By Jim Stephens

June 7, 2010

Who are these people “The Jewish Daily Forward”???

Where are they based, what is their history, where politically have they come from?

Their political approach tot he Flotilla is treachery in the extreme as I intend to show you by trcing back to a recent article


“Fiasco at Sea, a Failed Strategy”

The use of violence by Islamist militants onboard the largest ship, the Mavi Marmara, was calculated to draw a forceful reaction by Israel’s naval commandos and amplify many-fold the international impact of the event. The commandos, armed only with paintball rifles and side arms to deal with passive resistance by presumed human rights activists, were helicoptered directly into a violent ambush for which they should have been better prepared.

Second, an amorphous international movement of peace and human rights activists — many of them people of pure intentions, others Israel-haters and even anti-Semites, plus a few Arab citizens of Israel from the most anti-Zionist sectors — saw an opportunity to amplify the “Goldstone effect” of isolating and delegitimizing Israel by joining IHH in mounting this flotilla and reaping the benefits of all the publicity around it.

Third, it was inevitable that the blockade of Gaza, now three years old, would culminate in a tragic event like this. But Israel is not, nor should it be, alone in its embarrassment. Egypt, which controls the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Sinai, is an active ally of Israel in the abortive endeavor to choke Hamas in Gaza. The entire Quartet (the U.S., U.N., E.U. and Russia) and even the Ramallah-based Palestine Liberation Organization endorsed the closing of the Gaza commercial crossings back in June 2007 when Hamas took over Gaza from Fatah in a bloody coup. Israel and the Quartet established three reasonable conditions for engaging Hamas (recognizing Israel’s right to exist, condemning violence and accepting Oslo), all of which Hamas ignored.

Now Hamas is stronger than ever, and the U.N. Security Council is calling for an end to the blockade. Two more blockade-buster ships may be on their way and, the Turks promise, more will come.

All of Israel’s strategies for dealing with Turkey, the Goldstone effect and Hamas in Gaza have failed. Israel’s political leaders do not appear to be thinking strategically on these issues.

Rather than adjust to Turkey’s dynamic (and dangerous) new regional status and look for ways to exploit it to Israel’s advantage (as Ehud Olmert did for a while by allowing Turkey to mediate between Jerusalem and Damascus), Israel’s response appears to focus on infantile stunts like humiliating the Turkish ambassador a few months ago by seating him on a low couch for a meeting and inviting Israeli TV to film him. Note that the man responsible for that diplomatic coup, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, was chosen to convene a press conference in Jerusalem to explain Israel’s position just hours after the bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Israel’s response to the Goldstone effect has been to threaten the human rights NGOs whose reports — some accurate and some not — feed international criticism and delegitimization of Israel and to exhort Israelis traveling abroad to explain how such a successful high-tech nation with such beautiful scenery can’t be bad. Pathetic.

Then there is Gaza itself. The blockade has failed to moderate or replace Hamas and has not freed Gilad Shalit, even as it has inflicted collective punishment on 1.5 million Gazans. It is counterproductive. Parallel strategies have also failed: The use of armed force back in Operation Cast Lead generated some deterrence and brought the international community in to interdict Iranian arms supplies to Gaza, but the deterrent effect is temporary and the Goldstone effect now deters Israel. Egyptian mediation has also failed; at least Cairo admits this.

The Arab reaction to all of this — beginning with Israel’s Arab citizens and Hamas in Gaza — threatens to derail the nascent Israel-PLO proximity talks (though the PLO will now understandably milk them for every Israeli gesture and concession possible). Israel’s leaders would be best advised to preempt the Arab and international response by sitting down with Egypt and the Quartet, discussing the reasons for these failed strategies regarding Gaza and looking together for enlightened alternatives. They should do so carefully but urgently: Lest we forget, Israel, Egypt and the PLO have every right to cooperatively defend themselves against militant Islamist enemies and those who give them succor.

Sadly, however, Israel’s only real response to this fiasco is liable to be little more than planning better for its naval commandos to stop future flotillas without bloodshed. In Israel, this is called thinking with a “small head.”

Yossi Alpher is former director of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. He currently co-edits the bitterlemons family of Internet publications.

As always you have to search through the verbiage of such as Yossi Alpher and the bitter lemons crowd

There are many pointers to the politics of this fiend Yossi, but I take this

Israel’s response appears to focus on infantile stunts like humiliating the Turkish ambassador a few months ago by seating him on a low couch for a meeting and inviting Israeli TV to film him.

Yossi, how about war!

That means that Israel should announce to the world that it is at war with Turkey. That the Turkish PM Erdogan is a disgusting antisemite of the Nazi variety, based on Hajj Amin el Hussein, is a clear enemy of all Jews etc.

That Israel is at war.

That the action of lining up alongside IHH is an act of war against Israel, and indeed against all western people who are in danger from Islam, and against all non Islamist Muslims who also are indanger from Islam since Sharia will oppress Muslims as well.

In war what do you do Yossi?

I think the procedure is that you make your enemies know what are your political and military strengths. if you have no such then the procedure is to line up to be crushed by your enemy.

Those are the basic laws of “civilization” as we have known it up until now.

Yossi is probably Jewish, may be American also.

It was because his people the Jews, did not have any resources in the form of state, army, government, that they lined up at the side of pits to be gunned down.

A nice touch here by “civilization” I have a picture which shows some young Jewish men digging their own grave. Soon the Nazi thugs watching them will end it.

There is not one thing those Jewish men could do in that situation back then Yossi. Not one thing.

But now it is different.

1. The Jews are very well armed. Especially the Jews are armed with nuclear weapons and Mr Erdogan has none

2. The Jews have many potential allies if they know how to go out and secure those allies

I take it that Chaim is a jewish name. This Chaim where did he get his totally false reading of history as in the following comment to “Yossi”

i mean, *i* recognize israel’s right to exist, but the way it was founded was not pretty and it was not humane. so many people were kicked off their land to make room for white europeans, were you expecting them to grow a deep, abiding love of jews? i’m sorry, but *we* are the ones who must reach out to *them*, over and over, because we were the perpetrators. call me self-hating, idgaf, but it’s the truth.

This Chaim seems to be blaming Jews for having a Homeland. He is unaware of the great injustices done to Israel, and how the present Israel is only a part of what was decided at the San Remo Treaty.

Chaim has swallowed somehow the old lies that the Jews in 1948 attacked the Arabs, in other words Chaim is very close to the position of Pappe

In fact the comments below Yossi tell a story of Jews in America being very disorientated as Jews.

Daniel, surely he is Jewish with that name, writes

Overall, however, I agree that this present Likud government in Israel thinks with “a kleine kop” as we say in Yiddish

(The article in question is on


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