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10 May 2008

The Mufti inspects the Muslim Unit in Bosnia, 1946. He met with
Hitler in 1941 to offer his services.


On a pleasant Thursday in December 1948, Emilio Traubner, a correspondent for The Palestine Post, found himself near Abu Kabir, not far from Jaffa. Trenches and expended cartridges were strewn about, reminders of the fighting between units of the Irgun and local Arab forces that had taken place there seven months previously. There was a large Arab villa from where Traubner recovered a diary. It turned out to be the daily record of Yusuf Begovic of Pale, a town near Sarajevo in modern-day Bosnia-Herzegovina. In it Begovic had described his activities as a cook for the “Arab Army of Liberation.” 

Traubner described who Begovic had been serving: “35 Yugoslav Muslims who had a good reason to expect to be among the first to occupy and loot Tel Aviv, were part of a group of some thousands who came to the Middle East to join the jihad against Israel.” 

What were Yugoslav Muslims doing in Jaffa in 1948? How had they managed to get themselves all the way to the Holy Land? What had motivated them? Who had recruited them? What was the Bosnian or Albanian connection to the Palestinians, if there was one? 

There was a Bosnian connection: Haj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem, had been in Bosnia in the 1940s. Had he recruited these men? What had become of them? 

It turned out that in 2005 a Bosnian had given an interview in Lebanon to a Croatian newspaper and claimed to have fought in the 1948 war. The story began to crystallize. 

The Long Shadow of Haj Amin 

In October 1937, Haj Amin al-Husseini, mufti of Jerusalem and leader of the Arab Higher Committee, was hiding from the British authorities in the Haram al-Sharif, the holy sanctuary atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. On October 13, disguised as a Beduin, he fled to Lebanon via Jaffa. In Lebanon he received sanctuary from the French mandatory authorities but he fled again with the outbreak of war in 1939. This time he made his way to Baghdad disguised as a woman. In Baghdad in 1940 and 1941 he increased his contacts with Germany, offering to aid the Nazis in return for their help in gaining independence for the Arab states. The Italians helped him enter Turkey, and then he made his way to Rome on October 11. He met with Mussolini and then with Hitler on November 28. After the failure of various schemes to create an Arab military unit he eventually settled for recruiting Muslim volunteers to aid the Nazis from the Balkans, Bosnia and eventually Kosovo. 

In speaking to potential recruits, Husseini stressed the connections they had to the Muslim nation fighting the British throughout the world: “The hearts of all Muslims must today go out to our Islamic brothers in Bosnia, who are forced to endure a tragic fate. They are being persecuted by the Serbian and communist bandits, who receive support from England and the Soviet Union… They are being murdered, their possessions are robbed and their villages are burned. England and its allies bear a great accountability before history for mishandling and murdering Europe’s Muslims, just as they have done in the Arabic lands and in India.” 

Three divisions of Muslim soldiers were recruited: The Waffen SS 13th Handschar (”Knife”) and the 23rd Kama (”Dagger”) and the 21st Skenderbeg. The Skenderbeg was an Albanian unit of around 4,000 men, and the Kama was composed of Muslims from Bosnia, containing 3,793 men at its peak. The Handschar was the largest unit, around 20,000 Bosnian Muslim volunteers. According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, “These Muslim volunteer units, called Handschar, were put in Waffen SS units, fought Yugoslav partisans in Bosnia and carried out police and security duties in Hungary. They participated in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia and volunteered to join in the hunt for Jews in Croatia.” Part of the division also escorted Hungarian Jews from the forced labor in mine in Bor on their way back to Hungary. The division was also employed against Serbs, who as Orthodox Christians were seen by the Bosnian Muslims as enemies. 

The Handschar division surrendered to the British army on May 8, 1945. As many as 70,000 Bosnian Muslim POWs and their families were moved by the British army to Taranto in Italy. The creation of Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia at the end of the war meant that former Bosnian Muslim volunteers in the German SS units could not return home for fear of prosecution or internment. George Lepre, a scholar on the history of the Handschar and author of Himmler’s Bosnian Division: The Waffen-SS Handschar Division 1943-1945 describes their fate: “Those Bosnians who elected to remain in the camps eventually found asylum in countries throughout the Western and Arab worlds. Many of those who settled in the Middle East later fought in Palestine against the new Israeli state.” 

But first they had to get to the Middle East. 

The formation of the Bosnian unit in 1947 

The Bosnian Muslims, usually referred to as “Yugoslavs” in period newspaper accounts as well as in intelligence reports, remained in DP camps in Italy until 1947, when it was reported in The Palestine Post on April 18 that there was a “request from the Syrian government for the transfer of 8,000 Bosnian Moslem refugees at present in Italy. Yugoslav quarters here say that the Arab League has written to all Arab states, urging them to assist these Moslem DPs, and that some financial help has already been received. Yugoslav officials say that they too want these 8,000 Moslems back, as they are the Handschar Division of the German Wehrmacht which surrendered to the British… The Yugoslavs state that they view with the gravest concern the possibility of the transfer of this group to the Middle East.” 

By December 1947 a nucleus of former Handschar officers had made their way to Syria and were beginning to reconstitute their unit in Damascus. A report by Israel Baer in the Post noted that “the latest recruits to the Syrian army are members of the Bosnian Waffen SS… It is reported that they are directing a school for commando tactics for the Syrian Army.” 

No doubt the fledgling Syrian army which had been born in 1946 was in need of officers and trainers with experience. Emilio Traubner, writing on December 3, 1947, noted that the International Refugee Organization (IRO) was even convinced to fund the travel of Bosnian Muslims from Italy to the Middle East so that they could find homes since they refused to be repatriated to Yugoslavia. 

In January 1948 Arab agents were working to recruit Bosnians for the fight in Palestine. On February 2, it was reported that 25 Bosnian Muslims had arrived in Beirut and were moving to Damascus to join 40 other Bosnians already there. A report by Jon Kimche on February 4 further noted that up to 3,500 were being transferred to Syria to fight alongside Fawzi Kaukji’s Arab Liberation Army (ALA) in its invasion of Palestine. On March 14 a party of 67 Albanians, 20 Yugoslavs and 21 Croats led by an Albanian named Derwish Bashaco arrived by boat in Beirut from Italy. They were hosted by the Palestine Arab Bureau and made their way to Damascus to join the ALA. In the first week of April another 200 Bosnians arrived in Beirut. 

A lengthy report by Claire Neikind on March 2 described the procedure by which Arab agents were recruiting volunteers among the DPs in Italy. Men between 22 and 32 were sought and in return they would receive free passage to Beirut and their families would receive maintenance. According to Neikind, 300 men had already arrived and 90 Croatian Ustashi were also making there way. Fifty-seven were sent to Amman. Between December 1 and February 20 a total of 106 were sent to Syria. Neikind noted that “as soon as their families are settled, they enter Arab military service.” 

If one accepts merely the low totals from newspaper accounts it appears that there were at least 520 Bosnians, 67 Albanians and 111 Croatians in Syria or Beirut, as well as 135 Bosnians on their way to Egypt and 57 Bosnians in Jordan. Thus 890 volunteers from Yugoslavia and Albania were in the Middle East by April 1948, before Israel’s declaration of independence on May 15, 1948. 

Upon arrival the volunteers found their way to a camp at Katana, a military base west of Damascus that the Syrian army had provided for use by the Arab Liberation Army being assembled to invade Palestine. Here they met their commander, Fawzi Kaukji for the first time. Kaukji, 58, was a former Ottoman soldier who had fought in the Arab Revolt. Hagana intelligence estimated as many as 4,000 volunteers had joined his army. 

In December of 2005, Hassan Haidar Diab, a journalist in Bosnia, was able to locate Kemal Rustomovic, a Bosnian who had served with the Yugoslav volunteers. He claimed to have been a member of the Arab Salvation Army where 150 of his fellow Bosnians served under a Bosnian officer named Fuad Sefkobegovic. 

The Role of the Bosnians in the War of Independence 

Since the fall of 1947 Arab forces under Abdel Khader Husseini and other locals had harassed Jewish traffic and supplies moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A mixed Bosnian-Arab unit of the ALA had been dispatched to aid in the siege of Jerusalem and this unit found itself embroiled in the battle for Castel between April 3 and 8, 1948. This battle was part of the Hagana’s Operation Nahshon which was intended to relieve the siege of Jerusalem. It is not clear what became of the Bosnians who fought at Castel. Some may have retired to Ramallah, where it was reported on April 16 that Muslim foreigners including Yugoslavs had taken over the best hotels and “molested” the local population. 

The next battle that the Bosnian units participated in was at Jaffa between April 25 and May 5. Jaffa had been allotted to the Arab state in the UN partition plan, but it was surrounded by territory allotted to the Jewish state. The battle began when the Irgun launched an attack on the city. According to the Hagana, there were 400 “Yugoslavs” and 200 Iraqis defending Jaffa. On April 28, Michel Issa, the Christian Arab commander of the Ajnadin Battalion, received orders from Kaukji to move from the Jerusalem foothills to relieve the siege of Jaffa. On the same day, Hagana intelligence noted that there were 60 “Yugoslavs” among the defenders of Jaffa. Issa arrived in Jaffa on April 29 ; the commander of Jaffa, Maj. Adil Najmuddin, deserted the city on May 1, leaving Issa and his Yugoslavs. According to Issa’s telegram to Kaukji, “Adil left [the] city by sea with all [the] Iraqis and Yugoslavs.” Prior to their departure the Yugoslavs had been billeted at local homes and their unit even included a cook. 

Kemal Rustomovic recalled in his interview that he had first been at Nablus, then Jaffa and finally at Jenin. Between the evacuation of the Yugoslavs by sea from Jaffa and their reunion with the ALA, the State of Israel was born on May 15, 1948. On the same day five Arab armies invaded Israel and the war became much wider. 

The ALA became a disorganized and largely spent force by the time it saw fighting again around Nazareth again in July. During the fighting in the North, Kaukji’s army of 2,500 men was reduced to only 800 and it was driven from Nazareth into northern Galilee. Rustomovic was one of these men according to his interview. The Post reported that the ALA still included “Yugoslavs.” On July 18 the Post reported that the British government’s intelligence had acted to “systematically sabotage [the] Palestine partition scheme” and provided as evidence the fact that England was aware of the presence of Bosnian volunteers in Syria. 

During the fighting in October the IDF conquered the entire Galilee and parts of Southern Lebanon. A report on November 1, detailing the capture of the Galilee, noted that some “Yugoslavs” had been captured during the fighting that had driven the ALA and the Lebanese army from Palestine and actually found the IDF in Lebanon. 

The Bosnians and the 1948 war, strange bedfellows? 

It is not known what became of the Bosnians who served with the Arab forces in the 1948 war. Rustomovic, who was born in the village of Kuti in central Bosnia in 1928, joined the Lebanese army in 1950. He served his adopted country for 30 years, married a local woman and had seven daughters and five sons with her. He was granted Lebanese citizenship, unlike the Palestine refugees who fled to Lebanon, and retired from the army in 1980. According to him, none of the Bosnians who had served in the SS ever returned to Yugoslavia. Some ended up in the US, Australia and Canada. It is assumed that some also settled in Syria or elsewhere in the Middle East. Today many would be in their 80s and 90s and it is doubtful that many of them survive. 

In the 1990s during the Balkan wars, Arabs would journey to the Balkans to participate in war between Bosnians and Serbs. In a strange twist they would be repaying the debt incurred when 900 or more Bosnian Muslims gave up their homes and past to come to the Middle East to serve the Muslim Arab cause. The involvement of these Bosnians may be seen as an early version of the linkage of Muslim conflicts throughout the world. This has gained increased exposure lately due to the involvement of foreign Muslim volunteers in the Algerian, Lebanese, Kashmiri, Sudanese and Afghani conflicts among others. 

The writer is in a doctoral program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his MA thesis was on the Christian Arabs in the 1948 war.


Nothing expresses the sheer desperation in the plight of the Jews at this particular moment than this article by Marissa Brostoff on The Tablet

The real situation is this:

Israel is in danger as never before of being eliminated from the stage of the world.

That would mean the beginning of the end for the world’s Jewish people who have existed as a people and nation for longer by far than any other people on earth.

Leave aside the weird Zealots who say that it can never happen, their God will protect them etc, and staying in the real world with our feet firmly planted on terra firma look at it mathematically

This time at a go 5 million Jews can be wiped out by a Nuclear Bomb delivered by a combination of Iran Turkey, Hamas, Syria and Hizbullah

That is for starters. Could Jews survive that following just some decades after the Holocaust. The psychological effect as well as the physical would destroy them, destroy anybody not just Jews. The human spirit can indeed be killed.

Meanwhile the Jews of America were indoctrinated by American Imperialism over the decades, since 1945 in particular.

This indoctrination I read every day on the website Israpundit and on many others

Bound in by this repressive ideology the young Jews of America see no future whatsoever in this kind of Zionism, the kind of Zionism espoused by Ted Belman, Laura and yamit82, a bankrupt and essentially tribally empty entity

The latter cannot even write under his correct Jewish name…What a fraud!

Anyway the young Jews in America are left completely at sea.

The worst of it is in the absence of any kind of revolutionary leadership and in the absence of a revolutionary party to take up the Jews case against the Jihad and against western antisemitism they the young Jews are exhibiting signs of total confusion. Little wonder!

The analysis below is refreshing in its directness. The most poignant paragraph deals with how these young Jews are too rejecting of Zionism (for the Zionists) and too Jewish (for the Left Fascist Zionist haters)

Expertly written but Brostoff as is usual in these circles mistakenly calls these Left Fascists of the SWP et al as “The Left”. Brostoff just shows her ignorance of revolutionary socialist history and principles there.

Read what the writer Brostoff says:

(Starts here)

The 2010 U.S. Assembly of Jews, a national conference held in Detroit in late June, began at an unusual hour for a Jewish conclave: late on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t the most accommodating move for participants who observe the Sabbath, but then, the conference’s organizers may not have expected any: This was the first major gathering of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. Given that the term “anti-Zionist” is an epithet to many in the organized American Jewish community, one might assume that any American Jew who’d schlep to Michigan to discuss strategies for “decolonizing Palestine” would fall outside that community’s religious and cultural margins as well.

So, it came as a surprise when, at 11:30 on that first Saturday night, after an exhausting opening session, about a quarter of the 200 conference-goers, overwhelmingly under 30, gathered to celebrate havdalah, the ceremony that ushers out the Sabbath. As they swayed in a circle singing “Lo Yisa Goy,” a Hebrew folksong—“and into plowshares beat their swords, nations shall learn war no more”—the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network felt for a moment like Jewish summer camp. Many Jewish community leaders would not have been enthusiastic about the scene. And, in echoes that reverberated throughout the conference, neither were some leaders of the Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

A growing cohort of young Jews actively involved in Jewish life—often in alternative realms like independent minyans, the Yiddish-revival movement, and social-justice organizations—are taking left-wing positions on Israel that leave them feeling marginalized even in the Jewish communities they call home. Ideologically, they range from those who couch their politics in the language of international law and ultimately favor a two-state solution to those who use the more radical language of anti-imperialism and insist that true democracy can never happen within a Jewish state—with countless shades in between. By flirting with the labels “non-Zionist” and “anti-Zionist” without abandoning other traditional affiliations, they have crossed a line into territory where there exists no well-marked space on the American Jewish ideological map.

Into this vacuum came the first conference of the two-year-old International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, a still-obscure organization (though one now on the watch list of some mainstream Jewish organizations) with a moniker echoing those of long-defunct groups, like the Jewish Communist Labor Bund, that tethered Jewish specificity to the international left. For many of the young Jews who turned out in Detroit—most en route to the U.S. Social Forum, a major activist expo that was held in the city later that week—the Assembly seemed to promise a distinctly Jewish space in which to engage in or try on the ideas that Zionism does in fact equal racism and that only a one-state solution can mean justice for Palestinians—regardless of whether they take such a hard line in their day-to-day lives.

But then they encountered a new problem: Their elders on the radical left didn’t know what to do with them either. They were too Jewish.

“Folks like us get it from both sides,” said a 27-year-old Jewish religious professional at the conference who requested anonymity because, she said, she feared repercussions if her views became known. “We’re not loyal enough to the Jews and we’re not pure enough for the anti-Zionists.”

The existence of non- and anti-Zionist Jews is in itself nothing novel; from socialist Jewish movements in prewar Eastern Europe to the ultra-Orthodox sect Neturei Karta, they have been around as long as Zionism itself. What may be new is the emergence of a group of Jews whose leftism does not automatically equal secularism, as it did for generations of Marxists, and who, at the same time, grew up in or were welcomed into a liberal sector of the religious landscape that has grown exponentially over the past few decades. It’s not hard these days, at least in most American cities with large Jewish communities, to find synagogues or minyans that explicitly welcome feminists, gay Jews, and those suspicious of religious hierarchies—as well as spaces next door for those more interested in Yiddish culture or social action.

“For the past 10 years, and particularly from the Second Lebanon War up to the present, there’s been a resurgence of Jewish anti-Zionism where Zionism had once been strongest: among secular liberal Jews,” said Sam Freedman, a Columbia University journalism professor who has covered the American Jewish community for decades. In a recent New York Times column, he discussed the revival of the American Council for Judaism, a non-Zionist spinoff of the Reform movement. “It’s gone from being a totally peripheral part of the Jewish scene to some growing minority of the Jewish scene.” (According to Hebrew Union College sociologist Steven M. Cohen, no numbers yet exist on the size of the trend.)

The members of this demographic who turned up at the Assembly of Jews voiced a range of complaints about the Jewish institutions in their lives. A 25-year-old environmental activist named Hillary Lehr from Oakland, California, said she no longer wanted to visit the Reform synagogue she’d attended as a child because its pro-Israel stance was casually embedded into ritual life, from prayers for the Jewish state to tzedakah boxes for the Jewish National Fund. “I want to de-Zionize my synagogue because it’s not about being a Zionist, it’s about Judaism,” Lehr said. “There’s a generation that’s ready to go back to those religious and spiritual spaces. I want to say to my rabbi, ‘I want to come back to my spirituality and I want there to be space for all of us because we’re all Jews.’ ”

Avi Grenadier, 27, who runs a progressive Jewish radio show called Radio613 in Kingston, Ontario, voiced similar objections about his religious education at a Conservative synagogue in a small Ontario town: Israel, he said, had taken the place of religious content—which meant that when he became disillusioned with the Jewish state, there was no other iteration of Judaism to fall back on. “I knew more about Mossad agents’ biographies than about the Nevi’im,” said Grenadier, who said he studied Jewish texts for the first time last year at Yeshivat Hadar, an egalitarian yeshiva in Manhattan. He now wears a yarmulke and observes the Sabbath.

Others voiced a complaint specific to institutions at the left-most edge of the mainstream Jewish world: Because opinion on Israel can be expected to vary widely—and explosively—in such congregations and organizations, some, by dictate or custom, have simply made discussion of Israel taboo.

Some non-Zionist Jews say they want what more pro-Israel factions of the community have: spaces where the Jewish state can be freely discussed and, indeed, turned into a political cause. But others questioned whether creating congregations that organize around the Palestinian cause would simply replicate the inextricability of Judaism and Zionism at more traditional places of worship.

“It’s not like I’m trapped in this synagogue where there’s all these Zionist politics on Shabbat and I want to create a Shabbat where there’s all these anti-Zionist politics,” said Aaron Levitt, 40, a former board member at West End Synagogue, a Reconstructionst congregation in Manhattan, who left the shul after several years of trying to unmoor it from allegiance to Israel (and who was not at the conference). “It would be just as bad; it might even be worse.”

Levitt helped start a non-Zionist minyan this year called Page 36 with fellow Jewish pro-Palestinian activists including a young Reconstructionist rabbi, Alissa Wise—not, he said, because he ultimately wants to pray only with political comrades, but as a kind of stopgap measure while truly “Zionist-neutral” congregations remain few and far between. At the same time, he added, the minyan was inspired by frustration with what he sees as a lack of interest among many of his coreligionist political comrades in aspects of spirituality and peoplehood that go beyond Jewish-flavored universalist politics.

“I care about Palestinians as much as anyone else,” said Levitt, “but I’m engaged in all this stuff because I care about Jews and Judaism.”

It was around precisely these questions of priorities—whether anti-Zionist Jewish movements should be motivated at their deepest level by concern about Jews, or about Palestinians—that the Assembly of Jews became to some extent factionalized. At one end of the spectrum were Jewish Anti-Zionist Network leaders who argued that Jewishness was relevant to the group’s mission primarily to the extent to which it could be used strategically in the public-relations battle over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—and that to center their own identities much beyond that would, ironically, become another vehicle for Jewish self-obsession.

“Lots of successful movements have found resources and inspiration in spiritual and cultural work, and none of them have mistaken spiritual and cultural work for the movement itself,” said Sarah Kershnar, one of the Jewish Anti-Zionist Network’s founders. “The reason we pushed back on identity being the central place to act from is it sometimes lacks that connection with what’s really happening in the world.”

That reasoning went down well with some participants, particularly older ones who, in many cases, described themselves as red-diaper babies or as having been alienated from an older and more conservative iteration of the Jewish world for decades over anything from politics to sexuality.

At the other end of the spectrum were those who hewed more closely to Levitt’s view. They got their havdalah service on the Assembly’s program (though everyone else left the conference center before it began) and led workshops on “Jewish Anti-Zionist Spiritual Reclamation” and “Reclaiming Ashkenazi Cultural Spaces From a Zionist Agenda.” But tensions repeatedly surfaced, at public discussions and behind the scenes.

“It’s startling how much easier it is to bring my politics to Jewish spaces than to bring my Jewishness here,” said a participant active in the Boston minyan scene who wanted to remain anonymous because she hopes to apply for Hebrew school teaching jobs. “The organizers kept asking, ‘What is the material benefit this will have? How is this going to end Zionism?’ And it was like, we don’t want to justify why we pray.”

For those who left the Assembly of Jews with mixed feelings, the conference may ultimately have connected them less to the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network than to a nascent, nameless network of similarly minded young people. Interested parties passed around sign-up sheets for non-Zionist Yom Kippur retreats and hatched an idea to participate in the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement to isolate Israel by selling their own, emphatically Diaspora-made, Jewish ritual objects.

A few days after the Assembly ended, some participants who had stayed in town for the Social Forum held a non-Zionist Shabbat dinner along Detroit’s waterfront. And almost immediately, they encountered a challenge: One of the few other Jewish contingents at the Social Forum had come from Hashomer Hatzair, a socialist Zionist youth movement. How to integrate the two groups while giving the anti-Zionists the Shabbat they had been promised? The event’s coordinator crafted a text message that she hoped would address the concerns of Assembly folk while also engaging with their Zionist colleagues.

“As most Jewish spaces marginalize the voices of non- and anti-Zionist Jews, this space will privilege the voices of those Jews,” she wrote. But, she added: “All are welcome.”


There is one very special reason why Ireland is a hotbed of antisemitic propaganda against Israel and Jews in general, because let us be quite clear, Israel is SURELY the only Homeland of the Jewish people, which Rob Harris in this otherwise excellent essay does not cover.

This reason is the absence in Ireland of a revolutionary socialist party which is based on true socialism, and based especially on a reading and an understanding of the great Leon Trotsky´s efforts in approximately his last ten years to understand the Jewish issue in the world.

Rob Harris does not cover this at all but it is the key issue, otherwise we are talking about objective conditions and not taking into account the subjective factor.

To put this another way, why are the Palestine Solidarity Campaign able to move at will around Ireland, with their abnoxious system of protest, based essentially on antisemitism, and the answer is that they are never challenged in any way

The website run by Mark Humphries is excellent in its way but there is no concept there of creating a revolutionary socialist party in Ireland, in fact Mark is against such a concept, being for capitalism, and hoping for libertarianism.

As much chance of libertarianism coming out of capitalism in crisis as in the 1930s.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign is allowed full freedom to spread its abnoxious message and cast about its deforming brew because when it runs up against characters like Joe Higgins, to name but one, they find he is on the same general platform.

I have always maintained that 2 things have been well and truly hidden, both of which are of enormous importance and relevance

1. That Leon Trotsky, who many will agree was the continuator of the tradition of Lenin against Stalinism, was in the last 10 years of his life making enormous changes in Marxist precedent on the Jewish issue. Leon Trotsky was determining that the Jews were a nation, an ancient nation, and that they deserved to have a Homeland, not in Uganda mark you, but in Zion. So I throw it right into the face of Higgins and these wretched people of the Palestine Solidarity grouping, Leon Trotsky was in fact a Zionist, a Zionist of a very different kind, a Zionist from the standpoing of revolutionary socialism


2. The second major thing that is hidden is the historical fact, very easily proven, already proven by Francisco Gil White, that the founder of the modern fatah and hamas was none other than Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Arab bigot from this Palestine geographical area, who played a HUGE role in the Holocaust.


Both these are absolute dynamite. Rob Harris does not see this nor do others who write from that bourgeois standpoint.

All the same this is wonderful work by Mr Harris and we encourage him to intensify his efforts.

Allied in Anti-Semitism – the Irish Connection

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[Editor’s note: This is the first installment of a four-part series. Click the following to read Part II, Part III, and Part IV.] 

Many may be aware that the pro-Palestinian movement in Ireland played a particularly significant role in the Gaza flotilla incident as well as previous attempts to penetrate the Gaza blockade. After the death of nine on board the Mavi Mariner, there was a very substantial fallout with the Irish Government which prompted my letter to Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Martin. 

Tensions remained high throughout that week due to the delayed approach of the “Irish” ship, the Rachel Corrie, which was in itself something of an international incident. Martin is continuing to agitate against Israel. He called again at a European Union gathering for an international enquiry into the Gaza flotilla incident. On the June 15th, he requested that the Israeli Embassy remove a member of staff due to suspicions that Irish passports were used by Israel in the killing of Hamas’ Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January. However, he said their investigations had not discovered any links with Israel and the staff member being expelled is not suspected of wrongdoing. He asserted Israel’s involvement was an “inescapable conclusion” as the passports were used by the same group who forged British and Australian passports. 

After the capture of the Rachel Corrie, it was disappointing to hear Israeli representatives state in the media that they considered the members of the ship to be human rights activists in contrast to the crew of the Mavi Mariner. This sentiment was repeated by Benjamin Netanyahu, who took the unusual step of making a statement to the Irish media released via the Israeli Embassy in Ireland on June 7th

Yesterday, the entire world saw the difference between a humanitarian flotilla and a hate flotilla by violent, terrorism-supporting extremists. … Only on one ship, on which dozens of thugs from a terrorist organization – or, to be more precise, an extremist, terrorism-supporting organization – had prepared in advance, armed with axes, knives and other ‘cold’ weapons were our soldiers compelled to defend themselves against a tangible danger to their lives. According to the information currently in our possession, this group boarded separately in a different city, organized separately, equipped itself separately and went on deck under different procedures. In effect, they underwent no checks. The clear intent of this hostile group was to initiate a violent clash with IDF soldiers. … This is a continuous process that enemies of Israel have been orchestrating for years in order to deny Israel’s right to defend itself. It began in 2001, with an attempt to arrest Israeli officers abroad, and continued in 2004 with similar attempts. Then there was the Goldstone report, which was born after Operation Cast Lead.  This process continues today with the attempt to prevent Israel from stopping the smuggling of missiles and rockets into Gaza. 

I agree with Netanyahu’s statement, but with one important exception. The opening line describes the Rachel Corrie as being part of a “humanitarian flotilla.” In the latter part, he seems to be associating the Turkish ship alone with an international movement to prevent Israel from defending itself. While I understand he wants to emphasise the difference between the Rachel Corrie and the Mavi Mariner, this is drawing too much of a distinction. The spirit of the pro-Palestinian movement in Ireland is very far from “humanitarian,” as I will illustrate.I don’t take any pleasure in bashing my fellow countrymen, but I have to say with some regret that Ireland’s impact on Israel has been extremely negative, particularly in recent years. The conduct of the Irish participants of the Gaza flotilla and the behaviour of their allies leads only to this conclusion. This has origins in the history of the Irish state. 



Ireland never had a large Jewish population – at its height, they numbered 5,000, mainly descended from immigrants fleeing the Eastern European pogroms of the late 19th Century. They are just one-fifth that number today. The Irish people inherited the Roman Catholic credo of the “perfidious Jew.” There was a common Catholic fear of Jews, Communism and freemasonry. Anti-Jewish sentiment was also very common in Irish trade unionism and amongst the working classes as in many other parts of the Western world. Jews were seen as economic aliens who exploited the Irish people as moneylenders, and as labourers preventing Irish workers from obtaining employment. 

These negative stereotypes were inherited by many in the Irish republican movement which was as strongly tied to Catholicism as British Unionism was associated with Protestantism. Arthur Griffith, the founder of Sinn Fein, was notoriously anti-Semitic. He supported the most serious episode of violence towards Jews in Irish history, the Limerick Pogrom. This was a two year boycott of Jewish businesses, organised by a priest, Fr. John Creagh, in 1904, although there had been intermittent protests and attacks since 1884. The small Jewish community fled Limerick, never to return. Griffith asserted, “When Catholics – as Catholics – are boycotted, it constitutes undoubtedly an outrageous injustice, and similarly, if Jews – as Jews – were boycotted, it would be outrageously unjust. But the Jew in Limerick has not been boycotted because he is a Jew, but because he is a usurer.” His claim of just boycotting moneylenders is false, since the great majority of the Jews affected were, in fact, tradesmen, shop keepers, and tailors. It clearly echoes the “not because they’re Jews but because they’re Zionists” pro-Palestinian stance of today. 

Some IRA members, such as the high ranking Sean Russell, collaborated with the Nazi’s. Many were interned during the war. Writer and IRA member Francis Stewart assisted the Nazi propaganda machine in Berlin. He was an overt anti-Semite who never regretted his role in the Third Reich. He was elected leader of Aosdána (an elitist government-funded arts group which boycotts Israel) in 1996. There was never any real confrontation with the vicious anti-Semitism of mainland Europe, and so, Ireland remained surprisingly unsympathetic even after the Holocaust. Only a tiny number of Jewish refugees were granted sanctuary in Ireland. By contrast, quite a number of shady individuals connected with the Nazi’s took refuge there. Even Nazi wartime propagandist, Lord Haw Haw, a Unionist who blamed the Jews for the expulsion of the British from Southern Ireland, was welcomed back (then deceased) for reburial in 1976. Sinn Fein still regard Russell as a patriot and commemorated him with a statue in 2004. 

Many in Ireland identified with the Palestinian cause, albeit mistakenly in my view, not just in moral terms but also because Irish history bears significant similarities with that of the Jews. “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland intensified in the late 1960s around the same time the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) became more active. In the 70s, Sinn Fein publicly supported the Palestinian cause and identified the PLO as kindred spirits. The IRA and the PLO became extremely close. They learnt a lot from each other (strategy and terrorist technique) and often trained together. The IRA received substantial funding and military aid from Colonel Gadafi, and also collaborated with Hamas and Hizullah. 

After Sinn Fein gained political acceptance in the 1990s, they remained extreme in their criticism of Israel. They have demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Ireland and advocated boycott. Aengus O’Snodaigh (MP) described Israel as “without doubt one of the most abhorrent and despicable regimes on the planet.” When the Israeli Ambassador explained the cause of Operation Cast Lead in 2009, O’Snodaigh repeatedly compared him to Goebbels. He was one of the politicians who attempted to sail on the flotilla, but was turned away by the Cypriot authorities. 


This happenened on June 10

THE UN Security Council’s vote in favour of further Iran sanctions indicates a “confrontational approach” and Tehran will now consider its response in consultation with partners including Turkey, Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said during a visit to Dublin yesterday.

Speaking at the Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA) yesterday evening, Mr Mottaki said: “Unfortunately [the Security Council] has moved to a confrontational approach . . . which is not reasonable.”

Discussing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Mr Mottaki said: “Our principles in this regard are very clear – we are against nuclear weapons and we support strongly the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).”

He argued Iran had sought to have article six of the NPT, concerning disarmament, strengthened. He referred to a disarmament conference in Tehran in April, at which Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had declared nuclear weapons haram (forbidden in Islam). “But we insist on our nuclear energy,” Mr Mottaki added.

Up to 30 people, some of whom carried flags of the Mujaheddin-e Khalq, an armed opposition group designated a terrorist body by Tehran, held a protest outside the IIEA. They chanted slogans including “Death to the dictator” and “Death to Khamenei”. Two male protesters who managed to enter the event, attended mostly by diplomats and academics, interrupted Mr Mottaki’s address with such slogans, including some about execution of Kurds in Iran.

The two were manhandled by Mr Mottaki’s own Iranian security guards before garda? intervened and escorted them out.

Mr Mottaki took questions on a range of issues, including Iran’s human rights record. On the latter, he said that “allegations on human rights should not be politicised . . . there should not be double standards.” On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he said: “The main question in the Middle East is why the Palestinians should pay for this crime [the Holocaust].” He said Iran’s proposal to resolve the conflict was to hold a referendum so those in the region “could decide for themselves”.

Mr Mottaki had earlier met T?naiste Mary Coughlan, whose spokesman said the meeting covered “areas of bilateral interest between Ireland and Iran, including trade issues, and had a particular focus on the development of stronger education links between Ireland and Iran”.

Mr Mottaki also met Minister for Foreign Affairs Miche?l Martin. In a statement, the Department of Foreign Affairs said issues discussed included “human rights, Iran’s nuclear programme and the Middle East peace process”.

Colm O’Gorman, director of Amnesty International Ireland, said it was “crucial that Minister Martin uses every opportunity to raise Iran’s appalling human rights record directly with the Iranian government, and urges them to allow the UN to investigate the serious human rights abuses that are taking place”. He noted that in February, Irish representatives at the UN Human Rights Council criticised Iran’s crackdown on peaceful protests, torture of prisoners and high rate of executions.

Protesters outside threw eggs at Mr Mottaki as he left the IIEA.

Who is this Mary Coughlin and what is she talking about, areas of mutual interest between Ireland and the Fascists in Iran being for example education?

In what way can you talk about education with a Minister of Iran which believes in burying women to the waist and stoning them, all according to their basic law of Sharia?

It seems that these Irish bureacrats like Mary Coughlin are both out of their depth and also full of cynicism. Would Mary Coughlin not see herself as a Feminist?

While Coughlin was meeting this piece of human garbage another Irish person was finding the time to tell the Irish people the real score as regards Turkey

Turkey in no position to pass judgment on Gaza

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SO Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, backed by Foreign Affairs Minister Miche?l Martin, is the new fighting force for human rights.

What a joke.

Turkey wants an international investigation into the Gaza aid flotilla raid by Israel? Turkey should undergo the same scrutiny it demands for other countries, ie, allow an international investigation into that small matter of Armenian genocide (the deaths of between one and 1.5 million people) that they have been avoiding for far too long.

Then we can move on to the thousands of political prisoners in their jails – a number that at times has topped 100,000. An independent investigation could also begin by looking into the torture and murder of political activists such as Engin Ceber. They could meet with representatives of TAYAD, the organisation representing the families of prisoners. They would no doubt be fascinated that there are more than 1,500 children in prisoners on “terrorism” charges like the 12-year-old they arrested in 2008 for singing a Kurdish folk song.

Their regime is a racist illegitimate entity based on the oppression of the Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians and numerous others.

So by all means let the Turkish regime wrap itself in the banner of ‘human rights’ and it will surely turn into a noose to strangle them.

Margaret O’Brien
Ha Noar 26

Read more:


We on 4international believe the answer to the above question is no!

Only if Israel takes independent military action against the Iranian Nuclear Bomb can it be saved. To place the safety of Israel in the hands of the US and of the Saudis is very wrong strategy.

This is how DEBKAfile sees it:

Ex-CIA chief Hayden: Military action against Iran “seems inexorable”
DEBKAfile Special Report July 25, 2010Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden said Sunday, July 25, that during his tenure (under President George W. Bush), a strike was “way down the list” of options. But now it “seems inexorable” because no matter what the US does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program.
Talking to CNN’s State of the Union, Gen. Hayden predicted Iran would build its program to the point where it’s just below having an actual weapon. In his view, “That would be as destabilizing to the region as the real thing.”
debkafile’s sources take this as affirmation that neither Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf states nor Israel will be willing to live on constant edge with an Iran which can build nuclear bombs or warheads whenever it likes. They note that Hayden has added his voice to a growing number of leading American figures and publications which have indicated in the past fortnight that the military option against Iran has climbed the top of President Barack Obama’s list of priorities.
According to our Washington sources, the US president switched course after hearing Saudi King Abdullah assert explicitly: “We cannot live with a nuclear Iran.”
Abdullah added he no longer believes diplomacy or sanctions will have any effect and made it clear that if the Americans continued to back away from direct action to terminate Iran’s advance on a nuclear bomb, the Saudi and its allies would go their own way on the nuclear issue.
Today, therefore, the White House is no longer willing to countenance Iran’s nuclear development advancing up to the threshold of a weapons capacity and stopping there.  And since Tehran will never cede its prerogative to determine every stage of its nuclear program without outside interference, the only option remaining to the United States is military.
(This radical change in the Obama administration’s outlook was examined in depth in the latest DEBKA-Net-Weekly issue 454 published July 23.)
debkafile’s Washington sources add that the White House was finally brought to the point of seriously considering military action against Iran, as Gen. Hayden noted – not as a result of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s efforts at persuasion – which failed, but because of the Saudi ruler’s ultimatum. 
The Middle East can therefore expect far-reaching military shifts and redeployments in the coming weeks -but Israel is not likely to gain any kudos for this new development because it has lost considerable traction under the incumbent government.


On 4international we believe that it is most unlikely that US intelligence could have been taken in by Amiri. Consider the possibility then that they were not taken in for one moment. What conclusion then has to be drawn. That the US elite and the Iranian Fascists are playing a game, that it is a pretence that they are opposed to each other. the conclusion is that the US will allow Iran to get the Bomb, that it does not worry at all about a strike against Israel because the US elite is antisemitic and is opposed deep down to Israel anyway

Follow this story about this strange character Amiri drom DEBKAfile

US and Israel fear Iranian nuclear test this year
DEBKAfile DEBKA-Net-Weekly July 19, 2010
Shahram Amiri’s heroes’ welcome raised suspicions

Shahram Amiri’s voluntary repatriation to Iran and a second close look at the nuclear data he passed to the CIA are raising grave doubts about its value, debkafile’s intelligence sources report. There is mounting suspicion in Washington and Jerusalem that Tehran employed the scientist to strew red herrings in their path, namely, out-of-date material for concealing and misdirecting their attention from the rapid progress taking place secretly in Iran’s nuclear program.
A high-ranking intelligence source in Washington remarked Monday, July 19, that he would not be surprised “if we woke up one morning to find the Iranians had conducted an underground nuclear test.” This was not to say Iran had a bomb or nuclear warhead ready packed for delivery, he said, “Only that it was a lot closer to this option than the Americans and Israelis had been led to believe.”
Therefore, as of now, their forecast of a nuclear test capability has been brought forward to within the five months remaining of 2010.
Our sources report this revised forecast has emerged from US intelligence analysts’ examination of two new premises regarding Amirir’s input in the years he served as US informant:

1. That he was an Iranian double agent and his apparent defection to the United States just over a year ago was fake, engineered by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).
2.  That Shahram Amiri, the nuclear scientist, was a made-up identity. After he landed to a heroes’ welcome in Tehran last Thursday, July 15, Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi said:  “Shahram Amiri is not a nuclear scientist and we reject it.

Another Iranian official called him a clever spy who had managed to infiltrate US intelligence and deceive them for years.
As DEBKA-Net-Weekly 453 revealed on July 16, Amiri’s work with the CIA did not begin in 2007but three years earlier in 2004.

The following is a short excerpt from that issue:
Many moves made by the administrations under George W. Bush and, since January 2009, Barack Obama, were based on the information and documents that Amiri provided.
If Amiri was a double agent planted by the MOIS, then Tehran had been able to manipulate these policies and anticipate their course.

Even if real nuggets were mixed in with the false data – a common ruse for making false intelligence appear credible – it still meant that Iran’s leaders controlled the flow of factual information to the West and were in a position to change it in good time – so that when Amiri was asked by his US handlers to amplify on a piece of real information, it was no longer valid; Iran had moved on and created a new set of facts, unbeknownst to the Americans.

A striking example of this tactic was the secret enrichment plant in a mountain near Qom, which became the subject of a dramatic joint appearance on Sept. 25, 2009 in Pittsburgh by President Obama, French president Nicolas Sarkozy and George Brown, then British prime minister.
The US president’s knowledge was based on data Amiri had relayed to the United States.
Throwing down the gauntlet, the US president gave Iran a two-week ultimatum to come clean on its hidden facility.
In fact, the Qom facilities had been dismantled six months earlier and relocated to a spot never revealed to this day. When the IAEA inspectors turned up, they found empty tunnels.
That is why nothing more was ever heard of the US president’s ultimatum.

Only in recent months, have US and allied agencies begun to appreciate that this technique of misdirection allowed Iran to pursue its nuclear and missile programs out of sight of spies and monitors. While the West and Israel relied on Amiri to keep them abreast of Iran’s activities, nuclear development work went forward at still unknown locations and may have progressed a lot further than is suspected in the West.


The position of Mr Ken Timmerman on a Spanish radio show (Talk Radio Europe, Stephen Gilmour show 8 to 11 pm) just last Friday was that the US should get behind the protest in Iran against Ahmadinejad.

We on 4international are 100 per cent behind the protests and the movement against Ahmadinejad and we wish to do everything in our power to help.

But that is not the point made by Ken Timmerman. He was taking the line that in order to stop Ahmadinejad getting and using Nuclear Bombs it is necessary to have a revolution against the Mullahs of Ahmadinejad


Of course a revolution would be good but YOU CANNOT ASK JEWS TO WAIT AND HOPE FOR THE SUCCESS OF THAT. To my mind saying that adds up to me using a very strong word indeed. That word begins with a and contains s.

There is only ONE WAY! That is for Israel to be prepared to use all of the force that it has and to attack with all of its power, regardless of all consequences, because these consequences are NOT the concern or responsibility of Israel.




But then a reader may ask? Can Israel do this on its own without America? The answer is two fold

1. Yes it can. Israel can strike Iran with full force without America

2. Turn the question around: Israel can not do this with America because America is holding Israel back

This was the peculair thing in the game that was being played out in the interview I heard between Steven Gilmour and Ken Timmerman on last Friday night.

At no time was it even mentioned that the US Government under Bush, and now a thousand times more, under Obama has been holding Israel back, even by threats



What are these kinds of people actually playing at? What IS their game?

I mean this really is not rocket science. If I type these words into google:

“US holding israel back from striking iran”

The first 4 entries on google, usually the most important, indicates that the US is holding Israel back.

Why does Gilmour and Timmerman not raise this as a vital point? I repeat FOR THE THIRD TIME what is their game?

The entry from respected Asia News has this on the google blurb, in other words it is sitting there without even clicking on the article itself:

18 Feb 2010 It seems clear that the administration of US President Barack Obama never will use force against Iran, At best, Israeli efforts could set the program back a year or so. …. See Israel should heed Obama’s warning not to strike Iran

Repeat for Timmerman and Gilmour taken from above google inquiry


A year ago I spoke to Gilmour on air and I raised issues of the wish of Iran to make chaos in the world as part of their weird religious belief that some figure was going to emerge to lead them to world Islamic power

Gilmour did not laugh in my face but he did laugh at me in his own way when I hung up. He said he had been giving me enough rope to let me hang myself

That turned me completely against Gilmour and his ways. Why was he not straight to my face when I was on air and speaking in a reasoned manner with him. And argue the issues out openly to my face.

What is this business about “enough rope to hang myself”?

That is so absurd! We were discussing Iran getting the Nuclear Bomb and their threats made against Israel, and hence the danger of another Shoah (or Holocaust) 

After that in many discussions over many months with Peter Eyre of Palestine Telegraph (courtesy by the way of the owner of the radio station, a prominent Dublin jewish man called Maurice Boland) Gilmour fought on an opposite tack completely, that Iran was no threat. That it was all empty propaganda.

But Timmerman, who despite what I say above does understand the Iranian nuclear intentions, pointed out ON FRIDAY LAST that Iran will be able to hit all of Europe, including Spain, with Nuclear weapons

In the meantime Gilmour found time to issue a libel writ against me which I was not prepared to fight because of my knowledge of the reactionary British Libel Laws, and most importantly I do not have the time, because I firmly believe that the lives of 5 or 6 million Jews are in danger, and I wish to devote my life to trying to stop that.

Back to the present although these issues are connected:

It is so wrong for Timmerman to talk about Israel holding off and seeing if the opposition in Iran can help Israel. Israel and Jews can save their own skins only by acting independently. If they wait for anybody else to help them they are sunk. Is that not the history of the Jewish people over 3000 years?

We live in a world which is dominated by antisemitism and by nations looking after their own self interest.

It is just very unfortunate, very sad, that human society in this cut throat imperialist capitalist world is set up in this way.

But if Israel does not stop BY FORCE Iran, its minions in Hamas and Hizbullah, now backed openly by Syria and Turkey, with all of the Arab World still full of Jew Hatred, then Israel will be destroyed.

The worst of all enemies lie on the fascist left…that is those who call themselves “socialist”, what a joke that is!

Look back over the articles posted here on 4international. We have repeatedly said that Iran was preparing rapidly the Nuclear Bomb and that the lives of millions of Jews were threatened.



The following is a quote from an article by Barry Rubin. The article deals with the bind that Israel is in as it faces rather major challenges, such as how to avoid having say 4 millions of its peoples knocked out by the mad Mullahs of Iran and their special toy, the Nuclear Bomb:

“And we believe that there is a way to make sure that the people of Gaza are able to prosper economically, while Israel is able to maintain its legitimate security needs in not allowing missiles and weapons to get to Hamas.”

Really? How the hell are you going to do that? Read the latest speech by Hamas’s leader and wonder what possible conception of Hamas Obama might have. Doesn’t he realize that if Gaza prospers Hamas is strongly entrenched in power and has plenty of assets to pursue war with Israel, which then destroys any prosperity.

Oh, I’m just being coy. I know what Obama thinks: The people prosper, the middle class gets stronger, the masses demand moderation and Hamas’s downfall. This is a view of revolutionary Islamism and the workings of dictatorships that boggles the mind. It is the mindless idea that prosperity brings peace and moderation, and that a regime ready to torture, murder, and indoctrinate people will be easily removed.

There is the possibility of the U.S. government and other Western countries subverting Israel’s position by engaging Hamas (as Russia did lately) but that line can probably be held for the next few years at least. Various Western media and activist groups can try to keep up the notion that the Gaza Strip is a hell on earth (because of Israel) and people are starving. There will be no truth to this, of course, but there was no truth to it before and that didn’t stop them. But their task will be harder.

Obama praised Netanyahu just as much on the “peace process.” The president said: “I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu wants peace. I think he’s willing to take risks for peace.” Remember that quote when Obama turns on Netanyahu again after the November elections. As for risks, we’ve had enough of those, thank you very much.

But Netanyahu’s goal was to make Obama happy with the minimum of risk. Israel will extend its building freeze on the West Bank and east Jerusalem in exchange for an Obama Administration commitment to endorse its predecessor’s acceptance of Israel retaining “settlement blocs” as part of any peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Rubin is certainly no revolutionary and above all he is no revolutionary socialist, which is the philosophy of this blog.

But Rubin is a Jewish patriot. he has the best interests of Israel at heart.

Michael Collins was no socialist revolutionary but in the post treaty situation you could say he also had the interests of Ireland at heart.

Let me take it from another angle. There are many blogs in America, there is ZStreet, there is Atlas Shrugs and Jihad watch, a slightly different tangent.

But there is no revolutionary socialist party to challenge Obama or say Palin if in power, and fight for Jewish success in Palestine

Note that is not a dig at Palin. I support Palin if she supports Israel, the Jews, and supports the Serbs against the Jihad also

But why do a song and a dance over Palin, as does Ted, when every other Republican President as well as the dross of Clinton and Carter…they all betrayed the Jews big time.

Yamit82 on Israpundit like the Cock of the North (Negev) can shout his hatred for Netanyahu.

But just look at the situation that the Jews are being driven into, the hostility from this Chomsky and herman Fascist “Left”, the hatred from the British gutter Daily Mail press, the BBC fascist antisemites.

It is as bad as the 1930s almost, but not quite. Not quite means that we still have some time. it is not yet post 1933.

There is still time but the thing that it requires is THE REVOLUTIONARY PARTY, THE TROTSKYIST PARTY.

Tell me how this is going to be resolved without that

The policy then of this trotskyist leadership


No 1…Israel must not delay, it must strike at the Iranian bomb and I am afraid and unfortunately it has to strike alone

No 2…Israel must throw all its weight and influence behind the Kurds

No 3…make a formal break with US Imperialism


That does not mean breaking with America though, in fact the opposite.

We Trotskyist encourage all links with the organizations of the people, for example with CUFI, and while we are atheists and they are religious, what joins us is defence of the Jews and Israel




Best report of the attacks on the EDL Atlas Shrugs. best report of the Jewish section of the EDL is Jihadwatch

These are 2 of the excellent comments on the excellent Jihadwatch

Tommo | July 19, 2010 2:59 AM | Reply

The true account of what happened in Dudley is revealed at Atlas Shrugs and not reported in any mainstream British newspaper or TV news. This horrific account of how a handful of EDL members were deliberately lead into confrontation with 300 screaming Muslim yobs by the police who then stood back and refused to intervene even when hand to hand skirmishes were taking place in front of them. The EDL protesters were only saved from certain injury or death by EDL reinforcements, and although outnumbered, charged the Muslim mob who turned and ran.

The British police either have to protect protesters from the mad Islamic hordes or allow us to be armed as in the US. They cannot have it both ways.

George Galloway has just had the rug deftly whipped from under his feet with that move by the EDL. Now, how about another ‘division’: Apostates from Islam. Might become quite sizeable in a little while.


EDL forms Jewish Division

A development much to be applauded. Meanwhile, Pamela Geller has more coverage of yesterday’s events in Dudley, here, here and here.

“EDL Jewish Division Issues First Press Release,” from the EDL, June 29 (thanks to Yuval):

We, the English Defence League Jewish Division, support the British Armed Forces, the IDF and the British people.We are English, we love England, and we are committed to combat racism, fascism, anti-semitism, the biased media, and uninformed politicians.

We are here to fight for all people – Jews in England in particular – against attacks by pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel media propaganda and lies, relating to Jews, Jewish culture and beliefs, and against blood-libels propagated by the left, Nazis and Muslims.

We are committed to waking up the sleeping Jewish press, e.g: The Jewish Chronicle, to the threat of Muslim attacks on Judaism, Zionism and to Muslim attempts to delegitimise Jews, the Jewish state of Israel and to force, by stealth and overt means, sharia law on England.

Our EDL units have gays, transgender, Black, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and ex-Muslims (apostates) members. We are professionals of ALL classes!

We are the only organisation in the UK that demonstrates against Muslim violence and discrimination against women, such as forced marriages, underage marriage, female genital mutilation and honour killings. Not one so-called feminist has spoken out against these terrible things, preferring to collude with male Muslims and respect these appalling acts as “culture”!

Our Facebook page is -by invitation only.

We are also connected to the wonderful English Defence Youth, who have their own website which, we contribute to.

Our fight is worldwide: against Muslim hegemony, polygamy, misogyny, sharia law, the building of any more mosques in the UK, racist attacks on non-Muslims (or kuffar as they call us!), homophobic attacks, Islamic no-go areas for British people, Muslim-only services paid for by the tax-payer, laws just for Muslims.

We repudiate preferential treatment for Islamic hate-speakers, terrorists and groups/organizations like IFE, Muslims against Crusaders, who, apart from being sponsored by terrorist organizations, proselytise against our armed forces and against the freedoms that the generations of English people have fought for!

This struggle is everyone’s struggle, and remaining silent is no longer an option.

No Surrender!

English Defence League Jewish Division

Morrigan Emmaleth

Cassandra Victoria


Pamela Geller on the excellent Atlas Shrugs has the best report on Saturday of the attack on the English Defence League by Left Fascists SWP, Muslim Fascists and the British Police State forces

We need to study the issue in more detail but the attacks on the EDL by this coalition of reactionaries tell us a lot.

We on 4international, a true Trotskyist movement, are particular opposed to the role of the SWP and other Left fascists, who are in league with Islam

They are dragging the name of socialism into the mud in their alliance with THE STATE AND ISLAM FASCISTS

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Riots in Dudley, Reports of Muslim Gangs Attacking People …………UPDATE: Details are sketchy at the moment, and as is always so in the heat of breaking events, not all that is being reported may turn out to be accurate. 
EDL dudley police
  EDL Dudley4

The EDL, the standard bearers of freedom in the UK, planned on another peaceful demonstration in Dudley today. They have come under fierce attack. Details are sketchy at the moment. Will update as news breaks. Do not look to the media for accurate reporting. They will report on this the way they report on the tea party: lies, distortions, slander.

EDL dudley1


The “Muslim Defense League” had planned to be there. According to EDL media, the EDL is being subjected to assaults by the police. Injuries have been caused and there is rioting in Dudley…gangs of Muslims are attacking people…THE MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING ANY OF THESE EVENTS…

An EDL coach driver has been attacked with a machete…will keep updating .. also please send me any MDL information as you get it.

UPDATE: We have eyewitness accounts coming in of Muslims using cars to drive down English protesters in Dudley. There has been one report of an incident in which a car drove into four people, leaving them seriously injured and one woman dead. An air ambulance has landed to assist the injured. We are waiting for confirmation of this incident.

Six hurt as car hits pedestrians in Dudley BBCSix pedestrians were injured, three seriously, when they were struck by a car in the West Midlands.

The ambulance service was called to the junction of King Street and Stafford Street, Dudley, at 1605 BST.

Three men, aged 42, 37 and 32 suffered head injuries. The 37-year-old also broke his leg.

Three others, including a girl aged 16 whose leg was broken, also needed hospital treatment.

An 18-year-old man suffered a foot injury and a 19-year-old man has a suspected broken leg, the West Midlands Ambulance Service said.

UPDATE: Sky news has reported damage to a Hindu Temple in Dudley.

Here, from the EDL, is an explanation of why they were holding a demonstration:


The Dudley super mosque still looms over the people of Dudley.

The council do not want it, the people of Dudley do not want it, the nation does not want it. They STILL try to force this mosque upon the people over-riding all accepted democratic processes.

The EDL will not leave the… people of Dudley to this fate. When we went there on April 3rd people came out of their houses to applaud us as we passed. People got out of their cars to give us the thumbs up. We have received hundreds of emails thanking us for our help in this matter.

We are proud to stand by the people of Dudley. We will not surrender.

Edl dudley2



That was the intent.
Picture of Israeli flags had to be removed for copyright (see comment section). If anyone has a picture of the EDL waving the Israeli flag, please send it to me
UPDATE: Durotrigan has early video of the EDL demonstration. The police have them tightly penned like animals.

There are two more videos that show:

the main body of the EDL demonstration continued to be confined in this penned area. Numbers are lower than at previous demonstrations, but there were EDL Facebook reports claiming that some coaches full of supporters were being prevented from reaching their destination. As can be seen, there is no sign of violence in any of the videos posted here.


UPFATE 4:43 pm: From Van

“The be all and end all of it is – as agreed by a number of people today – the Police simply didn`t want all the EDL who travelled in Dudley. 3 buses were laid on to ferry people to the demo. The buses went 2 miles or so to the demo point and never came back for the rest. Everyone started to walk, the police blocked everyone. After what seemed ages, most people had made their way to Castle hill and the police were there in force. Nobody was going to pass and they didn`t. Members were assaulted and sent on their way. Small groups were picked off by local Asians [UK speak for Muslims – Atlas]  – police confirmed this. I can`t comment what happened in the demo site as I never made it. But i did witness our coaches being stoned while police looked on, and a mob wandering around Dudley as if they owned the place – they then attacked police. Apologies if I have repeated myself – raging at the moment. “


Posted by Pamela Geller on Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 02:25 PM | Permalink ShareThis 

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Bryan dijo…

What happened to all the “Peaceful and Tolerant”? This is exactly why all Americans need to be awakened to the danger of Islam! As a Christian, I want to open the eyes of unbelievers. As Muslims, they want to open the necks of unbelievers. In the Koran, it says it is ok to lie to unbeliever-tuqiyya. Since that is true, as an unbeliever of Islam, I reserve the right to not believe words from the mouth of a Muslim. Their actions are telling me the true intentions



The following is a piece from 2007, a very reactionary and pro NATO site, that raises many questions and I wish to get to the bottom of this issue. I have my own ideas as to the answer

Let us take the beginning to get a flavour of the material put onto the net in order to reinforce this Srebrenica sham information:

The four former members of Serbia’s paramilitary “Scorpions” force were found guilty after video footage showed they killed at least six people during the massacre of 8,000 Bosniak men and boys.

This video mentioned was a very strange video indeed, as Jared Israel has proved. So the phrase “video footage showed” means nothing. Examine the articles on this by Jared Israel.

You can follow this link

 Part 1 — What I’ll prove and how I’ll prove it.
by Jared Israel
Emperor’s Clothes
[24 June 2005; revised June 1, 2009]
Internet address: 

You can also look at this

which gives some background

Both Jared Israel and Francisco Gil White are gifted with the ability to analyse the lies of what we know of as the Media, which actually is all the lying expression of a modern Imperialist system in terminal decay.

By “terminal” we mean something historical, that once capitalism, when young, did tell truth, in the shape of the great English scientific revolution following hard upon the gigantic English Revolution. That time is long over!

The Srebrenica Hoax is an expression of this huge shift.

This ability (to analyse and expose the lies of the Media) must be a component of building a new leadership although much more must be said on the issue of United Front, strategy and tacts.

The reader who wishes to pursue the latter should make a serious study of almost everything Trotsky wrote on many issues in the 20s and 30s, relating to the United Front, that is the strategy and tactics of fighting against Fascism, especially Spain from an early stage in the Revolution, the British 1926 General Strike, the huge revolutionary events from 1927 on in China, France re the Popular front and much else as the world moved into ever deepening crisis in the 1930s

In the fight against the Srebrenica Hoax 4international has worked with many and still do.  Just look over past articles here.

There is not TOTAL agreement on many issues. But our work has been most successful and 4international in this cooperation has not betrayed a single one of our revolutionary Trotskyist principles. This IS the United Front in action. This IS the basis for the education of a real cadre which can lead in the real world.

In this regard please examine our recent political line in regards to the English Defence League and our reply to the formation of the Jewish section of the EDL, which we welcomed unconditionally, but separated ourselves as Trotskyists from their alliance with the “british Forces”, the same forces which put down the miners strike in 26. There is conflict but the conflict is contained within the unity.

It does not need a lengthy and time consuming reading of this following piece mentioned above to see that it is written by the class enemy and there is no unity here! It is necessary to recognize the class enemy when one sees it.

The piece is by a Derek Barry. Note support for the Muslim savages in Bosnia, support for same in Palestine. It is anti Milosevic and ant Israeli.

The lies about the Balkan events fairly hurtle out of this piece.

Incidentally Mr Barry has chosen as visual a picture of 4 women holding a banner of “Women in Black” and also there is “In grief and solidarity”

For the upteeth millionth time Mr Barry refers to this event “the massacre of 8,000 Bosniak men and boys” as if this was akin to the theory of relativity, everybody accepts it…

This is what I found so maddening in my reading of the Irish Times going back over so many years. All the time this repetition of the massacre as if there was no doubt.

Hence the importance of the work that we have done on this site, to display the research on 1. The numbers (phoney) and 2. The evidence produced re Srebrenica massacre (phoney)

I do not have time to go through this entire article although it has been very instructional to read it in a certain way.

In reading through, sifting the lies which are everywhere, I realize that there is a method to answer the lies (in general) and to ensure that the truth comes out, or will come out in the end.

Key point: First and foremost it needs a body of knowledge to answer these lies. This is the importance of the articles we are assembling on 4international. Not all our articles are perfect but that is the path of knowledge, our knowledge will be refined.

Armed with a body of knowledge our revolutionary cadre will be prepared to answer these lies, and even more important will have cracked the method of the liar, and will be ready in the future for other similar though slightly different lies.

But these lies must be answered. They are part and parcel of the preparation of dictatorship

Trotskyism is both theoretical and practice driven, both verbal and active.

With emphasis on the practical! In the beginning was the deed, not the word, with due respect to St John.

Hence organization, organization, organization! The key issue is to build an organized movement that will be absolutely persistent on this issue. That is the way forward, knowledge and organization, organization and knowledge, but in the overall organization is the primary.

Barry calls his piece Woolly Days

La Dolce Vita Roma

Scorpions jailed for Srebrenica crimes

Serbia’s war crimes court has sentenced four men to twenty years prison for their part in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. The four former members of Serbia’s paramilitary “Scorpions” force were found guilty after video footage showed they killed at least six people during the massacre of 8,000 Bosniak men and boys.

The former commander of the Scorpions unit, Slobodan Medic, and his chief accomplice, Branislav Medic, were each given 20 years in jail. The only defendant to have confessed to the crime, Pera Petrasevic, was given 13 years. A fourth defendant was given five years while a fifth was acquitted. Presiding judge Gordana Petrovic said “Slobodan Medic ordered the three defendants and two others to execute the prisoners, take them away from the site and make it seem as if they had been killed in conflict.” The video that implicated the men showed them taunting Bosnian youths about their virginity before shooting them in the back as they lay in a ditch. Relatives of the victims expressed disappointment that none had received the 40 year maximum sentences.

Srebrenica is Europe’s largest mass murder since World War II. In 2004 the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) judicially recognised the massacre as genocide. Judge Theodor Meron, President of ICTY made a speech later that year at Potocari Memorial Cemetery where many of the victims were buried. In the speech Meron stated it plainly “Bosnian Serb Army harboured genocidal intent against the Bosnian Muslim people who sought safety in the enclave of Srebrenica, and that these officials acted upon that intent to carry out a deliberate and massive massacre of the Muslims in Srebrenica”

While Judge Meron called the massacre genocide, others have labelled it “gendercide”. Gendercide is gender-selective mass killing. Other examples include the 1988 Montreal massacre where 14 women students at the École Polytechnique were systematically killed by a lone gunman screaming “I hate feminists.” In Srebenica, while the international community and UN peacekeepers did nothing; Serb forces separated civilian men from women and killed the menfolk in their thousands.

The conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina began in 1992 and featured large-scale ethnic cleansing and genocidal atrocities from the outset. In April 1992 Serbian forces tortured and killed 350 Bosnian men in a gymnasium in the village of Bratunac near Srebrenica. But they were not able to take Srebrenica itself. The city was defended by Naser Oric, a Rambo-like figure whose troops (and associated squads of civilian torbari, or “bag people”) inflicted a number of smaller atrocities on Serb villages around the Srebrenica pocket. Oric’s forces managed to establish an enclave around the town, but the Serbs gradually tightened the noose.

General Ratko Mladić led the Serbian army during the war. Mladić made it plain that he held a special grudge against the men of Srebrenica. He allowed women and children to be evacuated from the town before shutting off the refugee flow. Desperately, the UN Security Council declared Srebenica a “safe area” but only had 500 Dutch peacekeepers in the town to back up the declaration. Finally in July 1995, Mladić’s army entered the UN safe area. They got little resistance from the disarmed defenders and the UN.

Thousands of Srebrenica men fled the town seeking protection within the UN compound at Potočari. Serbian soldiers surrounded them and began setting houses and haystacks on fire. As the day progressed, Serb forces gathered the refugees and began systematically murdering the men. French policeman Jean-Rene Ruez told The Hague tribunal in 1996 what evidence he collected from witnesses. Serb forces killed and tortured refugees at will while Streets were littered with corpses, he said. Rivers were red with blood and many people committed suicide to avoid having their noses, lips and ears chopped off. At least 8,000 died and 25,000 were forcibly repatriated.

General Mladić remains at large with an outstanding international arrest warrant against him. While many claim he is being protected by the Serbian army, Belgrade newspaper Vecernje Novosti said he was just one step ahead of his pursuers in a “feverish manhunt” by police. In May 2006 the EU broke off membership talks with Serbia and Montenegro over Belgrade’s failure to deliver Mladić to the war crimes tribunal.

Situated in the far east of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Srebrenica was founded as a mining town. The name means “silver mine” in Serbian but nowadays only salt is mined here. Srebenica is now part of an entity known as the Republika Srpska. The Republika is not a true republic but rather a Serb-governed enclave of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The boundary line between it and the Muslim controlled rest of the country runs along the military front lines as they existed at the end of the war.

But now the Muslim community now want to change the boundary. Last week Srebrenica’s municipal assembly adopted a resolution demanding partition from the Republic of Srpska. Serb members left the session ahead of the vote in protest saying the assembly had no mandate to violate the Constitutional order of the Republic of Srpska and breach the Dayton Agreement. But Rizo Tabaković from the Party of the Democratic Action that sponsored the resolution, said that “the partition request was a logical move in light of the ICJ judgment, while mirroring Srebrenica’s current status.”

While politicians still argue about the boundary, others mourn the massacre. Some are sufferers of the syndrome known as “Survivors’ Guilt” which was first identified after the Holocaust. Emir Suljagic was a Bosniak teenager when the war began. He was a translator for the UN in Srebenica when captured by General Mladić’s men. Mladić took Suljagic’s ID card during questioning. Suljagic had the courage to ask for his ID back; Mladic agreed and his life was saved. While he survived, others were not so lucky. Nura Alispahic saw her 16-year-old son being killed in the court video. “Whatever the ruling, my child is not here,” she said “These people will leave jail one day, but my child will never come out of the ground.”

Posted by Derek Barry  (on the above site) 

Note from 4international—We have no idea who they are.

To understand who were the Scorpions it is necessary to understand all about Erdemovic and the activity of CIA, British and French Intelligence operatives

It is necessary I will remind the reader to begin reading on

In a story datelined June 2, (a day after The Hague screening) The Washington Post reported:

“The video begins with a Serb Orthodox priest blessing the camouflaged paramilitary troops in a boot camp in Bosnia…The video was shot by a member of the Scorpions.” [1]

But, as you will see when you study the footage [2], there is no way of knowing where this first sequence was filmed or the identity of the people who appear in it or of the person or persons who did the filming.  The Post neglects to mention this fact.




Ever heard of the supergrasses in the north of Ireland. There was a time when they were popping up all over the province.

From the north to the ICTY court in The Hague is no more than a step and a hop.

Same EU culture; same police and court prosecution culture.

Did they learn from each other? You´re damned right they learned – they copied!

So…At the beginning of March, 1996 the Bosnian Croatian Dražen Erdemović is arrested in Yugoslavia.

He confesses!!!

to have been involved on the 16th July, 1995 as a member of a special unit of the Bosnian-Serbian army

in the shooting of 1200 Moslem civilians from Srebrenica.

That is HIS story you will understand

That is Understand that a supergrass will tell you things that happened and things that didn’t happen!

(Famous Irish singer Christy Moore, song on Rose of Tralee)

At the end of March, 1996 he is delivered by Belgrade to the Yugoslavia tribunal in The Hague where he repeats his confession.

Besides, Erdemović every time calls the names of his six accomplices and his superiors, alleging that the general staff of the Bosnian-Serbian army would have ordered the action.

Erdemović becomes the principal witness for the prosecution for one of the worst war crimes, the mass execution of Srebrenica.

For the murder of 70 to 100 civilians whose shooting he himself is alleged to have carried out, Dražen Erdemović is condemned to only five years of prison.

Since 2000 he lives with a new, “protected” identity in a West European country and appears regularly before the tribunal in cases where the accusation of the genocide has been raised.

How plausible is, nevertheless, the confession of this principal witness?

Already after the first superficial reading it shows the serious contradictions which no judge would accept in a normal penal procedure.

However, this is the confession upon which the Yugoslavia tribunal based the international arrest warrant against the commander of the Bosnian-Serbian army, Ratko Mladić, and the president of the Bosnian Serb Republic, Radovan Karadžić.

To make the matter all the more astonishing, not a single accomplice or superior named by Erdemović has been arrested up to now.

Why is it that the Yugoslavia tribunal, which has called the Srebrenica murders an act of genocide, refuses to know anything about other potential culprits?

What can be the reason for the refusal to put on the stand the accomplices and superiors of the principal witness, Erdemović? Does the tribunal perhaps not want to pursue those that Erdemović named as culprits because they could tell something about the Srebrenica murders what should be kept from the general public?

With this book, Civikov broaches maybe the hottest subject of European post-war history. The investigation of the mass murders of Srebrenica, meticulous researched, reads like a criminal novel.

Step by step, he demonstrates how the tribunal has managed to define presumably the most brutal crime in Europe after 1945 based on the problematic testimony of a single principal witness.

After the reading of this book, the credibility of the Yugoslavia tribunal is shaken to the core.

The author:
Journalist and literature specialist, Germinal Civikov was born in 1945 in Russe (Bulgaria) and lives since 1975 in the Hague (Netherlands). He was active for many years as an editor for the ” Deutsche Welle“ programme in Cologne.
He also authored Milosevic—trial of the century [2006].


Some of the information gained from a review of the Germina Civikov book on Amazon


“Srebrenica genocide is not a matter of anybody’s opinion; it’s a judicial fact recognized first by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and subsequently by the International Court of Justice.”

So proclaims the masthead of the “Srebrenica Genocide Blog,” an activist site dedicated to promoting not just the official version of the events at Srebrenica, but also engaging in shameless propaganda trying to present the Serbs as accomplices in the Holocaust and even asserting a “joint experience of persecution” between the Muslims and the Jews.

However, as British commentator John Laughland pointed out recently, all of the Bosnian Muslims claims of genocide, filling hundreds of pages submitted to the ICJ since 1993, were rejected by the court in its March 2007 verdict. Only Srebrenica was accepted – and even then, only because the ICJ chose to accept two verdicts of the ICTY as a priori valid.

Asks Laughland:

“[W]hat is the evidence for the finding that genocide was committed at Srebrenica? I am not asking this question in the useful sense in which it has been asked (and answered) by investigators such as Jonathan Rooper. I am asking what evidence was submitted in court at the ICTY in support of this uniquely successful claim.”

As it turns out, the ICTY’s entire case on Srebrenica rests on the testimony of one man. This crucial witness, Drazen Erdemovic, is the topic of a new book by one of the Hague observers. Germinal Civikov, a native of Bulgaria who has lived in The Hague since 1975, is a former editor for Deutsche Welle and author of a 2006 book about the Milosevic trial. In Srebrenica: Der Kronzeuge (“Srebrenica: The Crown Witness”), he takes a long, hard look at Erdemovic, with results Laughland describes as “devastating.”

This post is all about:

“Pathological Liar and Callous Murderer”

It refers to the use of what is really an “agent provocateur”, a very disputed character, who has become the main witness of the Prosecution of the kangaroo court itself. His name is Erdemovic… Continue reading


A reader called Mick Tanzer sent this information to 4international

I have found this item below which I hope you will find intriguing and informative. It concerns how in Srebrenica, Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander who took orders from Izetbegovic in Sarajevo -, was busy conducting a policy of RAPING HIS OWN MUSLIM TEENAGE GIRLS in the town!!

Imagine this: the Muslim girls were so sick of being raped that they decided to flee from such barbarity. Have a guess where these Muslim girls ran to for help – no not NATO troops serving in the US – but to the BOSNIAN SERBS who the lying media were claiming were supposedly “mass rapists” and “besieging” Srebrenica!


This is an article that appeared in the Scottish newspaper, “The Scotsman”, in 1994. I have also taken the liberty of providing you with a link to Peter Robert North’s comments on the Scotsman article which also appeared on Neil Craig’s site:

Here is the Scotsman article with an introduction by Peter Makara of Emperor’s Clothes fame:

Srebrenica sex slaves

Some people who belonged to this so-called [Oric] mafia also had nasty practices in other areas. Some ABiH [Bosnian Muslim Army] heavyweights, such as Oric himself, used the prestige and power they enjoyed among a large part of the population to get young girls, often no older than 14 or 15 years old, to provide sexual services. They often had a number of brief relationships with girlfriends, whilst their wives were outside the enclave. There was a lot of prostitution and sexual abuse. From the moment the Canadian battalion arrived, reports came in of girls offering themselves to Canadian soldiers or being offered by their fathers or brothers in exchange for food, cigarettes and the like. Later, during the Dutchbat period, Oric’s own soldiers appeared to be their most important clients.

The above quote is from:
Dutch Government Report
Chapter 7: “Dutchbat in the enclave – the local perspective”



Escaping rape in Srebrenica


The Scotsman
16 April 1994

Published under title:
“Fear and Loathing in Srebrenica”


For fair use only
Published under the provision of
U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.

NOTE: The subtitles are ours.


Escape to the Serbian side
This is the story of a girl who was raped in the midst of a civil war, not by her enemies, but by men who claimed to protect her.

The brutality and horror of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been measured over the last two bloodstained years, less by death and wounds, but by rape. Almost from the first fighting, rape – actual, threatened and rumoured – became a tool of terror and control. Now, in the chaos and lawlessness of the Muslim enclaves in southern Bosnia, a new pattern of the same crime is emerging.

Only a few survivors have yet been able to testify to these latest events. One of them is Vehida Dedic. Raped and beaten by a gang of men led by the Bosnian Muslim commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, she was left with no-one to turn to in her own town. For her, crossing the lines into the hands of an army which was shelling the people around her, was the only means of escape.


Safe among the Serbs

A rotund, gentle, elderly man, a lawyer from Belgrade, sits in the cramped, dusty office of a disused factory in the Bosnian Serb town of Bratunac. Opposite him is a tall, thick-set young Serb soldier, toying with a handgun, slumped in a chair. A diminutive 15 year-old girl enters and the two men stiffen. They each know why she is here.

The soldier is the girl’s temporary warder. She is, after all, an object of some curiosity in Bratunac [a Serbian town next to Srebrenica]: an infiltrator from across the nearby front-line. The lawyer is here to take a statement for Yugoslavia’s own War Crimes Tribunal. Vehida Dedic, visibly in pain and with one side of her face swollen by toothache, tells her story.

“I was desperate. I realised that I couldn’t live there any more … I was thinking of committing suicide.” As fighting spread across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vehida and her family had fled from their village of Pobudje to the nearby Muslim enclave of Srebrenica. Vehida, initially in makeshift refugee accommodation, had recently found space – although no protection – in a house in the centre of Srebrenica. It was there that she met the town’s commander.

Muslim commander’s bordello

“Two months ago, I moved to that house. I lived there until the first of April. Every second evening or so, Naser Oric used to come, usually with a different woman. He was always followed into the house by three Muslim soldiers.”

“On the 27th of March, they came again. I made coffee, as the housekeeper told me to. Then the three soldiers ordered me to another room. I knew their names: Safet, Serd and Ibro, [all Muslim names] boys of 20 years, all three from the village of Glogove. When I entered the room, the soldiers told me to strip off, lie down on the bed and have sex with them. I started protesting. I tried to free myself. At one point, I tried to jump through the window; this was upstairs. Safet caught me and started to beat me on the face and body. Then all three started to beat me and take off my clothes. That’s how they stripped me naked. Safet was the first to rape me. After that, Serd and Ibro raped me as well.”

Vehida’s quiet, measured voice continues, weakened only by her swollen mouth. She holds back tears and stares into the lawyer’s eyes. She remains outwardly calm. “By the end, I was unconscious. I came round before dawn. I realised that I was alone and naked, and the door of the room was open. The rape started around eight in the evening. I don’t know when they left the room.”

“At first, I couldn’t stand up. Then I dressed, and went to find the housekeeper. When I found her I told her what had happened, but she just laughed at me. In the morning, Commander Oric came back, so I told him what his comrades had done to me. He hit me and swore at me.”

Vehida Dedic’s only culpability had been to trust those around her. Now, she was to be victimised by all. “I went to the Muslim police, to complain to them. But when I told them what happened, they shouted ‘Get out of here!’ and threw me out of the police station. ‘You have complained to Naser’, they said ‘If he didn’t help you, nobody can!’”

Human shield for terrorists

Naser Oric, the 24 year-old army commander of Srebrenica, first came to prominence in March, 1993. At that time, the charismatic UNPROFOR General, Philippe Morillon, demanded that – if the town was to become a so-called “safe area” – then Naser Oric must hand over his weapons to the Canadian UNPROFOR troops. Oric dismissed the demand and halted the evacuation of the town’s women and children. Faced with angry demonstrations as the townsfolk stampeded on to UN trucks, the Muslim commander said that he would “screw up those convoys”, preferring to maintain a human shield of 9,000 civilians for Srebrenica’s 8,000 fighters.

Once she had been publicly victimised, Vehida Dedic had no future in Srebrenica. But she had the idea to escape, inspired by two other rape survivors, from a chance encounter: “I met two girls who had been in Bratunac and wanted to get back to Srebrenica, in a prisoner exchange. Their nicknames were Ceca and Buba. They came from the village of Tegere. They told me that they were okay in Bratunac, but when they came back to Srebrenica they had both been raped. When they complained to the police like I did, the police told them to go to Naser.”

The U.N. treats civilians – as hostages!

Vehida persuaded a girlfriend, Serifa, [also a muslim] to come with her on the five mile walk across the front-line, to Bratunac. But by this time – under Naser Oric’s instructions, and with the active compliance of the UN – Srebrenica had effectively become a prison. The walk was almost suicidal. “The only way out was down the main road from Srebrenica to [the Serb held] Bratunac. If we went into the hills, someone could have shot us. There were Muslim positions there. We could have found some Muslim soldiers who could have killed us. So we went down the street.”

“Myself and Serifa walked out from Srebrenica. But, when we came to the UN guards, they prevented us from going on and told us that they would shoot at us. They were very short with us. They ordered us to go back to Srebrenica … but we didn’t want to go.”

Rescued from a minefield

“So the two of us agreed to bypass the UN guards. We crossed a stream about five kilometres from their post and went on our way to Serbian territory … where the Serbian soldiers were posted. At about half past twelve we reached their positions. A Serb soldier saw us and beckoned. Then we saw that we were in the middle of a minefield. We asked the soldier to come and take us out … so that we didn’t step on a mine. He came and took us to the Serb guns. The Serb soldiers gave us food. Then they took us to Bratunac by car. Sarifa was taken to hospital, she was pregnant.”

The lawyer completes his notes. The statement is concluded. But now, what will happen to Vehida? What can be done for someone so totally dispossessed? “In no way would I ever go back to Srebrenica … I want, if I can, to stay here and live in Bratunac. But if they won’t let me, I’ll go on, to Valjevo, to see my grandmother … she’s called Dessa Mehmedovic.” But no-one knew if Dessa Mehmedovic was still alive.

Here is P.R.North’s comment on the above Scotsman article:

[begin quote here]

Thanks for the Scotsman article from 1994, ‘anonymous’. Excellent article. Even I was not aware of this Bosnian muslim girl’s account of being raped by Naser Oric’s troops. So here we have a Bosnian muslim girl running AWAY from Izetbegovic’s so-called muslim “heroes” and “defenders” of Srebrenica after being gang-raped by them.

According to the Guardian/ITN/BBC portrayal of the Serbs around Srebrenica as being “systematic mass rapists” and “genocidal mass murderers”, the LAST THING in the world any sane muslim Bosnian girl would do would be to run TOWARDS the Serbs after being raped!!

And yet here in your ‘Scotsman’ post we have a harrowing account of a muslim girl being gang raped by her FELLOW MUSLIMS and having reported it to the Bosnian muslim police in Srebrenica – who showed their “understanding” and “sympathy” by yelling at her and throwing her out of the police station – so she had no choice but to seek refuge and safety with the Bosnian SERBS!!

The above also helps us to understand why the so-called muslim “defenders” of Srebrenica – headed by Islamist “warlord” and self-confessed mass murderer of Serbian civilians, Mr. Naser Oric himself – ABONDONED their women and children in Izetbegovic’s orchestrated “fall” of the town and left them to fend for themselves, being totally at the mercy of Ratko Mladic and the Bosnian Serb VRS army. So what did the Serbs under Mladic do? Did the Serbs do what Naser Oric and his band of Islamist Nazi thugs did to the Serbs for 3 years around Srebrenica?

Did the Serbs do what Izetbegovic’s people and the Guardian/ITN/BBC corrupt, racist, lying media whores kept telling the world over and over they were capable of and supposedly doing to the muslims since the war broke out in April 1992: i.e., commit “mass rape”, cut the throats of, behead and burn, the muslim women and children?

NO!!! Instead unlike Naser Oric’s murderous treatment of the Serbs in and around Srebrenica for the previous THREE YEARS, the Bosnian Serb army under Mladic ORGANIZED BUSES FOR THE SAFE EVACUATION of the muslim women and children!!

The corrupt media whores at CNN/BBC/ITN and the Guardian referred to this humane treatment -the safe passage of muslim women and children out of harms way – as “ethnic cleansing” (?!)

Go figure.

What the corrupt, racist media whores also fail to tell us is that 35,632 +5,000 troops the Izetbegovic Islamists actually ADMITTED made it safely to Tuzla, plus 8,000 supposedly “executed” = 48,632 people. The July 1995 population [i.e BEFORE the enclave “fell” to the Bosnian Serbs] was 40,000 according to the United Nations OWN figures!!

Nobody, not even the Izetbegovic Islamists or their supporters like Mr. Fraser, can seriously claim with a straight face that Srebrenica had a July 1995 population figure of 48,632 people before it fell.

Even the notoriously anti-Serbian, anti-Yugoslav NATO-owned Hague ICTY claimed that Srebrenica had a population figure actually even LOWER than the 40,000 cited by the UN [they claim only 37,000!!]

Since there were 35,632 civilian survivors registered by the UN AFTER the enclave fell, +5,000 troops admitted by the Izetbegovic faction to have made it safely through Izetbegovic’s muslim lines to Tuzla, then if we add 8,000 to that we get 48,632.

This is way, way over the accepted population figures of both the Hague ICTY of 37,000 people or the UN’s own figure of 40,000 people at the time the events occurred.

There is no way in hell – even according to the UN’s and the NATO owned ICTY’s own figures that the population of Srebrenica was 48,632 people in July 1995 prior to the Izetbegovic orchestrated “fall” to the Bosnian Serb VRS army.

See the documented evidence cited in the International Strategic Studies Association’s report “Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis”
Volume XXIII, No. 62,Friday, June 17, 2005

PS: From the contents of your post it’s quite clear you are NOT the same “anonymous” as Mr. Fraser who regularly posts his pro-Islamist Nazi (i.e., Guardian/ITN/BBC) trash here. Mr. Fraser calls anyone who exposes the Guardian/ITN lies concerning Trnopolje/Omarska and Srebrenica as being “pro-Serb” or “Serbophiles” spreading “mendacious trash” so I thought I’d return the favour and refer to Mr. Fraser and his friends as pro-Islamist Nazi racists).
# posted by Peter Robert North : July 27, 2006


Moshe Dann of YNET has a piece which shows that the “Palestinians” are engaged in struggle to smash up Israel, just as the Muslim Jihadists did to Kosovo. The similarities between the two are amazing, yet these Jewish leaders and bloggers because they support Imperialism in the Balkans cannot see this and continue to betray their own people. I can name offhand a dozen Jewish blogs doing just that.


In this piece this guy Moshe Dann says that a Palestine state won´t happen. Oh is he so sure? What then about Kosovo? It is likely that Obama and US Imperialism will push it through as a fait accompli using NATO and the kind of Mass Media control that the Empire used over Yugoslavia. Continue reading


Turkey therefore becomes the first NATO member to make advanced Western military technology available for the use of a strong ally of radical Iran and an active sponsor of terrorists.




Bringing to mind the aid which was given to the Georgian Dictator Saakashvili the Israeli traitors to the Jews have given technology to the Turkish Islamists of Erdogan (before the Flotillas) and this technology has been massacring the Kurds, because of course Erdogan passed it on to the Nazi Syrian regime

Talk about fashioning a stick for your own back! That is what the Israeli ruling class has just went and done!

DEBKAfike has the details:


Syrian troops and Kurdish tribesman are locked in fierce battle since the Syrian army blasted four northeastern Kurdish towns and neighborhoods at the end of June, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report. Hundreds of Kurds are reported dead.
The Syrian campaign is backed by Heron (Eitan) spy drones Israel sold Turkey, made accessible on the personal say-so of Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan. Turkey therefore becomes the first NATO member to make advanced Western military technology available for the use of a strong ally of radical Iran and an active sponsor of terrorists. Following intense exchanges between Jerusalem and Washington, the NATO command was urged to put Ankara on the carpet – with no response as yet.

The drones are being used to track Kurds in flight across Syria’s borders, mainly into Lebanon, where Hizballah is helping Syria hunt the refugees down. The accessibility to Damascus of the unmanned aerial vehicles is in direct breach of the Israel-Turkish sales contracts which barred their use – and the use of other Israeli high-tech items sold to Turkey during years of close military collaboration – in the service of hostile states or entities.
Extending their sphere to Syrian and Lebanese skies gives the Syrian army and Hizballah (Iran’s external arm) a unique opportunity to study the Heron (Eitan)’s sophisticated attributes in real combat conditions at close hand and adjust their own tactics accordingly to outwit them.

debkafile’s intelligence sources have no doubt that Iranian intelligence officers stationed in Damascus and Beirut jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the Israeli wonder-drones.
Regarding the crackdown on the Kurds, our military sources report that three large-scale Syrian military operations against the Kurdish people are in progress under the guidance of Turkish generals based at Syrian staff headquarters in Damascus:

1. Syrian elite forces are battling suspected Kurdish members of the Turkish PKK in at least four northeastern Syrian towns near the Syrian-Turkish-Iraqi border triangle: the big Kurdish town of Qamishli, the mixed Kurdish-Assyrian town of Al Asakah and two others, Qaratshuk and Diwar. All four and their outlying villages are under massive Syrian army siege after complete residential blocks were shelled and flattened – acting as the trigger for the current fighting.
Not all the victims are PKK fighters by any means. Most were civilians. Turkish intelligence sources tried to justify the Syrian massacre and their government’s complicity by claiming that 2,000 of the 6,000 PKK fighters conducting terrorist attacks in Turkey from North Iraqi havens are Syrian Kurds or providers of alternative bases for their Turkish comrades to strike Turkish military positions from a second direction.
While until Saturday, July 17, Damascus was tight-lipped about its grim campaign against its Kurdish community, Turkish military sources were more vocal. They placed the number of Kurdish dead in battle at 185 and another 400 taken captive, many of whom will be turned over to Ankara. Our sources estimate the number of dead as much higher – more than 300, with at least 1,000 injured.
2.   Large Syrian contingents are sealing the Iraqi border against the flight of Syrian Kurds – but also to block the entry of PKK reinforcements for aiding their beleaguered brethren.
3.   The Syrian-Lebanese frontier is similarly sealed to keep Kurdish fighters from fleeing the country. debkafile’s military sources report that on this border, Syrian and Hizballah units are working together, with the latter forcibly blocking the roads to Lebanese cities.

debkafile reports an all-night gunfight in the Al-Naba’a (Tel Azaatar) district of south Beirut which ended Wednesday morning, July 14 with an unknown number of Kurdish fighters dead.

One was identified by residents as Al Haj Reid, aged 37, a recent arrival from Syria.
When Turkish reporters finally tackled Syrian president Bashar Assad on his anti-Kurd campaign Saturday morning, July 17, their questions were smoothly turned aside. “I’m not following the details concerning this operation,” said the Syrian ruler. “The issue is not about capturing 10 or 100 terrorists. What matters is the principle.”

He added: “Our cooperation with Turkey in the security field is not new (!). We have coordinated for many years. Intervening when there are preparations for a terrorist attack or for infiltration is a dimension of this cooperation.”
debkafile’s military sources comment: Syrian military cooperation dates recently from the military pact they signed in October 2009.

As a big ceremony was staged Saturday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bashar Assad’s ascent to power, the US-based Human Rights Watch group published a report called “A Wasted Decade” declaring there is “no freedom, no rights” in Syria. Instead of the transparency and democracy he promised, his regime suppresses criticism and its prisons soon filled with political prisoners, journalists, and human rights activists.


The siege of Sarajevo wasn’t a genocidal Serb attack on defenseless peace loving Muslims like our news media led us to believe. The Muslims deliberately put their civilian population in the crossfire so that NATO would intervene against the Serbs on “humanitarian” grounds.

NATO took the bait because the news media shamelessly shilled for the Islamic cause. Our journalists dutifully reported that Muslim civilians were killed in Sarajevo by Serb artillery fire, but they deliberately failed to report that the Serbs were provoked by Muslim artillery fire emanating from the city.

The story of Srebrenica is similar. We’ve been told the half-truth that the Serbs over-ran a UN safe area and killed thousands of Muslims, but we weren’t told that the Muslims of Nasir Oric’s 28th Infantry Division used that safe area as a base to launch attacks from. They massacred the Serbian villages surrounding Srebrenica and they fled back into the warm bosom of the UN Safe Area when they were done – safely behind the UN’s skirts and out of reach of Serb retaliation.

In July 1995, when a column of 15,000 Muslim men from Srebrenica ventured out of the safe area to attack the Bosnian-Serb frontlines and break-through to Tuzla, the Serbs got even. The Serbs shot and managed to kill about half of their Muslim attackers and now we’re being told that they committed genocide.

In order to understand why the Serbs were getting even it is necessary to understand many things about the Muslims in Bosnia, and we will do this by examining next the nature of the politics of the group which Izetbegovic had built up around him, to become the SDA, with its roots in the Holocaust. Izetbegovic was highly involved in the Holocaust of Jews, Serbs, Romany and Homosexuals in the Balkans in the 1939-45 period, because he was a joint member of the Muslim brotherhood with none other than Hajj Amin el Husseini.

The above is an extract from Andy (comment 12 to the notorious Dr Phyllis chesler´s attack on Karadzic at the time of his capture on Continue reading



 Much evidence has surfaced that the Srebrenica “Massacre” story is a giant hoax to rival that of Racak, Qana and the notorious Mohammed el Dura/France 2 story. We have seen from the observations of John Peter Maher that there were no reports of a massacre in Srebrenica for months and months. Why was that? You would think that if there was a massacre of 8000 by the Serbs, given the hatred in the Media for the Serbs, that it would have been all over the Daily Mail every day from day one. Actually the official “Dutch Report” shows that the massacre hoax story was assembled by the NGOs, by the Media, and by the shadowy forces of the US State department with help from the British and French, therefore the significant time delay which Mr Maher spotted, which makes an examination of that Dutch Report well worth while.

They claimed 8000 men and boys murdered by the Serbs in Srebrenica. Sometimes it is 7000 but not quite so often. It was usually 8000.

In reviewing the Irish newspaper of record, The Irish Times, they have written from 1995 to the present in major articles referring to this Srebrenica Massacre where the Serbs murdered 8000 men and boys, going now up to 500 times since 1995, averaging out a major article every 10 days or so.

Are there 2000 such papers and magazines etc in the world doing this? I think so and much more but if so that makes it a million such vital articles broadcast into humanity. All saying the same thing, the endless repetition, that the Serbs murdered 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica.

But there is also The Dutch Report which these media outlets seem to have stuffed deep into the unknown recesses of their filing cabinets. Thanks to Mick Tanzer a regular reader for sending details of this report to 4international. 

“Then there is this astonishing and explosive material from the Dutch “Netherlands Institute for War Documentation” Report [from 2002]This blows the lid off of how Clinton, Albright, the Western media and NATO created the Srebrenica Big Lie:

This report by obviously staid conservative type people has been an absolute eye-opener.

There is much evidence therein that the Media, Dutch and British politicians, or one can say almost the whole EU political class, created this Srebrenica Hoax story between them.

To help I have started by naming some of the main characters which I have simply culled from the story of Srebrenica which IS the report.

First… 2 organizations that the report tends to lump together…UNHCR and the International Red Cross


From Zagreb, a combined team of the Human Rights Office of Civil Affairs and the UN Centre for Human Rights


The ‘Bosnian State Commission for the collection of information on war crimes’


The Tribunal, the key court and element in the story, the ICTY of course


Amnesty International


A number of smaller NGOs.



UNHCR Protection Officer Manca de Nissa


Christoph Girod of the International Red Cross


Again and for my emphasis…a mixed team from Civil Affairs/Human Rights Office (HRO) and UNCHR mostly from Zagreb


And from there…


Ken Bizer from Civil Affairs


HRO staff member Peggy Hicks. (Please note this name very carefully. When the evidence was showing no killings at all by the Serbs, and she admitted this, she began to claim the very opposite in her reports)


Swiss investigator R. Salvisberg, UNCHR Bosnia coordinator based in Sarajevo


T. Mazowiecki, the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights who arrived in Tuzla on 22 July, and was required to facilitate a visit to Izetbegovic’s military men, that is military men from the “safe area” which was Srebrenica.


(In the report Tuzla was the key area, the area and city where the Big Lie was hatched. It was a place where many groups and shady individuals miraculously made their way to. Especially these special NGO organizations…operating like scavengers in that Tuzla. Tuzla was under the control of the US Imperialists, by the way…Some of these were eager to publicize their findings as soon as possible. As early as 31 July, for instance, the US Committee on Refugees published an extensive report on the ‘death march’ from Srebrenica based on interviews conducted by its staff member Bill Frelick in Tuzla and the surroundings) Continue reading




In this piece Mr Maher is worried about the fact that in the immediate weeks following this so called “massacre” of Srebrenica nobody was talking about a massacre, I mean no body! This goes along with our investigations of the official Dutch Report and of UN Observers on the scene. Could the massacre story have been assembled post the “event”!


John Peter Maher

When did commentators first start using the formulation, the catch phrase, “The Srebrenica Massacre [of x-thousands of Muslim men and boys]”?

When did the “Srebrenica Massacre” story break?

No reports from 10 July 1995 and the immediately ensuing days and weeks ever refer to “the massacre of 8000 (or 7000 etc) Muslim men and boys”.

FROM Iran, no mention of a massacre having taken place:

“Iranian foreign minister [Velayati], in a message to the UN secretary-general, has asked for immediate action to prevent a massacre of the defenceless people of Srebrenica by the Serb rebels. SOURCE: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 0930 gmt 11 Jul 95; Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 0930 gmt 11 Jul 95; SECTION: Part 4 Middle East; THE MIDDLE EAST; IRAN; ME/2353/MED. Message to UN secretary-general. Text of report by Iranian TV on 11th July.

From the front, no meniton of a massacre having taken place:

Reports from the front in mid-July 1995, e.g. Chris Hedges in the New York Times of 18 July 1995, reported that thousands of armed Muslim fighters “slipped” through Serb lines under fire and arriving safe in Tuzla, held by Muslim forces (and a US garrison).

The lag time between as yet unbaptized “Srebrenica Massacre” on 10-11 July 1995 and the first press reports is over a month. David Rohde, who spearheaded the story that became known as “the Srebrenica Massacre”, did not himself use any such phrase or make such a claim. In his story, in the Guardian of 19 August 19 1995 we find “…I saw what appeared to be a decomposing human leg protruding from freshly turned dirt…” He repeated Albright’s fabrication about a massacre in a soccer stadium in a nearby town, [where] human faeces, blood, and other evidence indicated large numbers of people were confined, and perhaps shot.” Also: “United Nations official estimate that 4,000 to 6,000 Muslim men are still missing in the wake of the Srebrenica and Zepa assaults.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski:
The news would have still been hot when Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote an Op-Ed piece in “The New Republic” of 7 August 1995, under the headline: AFTER SREBRENICA. Zbig Brzezinski says only that something awful “might” happen.

Nowhere does Brzezinski mention a “Srebrenica massacre”. That catch phrase does not appear until weeks after the alleged event. It will not be found in the press until the American-sponsored Croatian “Storm” (Oluja) on Serb Krajina in August-September 1995.

(In)Consistency: Madeleine Korbel Albright, whose “Albright Group” now has the franchise for the cell phone business in Kosovo, brought the earliest allegation of a Serb massacre of Muslims on August 11, 1995. The chief United States delegate to the United Nations told a closed session of the Security Council that 2,000 to 2,700 missing Bosnians from the Srebrenica enclave might have been shot by the Bosnian Serbs.– She did not use the formulation “Srebrenica massacre.”

So, the numbers in Albright’s document and subsequent tellings and re-tellings are not consistent. What this implies we know from the Book of Daniel, chapter 13, where Susanna is denounced by corrupt Elders. Since their testimonies were inconsistent, as Daniel showed by “debriefing” the corrupt judges separately, the judges were condemned for bearing false witness.

LEXIS-NEXIS searches now permit us to track down press reports on whatever story. Readers can see for themselves what results turn up in searches dated between 10 July 1995 and the beginning of October 1995, using parameters such as

(Srebrenica AND massacre)
(Srebrenica AND missing)
Srebrenica AND 7000 OR 8000)
(7000-8000 men and boys) …

(Koranically, once boys attain the age of fifteen, they are “warriors” for Islam.)Remeber boy bombers in Israel.

Did the Srebrenica Massacre” happen. Draw your own conclusions.




Nick Burns:

“We believe that several hundred — and perhaps as many as 1,000 or more — men and boys were separated from the refugees by the Bosnian Serb military forces. These are Muslim and Croatian [sic] men and boys. We don’t know what happened to them…


Federal News Service. OCTOBER 27, 1995 , FRIDAY.




MR. GILLESPIE: Welcome to the Washington Foreign Press Center. My name is Jake Gillespie. We are very happy today to have State Department Spokesman Nick Burns with us again…..

MR. BURNS: Thank you, Jake. Nice to be here…
The Bosnian Serb offensive in eastern Bosnia that threatened to overrun all of the enclaves in eastern Bosnia and that did, unfortunately, overrun Srebrenica and Zepa was stopped in August.

It was stopped because the Western community of nations let the Bosnian Serbs know that any further military offensive or offensives would be met with a decisive show of military force, and you saw that happen in the first two weeks of September when NATO unleashed its considerable air power against the Bosnian Serbs.

It stopped because the Croatian government was successful in its own military offensive in the Krajina region in August. And it has now finally stopped and there is a cease-fire in place pretty much throughout Bosnia-Hercegovina today because the United States and our partners were able to negotiate a series of agreements, cease-fire agreement in Sarajevo, and now the agreement that has led to the Dayton peace conference. Optimistic in that sense…

We believe that several hundred — and perhaps as many as 1,000 or more — men and boys were separated from the refugees by the Bosnian Serb military forces. These are Muslim and Croatian men and boys. We don’t know what happened to them, but there are consistent reports — from the refugees in Zenica — of executions, of beatings, of torture, and of forced labor by the Bosnian Serb authorities, military authorities, and by paramilitary organizations, some of which are led by the notorious criminal Arkan. This is a very serious development.