Where is the difference?

Consider this picture carefully from

With the caption:

German policemen tormenting a Jew in Rzeszów, Poland

Now consider the following picture from Zombie on that notorious San Francisco demo at the time of the Gaza War

Or these two

“Hizbullah beat you ya kilab,” says this disturbing sign. “Kilab” means “dogs” in Arabic. In other words, he’s calling the Israelis dogs. The rest of the message conveys a sentiment that is currently popular among pundits in the Arab world, that Israel is invading Gaza to regain its manhood after being crushed and humiliated by Hizbullah in 2006.

I’ve purposely not yet shown any of the Nazi comparisons on display at the rally, because I thought I’d group them all together here for more impact. Swastikas were everywhere.

In Ireland this linking of the Jews of Israel with the Nazis was carried on week after week by The Blanket, edited by Anthony McIntyre, for years. The Blanket was widely read and supported by the Republicans and by the “Left”

McIntyre later became a big feature on the BBC.

This was taken up by the Indmedia Ireland and by the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign-

Main theme was calling the Israeli state a Nazi state.

I am really wrecking my brain to know what to call this. (heavy irony)

But let us say…I just cannot see ANY difference between the baiting of the poor Jew in the picture from Wikipedia by Nazi thugs, and the equally thuggish calling of Jews today who support and defend Israel Nazis. Do you?

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