Here are more pictures from that San francisco march at the time of the Gaza War, but dont think it was only San francisco, it was everywhere, especially in Ireland.

You should scan down over halfway on the link to see the central message, that the jews of Israel were the new Nazis, a message carried continually on the Irish website run by provo Anthony McIntyre over many years, and supported by all of the “Left” in Ireland

One such example is here:

This, actually, was the main message of the rally, taking the Israelis=Nazis correlation to its logical conclusion: If Israelis are Nazis, then the invasion of Gaza is the new Holocaust! How can you argue with logic like that?

Hmmmmm, 800 casualties in the war (as of this writing), 75% of which were Hamas militant enemy combatants, and the remainder being unavoidable civilian casualties caused in nearly every instance by Hamas using women and children as human shields. That’s definitely a new Holocaust, no doubt.

See these pictures by flicking to

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