I hardly ever post on other blogs, especially on Harry´s place, which is run by people who supported Izetbegovic against the Christian Serbs in Bosnia. Izetbegovic was always an extreme Islamist who wished to set up a Sharia state in Bosnia, and the evidence for that is irrefutable, because he stated it very clearly himself.

But on the issue of the banning of this Jewish speaker from an event in Queens University Festival event I inserted the following in a comment.

The background is a person calling himself RepStones who was giving the full “palestinian” antisemitic narrative on that thread


Despite excellent research on vital issues by especially Habibi I have huge differences with Harry´s Place.

But having said that this person RepStones is something else again.
Nothing could be more tragic for the Jews of the world than to have this garbage in Queens University, Belfast (Belfast being the home of French revolutionary republicanism of the late 18th century) to do such a disservice and insult to the Jewish people than to ban this speaker (Professor Alderman).

This person RepStones above has written the following and it is this I want to take issue with:

If being anti-Zionist makes one anti-semitic then you seem to think it is a moral imperative to be anti-Semitic.

I want to contend most strongly with this individual that being anti Zionist is indeed antisemitic

The Jews have a right to a Homeland just as the Irish have a right to their Homeland. it is this issue of double standards that is so aggravating to Jewish people in relation to the Irish, especially as there were many Irish Jews who supported the republican fight of de Valera and Collins against the British

This ignoramus called RepStones is obviously in his extreme arrogance unaware of almost every aspect of Jewish history and has swallowed the “Palestinian” Arab myths which were spun by the Nazi organizer of the Holocaust, Hajj Amin el Husseini, the mentor of Arafat, whom the Stalinist traitors of Moscow in the 1960s swung behind with such devastating consequences


  1. It seems dear Felix, that the boys over at Harry’s Place have removed the comments from that thread, and with my reply to your ridiculous and Ill-informed assertions. First up, Zionism is an ideology, an ideology which actually contravenes Jewish holy scripture. It first took root in the 19th century with people like Henrich Graetz and his writings, then gained prominence with Herzl’s little pamphlet. Now prior to the rise of Zionism, a persian Jew would never have considered himself to be part of the same nation or ethnic group as a falasha, or a Jew from Brooklyn. Indeed many still don’t, because they recognise that Judaism is a religion, not a rave of people. Now this brings us on to your second I’ll-informed ‘point’. You try and equate World Jewry with the Irish, or Germans or any other so called nationality. A couple of things need pointed out to you Mr Quigley, first up the Irish nor the Germans, unlike Judaism, do not have a history of conversion and proselytism. Judaism has a rich history of this, prior to the rise of Christianity and Islam. Indeed there were incidents of forced conversions to Judaism, as occurred under the Hasmoneans. Furthermore as Judaism had spread far beyond the levant before the story of the exile takes place in the bible, throughout the Mahgreb and down into sub-Saharan Africa coupled with the mass conversion of the Khazar kingdom which took place approx 700 years after Christ, And the fact many people still convert to Judaism today, means you are actually trying to push a very square peg into what is an unmistabkly round hole. The fact that Zionism has followed in the footsteps of the Nazi’s to try and prove Judaism is a race, demonstrates how very unlike other nations and races they are, and how very like other religions they are, because that’s all Judaism is, a
    religion. Perhaps you would care to explain to me what connects a Falasha with Woody Allen, aside from anything to do with their religion, seeing as you claim them to be the same race/nation. You see Mr Quigley, you call me an ignoramous, yet it is not I whose knowledge rests solely on a fairytale book, commonly referred to as The Bible. I prefer real, actual history books, you know the kind you find in the non-fiction section 😉

    I doubt if you’ll publish this comment Mr Quigley, but you defintely need to start reading real books instead of bigotted websites !

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