(statement by Felix Quigley)

4international totally oppose the lies being put about by an Alliance of Jihad Islam, of the Western Imperialist Media, and of western Governments, that claim that the Serbs on retaking Srebrenica killed Muslims.

They claim 8000 men and boys were murdered by the Serbs. This is a filthy lie. The whole of the evidence that was produced by these filthy liars at the Hague Kangaroo Court rested on the “evidence” of one main liar, a mercenary who had sold his soul many times over to the highest bidder, and which criminal actually puts to shame for outright devilry all of the supergrasses used by the Special Branch in the North of Ireland. 4international will prove all of this in future articles.

On this day, exactly 15 years since this giant hoax of the Srebrenica “Massacre” was put into operation, our organization 4international, representing true Trotskyism, pledge that we will eventually prove to the workers of the world the great injustice done to the Serb people.

This issue has got special importance to the Jewish people of Israel and in the Diaspora.

Trotskyists said at the time of these attacks on Yugoslavia and Serbia “You must unite with the Serbs because after the Serbs it will be the turn of the Jews”.

So it has indeed proved to be.

The Serbs were facing a coalition of rampant Imperialism allied with the Islamic Jihad, and also facing neo Fascist movements as in Tudjman´s Croatia.

Now the Jews face the Jihad as represented by the so-called Palestinians, in alliance as we speak with the first openly antisemitic President of the US, Obama. The ruling class of US Imperialism is founded on antisemitism but this is the first time that a president of the US has expressed this antisemitism so openly.

So we renew our call for Jews and Serbs to unite and to stand together because they are facing precisely the same enemies.

Today it is Kosovo! Tomorrow it will be you!

Jews note this well: in seeking to destroy the Serbs the very first move that the forces of reaction above, US Imperialism and the Jihad, made was to seek the compliance in the destruction of the Serbs of Jewish leaders in America.

These utterly reactionary leaders obliged because they have no national independence outside of the reactionaries who make up American Imperialism.

So these American (mainly) Jewish leaders cast an enormous and horrific stain on the Jewish people.

Yet these Jewish leaders in truth were not elected by the ordinary American Jewish people, they got into power by a nudge and a wink.

Thus they cannot be said to be representative of American Jewish people, above all not of the Jews of Israel; they only in reality represent themselves

At the time in vain we said “Denounce these leaders! Today it is Kosovo! Tomorrow it will be you the Jews!

The arrival of Obama has brought this to reality with a bang.

Obama is now at the centre of the Islam Jihad against Israel

There is much confusion about this Jihad against Israel: It centres not on Hamas, but on Abbas, and the creation of a Palestine Jihadist state which is aimed and based on the “Salami” approach of Jihadist strategy, at the weakening and then destruction of the Jewish Homeland of Israel.

The greatest danger is not from Hamas or from Abbas, the greatest of all dangers is from sections of the Israeli ruling class, such as Netanyahu, even more Livni and Barak, who play along with the Jihad and consider giving these Palestinian Jihadists their own state, on what is legally and rightfully Jewish land, set aside for the Jewish Homeland by the San Remo League of Nations international and internationally recognized treaty in 1922.

This is the crisis of Jewish leadership. This crisis we emphasize here a thousand times over cannot be solved without building a new party in Israel, the Trotskyist Party, 4international which this website represents.

To return to the crisis of leadership back in the early 1990s when the combination of US Governments, EU Governments and the Jihad turned on the Serbs to destroy the Serbs as an independent nation (Note the presence of Quisling Tadic in Srebrenica today standing with the killers, tormentors and beheaders literally of Serbs) we affirm to all Jews:

By not acting…By not kicking these reactionary Jewish leaders out of the Jewish movement…By not forming the closest of unions with the Serb people, the Jews have indeed made the rod for their own backs.

We on 4international say firmly that the hoax of the “Palestine State”, the Hoax of el Durra France 2, the hoax of Qana, and a dozen others, is also the hoax of the so-called “Srebrenica Massacre”

All of them are constructs, part of the Islam Jihad allied with the interests of Islam, and also often directed by the CIA and US Imperialism, in alliance with the French and British ruling class, for THEIR strategic interests.

The stirring up of Serb Hatred, of Russian hatred, is part of the stirring up of Jew hatred…it falls into the strategic political interests of an imperialist capitalist system in crisis.

So we say join together now:

*Fight the Jihad against Israel by opposing this phony and antisemitic Palestine State right down the line!

 *Put down the Fascists of Croatia, the Jihadists of Bosnia and Kosovo. Return the Serbs of Krajina to their Homeland and establish once and for all the independent state of Krajina!

 *Revolutionary justice against fascists. Establish the independent Serb state of Bosnia and put down all forms of Jihad. Recreate Yugoslavia as a federation of Fascism opposing states.

We on 4international say one final thing:

Arrest and execution of Fascists like Nasir Oric and the execution after summary revolutionary justice of all those Jihadists to repay them for cutting the heads of defenceless Serbs and to repay them for Jihadist terror against the poor and ordinary Serb people!

Call for Muslim ordinary people to join with this revolutionary justice against the Jihadists and US Imperialists!

When the Serbs retook Srebrenica on this day 15 years ago they were entering into a giant and elaborate trap which had been prepared by Clinton, Tudjman and the Jihadist Izetbegovic.

In fact the Serbs murdered in cold blood not one single Muslim and there has been not once scrap of evidence that they did.

But they could quite rightly and morally have executed hundreds of these Muslim Jihadists who had terrorised the Serbs over so long and murdered well over 3000 Serb small farmers, mainly elderly, and any Serb youth whom they caught.

We on 4international, and many other people, our friends, have too – the photos of these monster Jihadists backed by Britain and the USA holding aloft the heads of these poor and unfortunate Serbs who were unlucky enough to be caught by these fiends. Even the Shankill Butchers after their grizzly work did not pose for photos—the sickness of Imperialism and the sickness of the Jihad

4international is not pacifist. We believe in the rights of ordinary people to defend themselves and to take vengeance against their enemy.

This was the very same vengeance which ordinary people in Italy and France took against the Nazis

If ever there was a case for revolutionary vengeance then it was when the Serbs retook Srebrenica on this day 15 years ago.

That is what should have happened and those fascists in the Jihad in Yugoslavia know it, and the Imperialists safe in the recesses of US Imperialism know it too. The Serb soldiers led by Mladic were in fact too soft, too mindful of legan norms, just as is Israel in facing the Fascists of IHh and Hamas!

And that is why they continue with the Big Lie of the Srebrenica Massacre. They are covering their own crimes. They hope that the more noise they make the less people will understand.

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