The following is a piece from 2007, a very reactionary and pro NATO site, that raises many questions and I wish to get to the bottom of this issue. I have my own ideas as to the answer

Let us take the beginning to get a flavour of the material put onto the net in order to reinforce this Srebrenica sham information:

The four former members of Serbia’s paramilitary “Scorpions” force were found guilty after video footage showed they killed at least six people during the massacre of 8,000 Bosniak men and boys.

This video mentioned was a very strange video indeed, as Jared Israel has proved. So the phrase “video footage showed” means nothing. Examine the articles on this by Jared Israel.

You can follow this link

 Part 1 — What I’ll prove and how I’ll prove it.
by Jared Israel
Emperor’s Clothes
[24 June 2005; revised June 1, 2009]
Internet address: 

You can also look at this

which gives some background

Both Jared Israel and Francisco Gil White are gifted with the ability to analyse the lies of what we know of as the Media, which actually is all the lying expression of a modern Imperialist system in terminal decay.

By “terminal” we mean something historical, that once capitalism, when young, did tell truth, in the shape of the great English scientific revolution following hard upon the gigantic English Revolution. That time is long over!

The Srebrenica Hoax is an expression of this huge shift.

This ability (to analyse and expose the lies of the Media) must be a component of building a new leadership although much more must be said on the issue of United Front, strategy and tacts.

The reader who wishes to pursue the latter should make a serious study of almost everything Trotsky wrote on many issues in the 20s and 30s, relating to the United Front, that is the strategy and tactics of fighting against Fascism, especially Spain from an early stage in the Revolution, the British 1926 General Strike, the huge revolutionary events from 1927 on in China, France re the Popular front and much else as the world moved into ever deepening crisis in the 1930s

In the fight against the Srebrenica Hoax 4international has worked with many and still do.  Just look over past articles here.

There is not TOTAL agreement on many issues. But our work has been most successful and 4international in this cooperation has not betrayed a single one of our revolutionary Trotskyist principles. This IS the United Front in action. This IS the basis for the education of a real cadre which can lead in the real world.

In this regard please examine our recent political line in regards to the English Defence League and our reply to the formation of the Jewish section of the EDL, which we welcomed unconditionally, but separated ourselves as Trotskyists from their alliance with the “british Forces”, the same forces which put down the miners strike in 26. There is conflict but the conflict is contained within the unity.

It does not need a lengthy and time consuming reading of this following piece mentioned above to see that it is written by the class enemy and there is no unity here! It is necessary to recognize the class enemy when one sees it.

The piece is by a Derek Barry. Note support for the Muslim savages in Bosnia, support for same in Palestine. It is anti Milosevic and ant Israeli.

The lies about the Balkan events fairly hurtle out of this piece.

Incidentally Mr Barry has chosen as visual a picture of 4 women holding a banner of “Women in Black” and also there is “In grief and solidarity”

For the upteeth millionth time Mr Barry refers to this event “the massacre of 8,000 Bosniak men and boys” as if this was akin to the theory of relativity, everybody accepts it…

This is what I found so maddening in my reading of the Irish Times going back over so many years. All the time this repetition of the massacre as if there was no doubt.

Hence the importance of the work that we have done on this site, to display the research on 1. The numbers (phoney) and 2. The evidence produced re Srebrenica massacre (phoney)

I do not have time to go through this entire article although it has been very instructional to read it in a certain way.

In reading through, sifting the lies which are everywhere, I realize that there is a method to answer the lies (in general) and to ensure that the truth comes out, or will come out in the end.

Key point: First and foremost it needs a body of knowledge to answer these lies. This is the importance of the articles we are assembling on 4international. Not all our articles are perfect but that is the path of knowledge, our knowledge will be refined.

Armed with a body of knowledge our revolutionary cadre will be prepared to answer these lies, and even more important will have cracked the method of the liar, and will be ready in the future for other similar though slightly different lies.

But these lies must be answered. They are part and parcel of the preparation of dictatorship

Trotskyism is both theoretical and practice driven, both verbal and active.

With emphasis on the practical! In the beginning was the deed, not the word, with due respect to St John.

Hence organization, organization, organization! The key issue is to build an organized movement that will be absolutely persistent on this issue. That is the way forward, knowledge and organization, organization and knowledge, but in the overall organization is the primary.

Barry calls his piece Woolly Days

La Dolce Vita Roma

Scorpions jailed for Srebrenica crimes

Serbia’s war crimes court has sentenced four men to twenty years prison for their part in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. The four former members of Serbia’s paramilitary “Scorpions” force were found guilty after video footage showed they killed at least six people during the massacre of 8,000 Bosniak men and boys.

The former commander of the Scorpions unit, Slobodan Medic, and his chief accomplice, Branislav Medic, were each given 20 years in jail. The only defendant to have confessed to the crime, Pera Petrasevic, was given 13 years. A fourth defendant was given five years while a fifth was acquitted. Presiding judge Gordana Petrovic said “Slobodan Medic ordered the three defendants and two others to execute the prisoners, take them away from the site and make it seem as if they had been killed in conflict.” The video that implicated the men showed them taunting Bosnian youths about their virginity before shooting them in the back as they lay in a ditch. Relatives of the victims expressed disappointment that none had received the 40 year maximum sentences.

Srebrenica is Europe’s largest mass murder since World War II. In 2004 the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) judicially recognised the massacre as genocide. Judge Theodor Meron, President of ICTY made a speech later that year at Potocari Memorial Cemetery where many of the victims were buried. In the speech Meron stated it plainly “Bosnian Serb Army harboured genocidal intent against the Bosnian Muslim people who sought safety in the enclave of Srebrenica, and that these officials acted upon that intent to carry out a deliberate and massive massacre of the Muslims in Srebrenica”

While Judge Meron called the massacre genocide, others have labelled it “gendercide”. Gendercide is gender-selective mass killing. Other examples include the 1988 Montreal massacre where 14 women students at the École Polytechnique were systematically killed by a lone gunman screaming “I hate feminists.” In Srebenica, while the international community and UN peacekeepers did nothing; Serb forces separated civilian men from women and killed the menfolk in their thousands.

The conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina began in 1992 and featured large-scale ethnic cleansing and genocidal atrocities from the outset. In April 1992 Serbian forces tortured and killed 350 Bosnian men in a gymnasium in the village of Bratunac near Srebrenica. But they were not able to take Srebrenica itself. The city was defended by Naser Oric, a Rambo-like figure whose troops (and associated squads of civilian torbari, or “bag people”) inflicted a number of smaller atrocities on Serb villages around the Srebrenica pocket. Oric’s forces managed to establish an enclave around the town, but the Serbs gradually tightened the noose.

General Ratko Mladić led the Serbian army during the war. Mladić made it plain that he held a special grudge against the men of Srebrenica. He allowed women and children to be evacuated from the town before shutting off the refugee flow. Desperately, the UN Security Council declared Srebenica a “safe area” but only had 500 Dutch peacekeepers in the town to back up the declaration. Finally in July 1995, Mladić’s army entered the UN safe area. They got little resistance from the disarmed defenders and the UN.

Thousands of Srebrenica men fled the town seeking protection within the UN compound at Potočari. Serbian soldiers surrounded them and began setting houses and haystacks on fire. As the day progressed, Serb forces gathered the refugees and began systematically murdering the men. French policeman Jean-Rene Ruez told The Hague tribunal in 1996 what evidence he collected from witnesses. Serb forces killed and tortured refugees at will while Streets were littered with corpses, he said. Rivers were red with blood and many people committed suicide to avoid having their noses, lips and ears chopped off. At least 8,000 died and 25,000 were forcibly repatriated.

General Mladić remains at large with an outstanding international arrest warrant against him. While many claim he is being protected by the Serbian army, Belgrade newspaper Vecernje Novosti said he was just one step ahead of his pursuers in a “feverish manhunt” by police. In May 2006 the EU broke off membership talks with Serbia and Montenegro over Belgrade’s failure to deliver Mladić to the war crimes tribunal.

Situated in the far east of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Srebrenica was founded as a mining town. The name means “silver mine” in Serbian but nowadays only salt is mined here. Srebenica is now part of an entity known as the Republika Srpska. The Republika is not a true republic but rather a Serb-governed enclave of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The boundary line between it and the Muslim controlled rest of the country runs along the military front lines as they existed at the end of the war.

But now the Muslim community now want to change the boundary. Last week Srebrenica’s municipal assembly adopted a resolution demanding partition from the Republic of Srpska. Serb members left the session ahead of the vote in protest saying the assembly had no mandate to violate the Constitutional order of the Republic of Srpska and breach the Dayton Agreement. But Rizo Tabaković from the Party of the Democratic Action that sponsored the resolution, said that “the partition request was a logical move in light of the ICJ judgment, while mirroring Srebrenica’s current status.”

While politicians still argue about the boundary, others mourn the massacre. Some are sufferers of the syndrome known as “Survivors’ Guilt” which was first identified after the Holocaust. Emir Suljagic was a Bosniak teenager when the war began. He was a translator for the UN in Srebenica when captured by General Mladić’s men. Mladić took Suljagic’s ID card during questioning. Suljagic had the courage to ask for his ID back; Mladic agreed and his life was saved. While he survived, others were not so lucky. Nura Alispahic saw her 16-year-old son being killed in the court video. “Whatever the ruling, my child is not here,” she said “These people will leave jail one day, but my child will never come out of the ground.”

Posted by Derek Barry  (on the above site) 

Note from 4international—We have no idea who they are.

To understand who were the Scorpions it is necessary to understand all about Erdemovic and the activity of CIA, British and French Intelligence operatives

It is necessary I will remind the reader to begin reading on

In a story datelined June 2, (a day after The Hague screening) The Washington Post reported:

“The video begins with a Serb Orthodox priest blessing the camouflaged paramilitary troops in a boot camp in Bosnia…The video was shot by a member of the Scorpions.” [1]

But, as you will see when you study the footage [2], there is no way of knowing where this first sequence was filmed or the identity of the people who appear in it or of the person or persons who did the filming.  The Post neglects to mention this fact.

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