by Jim Stephens

May 31, 2010

The Israeli Government and the IDF has made another cardinal error. The way that Netanyahu and the IDF approached this job shows that they are unable to win any real fight against reaction.

From what I have seen on television today of the boarding of the boats by the IDF this is clear

1. Boarding from helicopters is totally wrong. The terrorists and terrorist supporters (supporters of Hamas and Fatah) were ready, waiting and expecting

2. No stun grenades or smoke blankets were used. This threw the valuable IDF Jewish life into considerable danger and placed them at a disadvantage

The whole episode reminds me of the way,half-hearted and naive, that the past Israeli Governments have fought against Hamas and Hizbullah

4international is a Trotskyist, revolutionary socialist movement. We standin thesame traditions as the man who built the Red Army and fought the Civil War against reactionary “Whites”.

We have no time for pacifism or for not taking the war to our enemies.

Hamas has declared war on Israel. Hizbullah threatens Jews with death. Iran is building the nuclear bomb to obliterate Zionism.

Obama is doing everything to strip Israel of its defences, especially of its nuclear weapons, and to strip Israel of its strategic land.

Turkey is mobilizing openly with Syria and Iran.

The Lebanon Government is allowing Hizbullah take over the country to join in with Syria in war from the North.

Obama pulls out of Iraq giving an Iranian Iraqi alliance clear path from the East.

Egypt is ready to join with Hamas through the Philadelphia Corridor at anyu strategic point.

At this point Mairead Maguire and her motley flotilla, all great friends of Hamas, hove into sight over the med waves.

Loaded with hundreds of Israel haters from Ireland and every other disgraceful antisemitic country in Europe.

All as part of this war against Israel because there is no division in war between propaganda and action.

Yes indeed, the IDF did chose the wrong action.

They once again as in Jenin should have stood off, for the umpteenth time given their warnings no further.

Then the IDF navy should have simply torpedoed Maguire and co and allowed them to swim to the waiting Turkish ships.

And if Turkey wants a war then let them have it right there and then.

The Netanyahu Government is showing by actions such as this that it is unable to make a sober analysis of the enemy, whether it be these people like Maguire so full of hatred for little Israel, or whether it be the official paymasters in the White House of Maguire et al.

the Netanyahu  Ministers and the IDF seriously underestimated this situation. they placed the IDF youth in jeopardy when they had no need to do slo.ful of well placed shells would have sunk the whole of the rotting antisemitic lot to the bottom of the sea. let these wierdos of the fake left try out their swimming strokes as they make their way to their true home, the navy of Islam religious freak, Erdogan of Turkey.

Israel is NOW in full scale war, first of all against the Obama regime, second against Britain and Ireland, third against the rest of Europe, fourth against Stalinist Russia and China, and only last against the Arabs and Islam wierdos of this world.

Furthermore it is very clear that this politically correct IDF leadership is unable to make one correct move.

There has to NOW be a total breaking down between these IDF leaders, the IDF as a separate body, and the whole of the Israeli population.

Israel now no longer needs a separate and professional army. It needs to keep that, keep those gains, but it needs to train every single Israeli man and woman,and above all all youth, in how to shoot with rifle and how to man the tank crews.

Israel has correctly positioned its nuclear armed submarine off the side of Iran, a wise move indeed. inadequate.

Israel must come clear now with he existence of its some 300 nuclear weapons, and insist that other countries are being judged by the actions of their leaders.

This means that the American people must be told tha their President Obama has made America a target. Similarly with all countries of Europe especially with Spain which protects Hizbullah in South of Lebanon. And so on.

This is the time for the brave, and for not waiting. Take the initiative.

Obama must be told to butt out, remove Mitchell, remove all aid to Fatah, remove the American troops from the Negev etc.

4international insist that a nuclear war in the world is ion no way inevitable. That is the programme of the bankrupt.

But if Israel is not decisive, if it does not act decisively NOW, then Nuclear War will indeed be inevitable.

Remember the military training of every single one of Israel´s Jews must begin right now, WITHOUT ANY DELAY

Furthermore you cannot train at making war while engaging in the mouthing off at Israel engaged in by Israeli professors, by the Israeli supreme court, by labourists, by stalinists in the communist party, by peaceniks like Olmert´sfamilhy and so on

This means a dictatorship, meaning that the dictates of Israeli survival must be placed at the top.

the Israeli Media must be closed down with the exception of Debkafile and Israel National News. All the rest closed down and taken over by the youthful journalists.

And as regards the Arabs in Israel. Let them stay only if they will fight against Hamas and Fatah. In a war you cannot have enemies in your rear.

The demands of the situation make all of these measures no more than common sense.

The Trotskyist Party must and will be built. But note, we will join with any Israeli and religious Jewish patriots, without conditions, to face the common enemy

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