Jabotinsky is an important part of the Jewish and Zionist heritage. He is however a figure of the past and will be seen as such as history is written.

Jabotinsky was a Zionist from the bourgeois perspective of Zionism but he has long been surpassed in importance by the Russian revolutionary socialist leader known as Leon Trotsky.

The fact that this is not acknowledged just emphasises that Zionism has been unable to surmount its religious and bourgeois capitalist foundations in our present time and see reality for what it is.

There are similarities, some, between Jabotinsky and the greatest russian socialist revolutionary leader Trotsky but it is the differences which are the more significant, and it is these differences which will stand the test of time.

Like jabotinsky Trotsky urged the Jews to leave the killing fields of Nazi Europe and to set up their Jewish state in Palestine.

There the differences begin. Trotsky referred to the weakness of bourgeois Zionism, which Jabotinsky represented, when he referred to the farce which the British and capitalist states of the League of Nations had made of the proposal for a Jewish state contained in the San Remo Conference of 1922.

In fact as long as international capitalism would exist the danger to the Jewish people from capitalism, and which is a central component of capitalism, would fester and grow, to spring out with renewed vigour as the capitalist system enters into crisis and slump.

jabotinsky would have none of this. To him the capitalist system was a fact of life, part of the unchangeable order.

In that regard jabotinsky was not a revolutionary but a reactionary.

There can be no future for the Jewish people as a nation inside the confines of a decadent capitalism. There can only by Holocaust followed by Holocaust, as is now being threatened onto Israel as we speak, due to the connivance of American and European capitalism with the Islam Jihad of crazed Ahmadinejad. They are all tied together against Israel in the capitalist plot surrounding Arab and Persian oil.

All of this is fact, not opinion.

Those on Israpundit who attack trotsky and who seek to obscure or rewrite history do so only on the basis of opinion and prejudice, with no regard for fact.

Trotsky, without any guidance from an imagined and quite unreal “Creator”, reached the conclusion that the Jews must set up their Homeland inside Palestine.

This is Zionism but it is a Zionism that is shorn of its religious superstitions and is based on the hard reality of the class struggle and an understanding of capitalism in terminal decline.

This type of Zionism, using the term Zionism meaning a return to the ancient area and city of Jerusalem, has no need for the supernatural, but is based on the hard reality of todays capitalist crisis and class struggle.

It offers a way forward.

In the end jabotinsky and his bourgeois politics offers no way forward. It seeks to tie Israel and the Israeli jews to the whims of the capitalist system.

The same mistake is being made by contemporary bourgeois Zionism as was made pre Holocaust, and you bourgeois Zionists will lead the Jews into the same death trap that you did in the 1930s.

All of this I have written here is fact, except for the last sentence, but that is an assertion which is based on facts.

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