Louisiana have grown to hate this man. First he was washing his hands of the accident, it was all responsibility of BP. Now he is mouthing and pretending to be sad etc.

Obama is desperate for a victory somewhere. That is all that Netanyahu has to do. Listen to Obama. Say nothing. Go home. Save Israel.

Actually there is one statement that Netanyahu should make. That is that any country (think US, think Russia, think Germany, think UK) that threatens Israel let them be aware that Israel has some 200 plus nuclear bombs, and the means to deliver, and that Israel knows the targets.

The Goldstone was a pack of lies and it was also a threat to Israel.

A simple statement! Take only 25 seconds to read out. The message though will be liberating.

A religious Jew could make it. So could a Trotskyist Party that we are indeed building.

It would be far better if Netanyahu said nothing on Tuesday but said only that.

And if Israel is to survive it will have to be said.

(Readers are advised to read this analysis on the Spanish veil issue but also more on

Mention above to the religious Jews, to clarify, yes they could take a position, but they will remain isolated from the mass movement

Mention above to Caroline Glick, a fine writer

This is a sample from this latest article, rather more in the form of a report from Israel, that important!

[Start quote from Carline Glick here]

As part of the administration’s attempt to woo American Jews back into the Democratic fold despite its anti-Israel policies, last week a group of pre-selected pro-Obama rabbis was invited to the White House for talks with Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel and with Dan Shapiro and Dennis Ross who hold the Palestinian and Iran dossiers on Obama’s National Security Council. According to a report of the meeting by Rabbi Jack Moline which has not been refuted by the White House, the three men told the Democratic rabbis that the administration has three priorities in the Middle East. First Obama seeks to isolate Iran. Second, he seeks to significantly reduce the US military presence in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq. And third, he seeks to resolve the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

These priorities are disturbing for a number of reasons. First, isolating Iran is not the same as preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. By characterizing its goal as “isolating” Iran, the administration makes clear that preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is not its goal. Moreover, as Iran’s deal with Brazil and Turkey makes abundantly clear, Iran is not isolated. Indeed, its foreign relations have prospered since Obama took office.

(Most of article is on

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