DEBKAfile has referred to the position of the US towards Iran.

It writes today:

Obama has resolved to deal with the nuclear impasse with Iran by going after the Islamic republic on two tracks: UN and unilateral sanctions for biting deep into the financial resources Iran has earmarked for its nuclear program, and a secret cyber war which the US is conducting jointly with Israel for crippling its nuclear facilities.

It adds to this:

debkafile’s sources disclose that Israel has had special elite units carrying out such assignments for some time. Three years ago, for instance, cyber raiders played a role in the destruction of the plutonium reactor North Korea was building at A-Zur in northern Syria.
On Monday, too, the Christian Science Monitor and several American technical journals carried revelations about a new virus called Stuxnet capable of attacking and severely damaging the servers of large projects, such as power stations and nuclear reactors.

All the leaked reports agreed on three points:

1.  Stuxnet is the most advanced and dangerous piece of Malware every devised.
2.  The experts don’t believe any private or individual hackers are capable of producing this virus, only a high-tech state such as America or Israel.
3.  Although Stuxnet was identified four months ago, the only servers known to have been affected and seriously damaged are located in Iran.
Some computer security specialists report lively speculation that the virus was invented specifically to target part of the Iranian nuclear infrastructure, either the Bushehr nuclear plant activated last month or the centrifuge facility in Natanz.
debkafile’s sources add: Since August, American and UN nuclear watchdog sources have been reporting a slowdown in Iran’s enrichment processing due to technical problems which have knocked out a large number of centrifuges and which its nuclear technicians have been unable to repair. It is estimated that at Natanz alone, 3,000 centrifuges have been idled.
None of the reports indicate whether other parts of Iran’s nuclear program have been affected by Stuxnet or the scale of the damage it may have caused. 

The world is poised therefore on a knife-edge.

It is possible that this method could work since they are right, these processes rely totally on computer power and if this fails they cannot proceed.

For me the important thing is this:

The Jews were forced to endure the worst attacks on their people over 2000 years and that culminated in the horrors of the Holocaust

America lost 3000 in horrible conditions on 9-11. the Jews lost 6 million and one half of their entire people, and the intention of antisemitism was total destruction of the Jews.

yet here 60 years later the Jews are again under attack and danger of annihilation by Ahmadinejad.

Will the Iranian Mullahs get the bomb, will they be stopped? these are the questions which are being used to torment the Jews once more.

yet if these countries in Europe and America took on Iran in full scale war then it would last maybe hours and the people of Iran itself would rise up and replace the Mullahs with a democracy of the people.

Why NOT military action against the Mullahs and use computer germ warfare as well.

My response to an article on Israpundit is that Netanyahu should be removed at once from the position of PM


This is one of the key paragraphs

On the 14 June 2009, shortly after forming his government, Netanyahu spoke to the world in what has notoriously became known as his Bar-Ilan speech. Here the prime minister accepted the PLO charter and tore up the platform of the Likud and the entire camp he nominally leads. He accepted the fallacy of a “Palestinian people”- even though this Arab propaganda lie was created and still remains in place to delegitimize Israel and to create a 23rd Arab state in place of her. He accepted the lie and stated his intention to build a 23rd Arab state in the heart of the Land of Israel. He then tried to placate his supporters by saying such an entity will be “de-militarised” as if he would be able to dictate the national affairs of a separate sovereign country once created.

This is the second paragraph that damns Bibi

But Barak is not to blame, for his party secured little more than 10 percent of the vote and only half of his small party actually supports him in the Knesset (the rest being termed “rebels” by the Hebrew media). Bibi bears full responsibility as the prime minister and it seems he preferred to disproportionately give Labour 5 ministries and bestow Barak with power and privilege rather than give half a ministry to the National Union party and those loyal to the land of Israel.

So the cry must go out on all blogs and in all quarters to remove Bibi from the position of Prime Minister, give him a job in publicising the decisions of a patriotic government but watch him carefully.

As regards Iran other people will do the job better. In order to survive Israel will have to go to war with the Mullahs. America will not support Israel.

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