The situation in England has got a great bearing on the scandal that is in Holland, the trial of Geert Wilders on a “hate speech” issue.

The capitalist class is plunging into crisis, and the line up in Britain is the following

On one side there is organizations, like the EDL, which opposes Islam

On the other side are the Police, the Fascist Left organizations such as the SWP, Anti War Movement (so-called), and the Fascist Islamists

You see the equation: These are allied with the state and against anybody who speaks out (Salman Rushdie was the same issue)

The following is an analysis of the trial by Robert Spencer and we follow Spencer´s piece with a comment which I agree with, that in fact Wilders has fought this trial in the wrong way. He should not have relied on a lawyer but spoken above and beyond the Court to the ordinary people of Europe who oppose Islam

First the Robert Spencer analysis

I said from the very beginning that Wilders lawyer appears to be weak and doesn’t get it.

For, that, and not only that, its Wilders own fault not to stage a walkout or to boycott this idiotic show trial altogether.

Wilders doesn’t know how powerful he really is.

This is the time to lead.

This is not the time to put his life in the hands of a lawyer who knows nothing about Islam.

Now the analysis by Robert Spencer

Wilders has already been found guilty, says his lawyer

He has already been found to be an “Islamophobe,” which means someone who says things about Islam that Islamic supremacists would prefer not be known. And the fact of the proceeding itself is enough of an assertion of his guilt by the prosecutors. “Wilders has already been found guilty, says his lawyer in 14 hour speech,” from Dutch News, October 19 (thanks to Mackie):

Anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders should never have been taken to court on inciting hatred charges because he has already been found guilty, the MP’s lawyer Bram Moszkowicz said on Tuesday.Moszkowicz was outlining the defence’s case at the MP’s trial in Amsterdam.

The lawyer said Amsterdam appeal court had already found the MP guilty in January 2009, when it ruled in favour of a group of individuals and organisations who wanted to see Wilders prosecuted.

Not guilty

The public prosecution department, which last week said the MP should be found not-guilty on all counts, had decided not to take him to court, saying there was no case against him.

Moszkowicz said that appeal court ruling meant Wilders could not have a fair trial. It is a ‘scandal’ that the court has already ruled Wilders to be an Islamaphobe, the lawyer said.

‘Judges, a previous court has already decided that Wilders’ statements are insulting to Muslims,’ Moszkowicz, who estimates his full testimony will take 14 hours, said.


In addition, Moszkowicz said it is important to note that at least some of the statements made by Wilders are true. He likened the MP to Galileo, who went against established church teachings in the 17th century when he argued the sun did not revolve around the earth.

‘Do not shoot the messenger,’ Nos tv quoted the lawyer as saying….


At least some of Wilders’ statements are true? And this is his lawyer speaking?

Posted by Robert on October 20, 2010 3:10

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