by Jim Stephens

June 9, 2010

The man without real principles Ted Belman has on his site Israpundit an article by Phyllis Chesler. Why? Why carry any article by this woman at all if you do not carry her past slander against the great Serb people, fellow sufferers of the Jews in the Holocaust? Why do that Belman?

This is what Chesler wrote back then:

The monster was hiding in plain sight–working as a holistic healer, a health guru. I am talking about Dr. Radovan Karadzic of course who has finally been captured by his own people, not because his crimes repulsed them, (he was viewed as a hero), but rather in the hope that his capture and extradition to the Hague might soften their image as a rogue nation and lead to an economically profitable membership in the European Union.

The man, nay the fiend, is a psychiatrist and as luck would have it, I actually knew a woman who once was his patient. She was an educated Muslim woman, married to a Christian man, in a time when Belgrade prided itself on its sophistication and tolerance.

How could Karadzic turn on Muslims who were once his patients? (How could Nazi doctors turn on their Jewish patients and teachers? How could Mengele do what he did? How could the British-based Muslim doctors try to blow up the Glasgow airport?)

That is enough to get a flavour of Phyllis Chesler.

Here Chesler lined up with the enemy, the Islamists of Ahmadinejad, and did so because that was the policy and programme of American Imperialism, WHICH SHE REPRESENTS.

Now Belman forgets that Chesler likened the Serbs and Karadzic to the Nazis and carries an article by Chesler where she is interacting with Israeli wounded soldiers.


As in this piece

And thus, these heroes continue to show us what truly matters; they continue to teach us how to respond to danger, suffering, and to profound loss.

According to Chabad Rabbi Uriel Vigler, “The Rebbe once wrote a letter to a wounded Israeli soldier. He said that ‘you may have a medal which you’ll keep in a box. But your true medal of honor is on your body. It is permanent as is your merit for having saved Am Yisrael.”

Rabbi Vigler’s idea was to make a “small but memorable contribution to these heroes of Am Yisrael, who have quite literally put their lives on the line in the continued effort of securing Israel.” He told me that the soldiers are “so excited, they are loving every minute here and the outpouring of community support, especially given the recent confrontation with Gaza, is amazing.”

Vigler observed one the soldiers who had difficulty feeding himself because he had lost a hand—and because his other hand was broken. The rabbi must have looked concerned. The soldier consoled him. “Don’t worry, it was worth giving up my hands for Am Yisrael.”

According to Vigler, today, one of the soldiers laughed for the first time in two years—so said his companions. He laughed at the wax figures at Madame Tussauds.

Congregation Orach Chaim (OC) will host a dessert reception for the soldiers on Shabbat, June 12th, from 5-7:30pm. President Jamie Lassner of OC told me: “We are very excited to welcome these heroes to Orach Chaim, especially at this most difficult time for our homeland. I am certain that we will all walk away awed by their strength of character and humbled by their courage. I hope that we are all invigorated to l’taken olam, to do something to better the world. We at OC have always been thankful to our US Military and also to the members of the IDF, those currently serving and those who have served in the past, as it is they who have protected us and our peoples’ ability to freely worship and serve Hashem.”

Some say that Israel’s military victories and heroic warriors have faded into history and are no more. I strongly disagree. The kind of courage now required to keep on fighting for Jewish and national survival—knowing that this fight is probably one that your children, grandchildren, maybe even your great-grandchildren will also still be fighting, requires even more courage and determination, not less.

Thatis the thing about Belman. No principle.

In the above Chesler is posing as a friend of Israel, and even worse as a friend of Israeli wounded soldiers.

But Chesler never did answer the charges that 4international did level against her for her Nazi attacks on the Serbs

The question for Belman is

Is it possible for somebody who slanders the Serbs and calls them Nazis, thus supporting the real Nazi Ahmadinejad who was the colleague of Hajj Amin el Husseini

…Also pose as a friend of Israel?

Eh Belman! Eh Chesler!


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