These like Gene, and David T, were the bastards who lined up with Islamofascism against the Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo, never mind with Croatian nazi Tudjman in Croatia.

Now despite stiff opposition from some principled commenters they are trying to hide what is really happening.


And what is happening? The masses of the American people are moving into serious conflict with their own rulers and against Islam in America.

That is the real meaning of the mass demonstration of many thousands which was led by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer yesterday.

Suddenly those who place articles on Harry´s Place are struck dumb! They are so quick off the mark usually. Yet at mid day one day later they have not been able to put up one article, and have not been able to publish one photograph, of the mass demo organized by Geller and Spencer.

As in the following:

 Crowd911rally.jpgThe people will be heard (Photo by El Marco)

No further proof really is needed that the “fearless” Harry´s Place are really a crowd of fearless pro-imperial wankers!

The British are a nation of racists, full stop!

How could they possibly be otherwise! it is many centuries since they first invaded my country, Ireland, and in all that time since the British have told racist jokes against us, and have carried out the worst and most cruel acts against the Irish people.

Now listen up here to what these sneering bastards on Harry´s Place write here by Pastor Wright. Note 2 things

1. This is in the absence of any articles about Pamela and Robert´s massive demonstration

2. The sneering racism of these British bastards on Harry´s Place

They write today and this is ALL they can write

The Florida- based Pastor Terry Jones may be completely unaware that part of his act of burning the Qur’an (or, Koran as he prefers to articulate the word) may be quite Islamic (which he claims to hate).You see, the Shari’ah injunction for disposing of spoilt, damaged or unwanted Sacred script is that it should be burnt. In his ignorance, he may be doing an unnecessary favour. God indeed works in mysterious ways, but ignorance of God can often lead one to miss the mystery.

Ignorance can be bliss, and Pastor Jones’s level of knowledge about Islam, amongst many other things, is one of blissful ignorance


We on 4international first began to take notice of these British racists on Harry´s Place at the time when the US and Britain were weighing in to support Izetbegovic against the Serbs in Bosnia.

They along with total English reactionaries like Oliver Kamm completely obscured the links which Izetbegovic had to the Holocaust.

At the time of the Holocaust, Izetbegovic as a youngish man, was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. As such he was active inside the Bosnia and Yugoslavia of those fateful Holocaust years, when Jews, Serbs, Roma et al were murdered by the Islamist Nazis.

But guess who also was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and working for Hitler in the Balkans? Why none other than Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Palestinian Arab butcher of the Holocaust.

They were both (Izetbegovic and Hajj Amin el Husseini) members of the Muslim Brotherhood, working together in the Holocaust.


And now these bastards are trying to carry on where they left off in Yugoslavia, by distorting what American patriots like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, as well as Pastor Wright, are actually succeeding in doing.

That is to defeat the Islamofascist Jihad in America.

Shame on you Jewish man David T, and Jewish man “Gene”. As for Oliver Kamm, who now is rewarded by writing for the London Times, oh on second thoughts, who the fuck cares about Kamm!

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