The anniversary (fifteenth) of the worst outrage on humanity since the Holocaust of the Jews takes place inside about a month (August 4). This is not the fake “Srebrenica Massacre” but the ethnic cleansing of almost 300,000 Serbs from the Krajina in Yugoslavia.

Note here we did not say the Krajina area of Croatia. This is the first lesson to learn – the Krajina was an independent entity since 1400, which is before the Mayflower set sail to create modern America. The Krajina was thus a very old nation. Jews should be particularly aware, what happened at the hands of the Empire allied with Jihad was the total destruction of a nation.

This issue of the destruction of Krajina (it was more than ethnic cleansing) is inseparable from an understanding of the great hoax that was foisted onto humanity through the claim that the Serbs in the “Srebrenica Massacre” killed 8000 Muslims.

The Krajina was all too real. The Srebrenica “Massacre” a total hoax.

But these are not issues by themselves.

There is no such thing as Krajina, or Srebrenica, separated from the overall political situation in the world.

That is the second main lesson to learn about the Krajina and how we should approach it in the context of the coming fifteenth anniversary

It was clear then, it was even more obvious now, that the main mover in what happened in the destruction of Yugoslavia was the US, EU and NATO Empire, with United Nations in close support.

The Islamic Jihad of Izetbegovic, the Islamic thugs around Thaci in Kosovo, were entirely subservient to the Empire.

At the same time the Islam Jihad is a real phenomenon and is also as well (as being the tool of) quite independent from an Imperialist system in crisis.

This is dialectical, contains contradiction and can never be understood by formalist thinkers.

The Empire is the partner of Jihad. At times it is also in conflict. Both the Empire and Jihad are ways of disciplining the mass movement of ordinary people. These two phenomena are interrelated and interconnected-

When we on 4international talk about the ethnic cleansing of the Krajina, of the giant hoax of Srebrenica, we see it as one with the plans to ethnically cleanse Palestine of Jewish people, which has always been the aim of world antisemitism, whether of the Islamic or Vatican “Judeo Christian” variety

The “Left” of the Stalinists and fake Trotskyists like the WRP or WSWS supported Khomeini to power and helped create a theocracy, which now threatens directly Jews, and to create a new holocaust, this time by the direct use of nuclear bomb, or the indirect use by means of threat of same.

This same fake Left is still supporting this Jihad against Israel.

Only now this Jihad is clearly being assisted and often simply led by the US and EU, that is by the Empire.

This is what this lying fake left is hiding.

All that is raised in the issues surrounding the destruction of Yugoslavia, the demonization of the Serbs and the setting up of a totally illegal international court system

To complicate this situation, those who are directly threatened by this Empire cum Islamic Jihad, the Jews, have a section of their leadership which openly and shamefully joined in with the Empire against the Serbs.

That is, of course, a direct threat against their own people.

So what is posed in all of this is the creation of a new leadership, the Trotskyist Party, in total opposition among Jews and others to those who support the Empire in the world today.

The insular forces within Judaism drives certain forces, whome we will talk about, to see only themselves. A little like the narrow parochialness of “we ourselves” Sinn Fein. That is fatal.

Only the Trotskyist Party can see the whole, and this is why the best way to defend Israel, or the Serbs, is to build 4international. It is the only way.

Over the next month of July along with much else 4international will be printing many articles which will enlighten on the issue of the Empire, the Jihad, and Yugoslavia.

Be sure to tune in.

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