Cliona Campbell is a woman student in Ireland and is a firm defender of Israel against the lie machine of Indymedia and of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign branch of antisemitism, with its very distinct Irish form.

She has had this letter published in a very anti Israel forum, so full marks to them for allowing free speech anyway.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

THE irony in your feature article headlined ‘Tunnel vision gives Gaza a lifeline’ (October 8) was inescapable, as Richard Fitzpatrick demonstrated an astounding level of tunnel vision in his incredibly partisan account of the situation in Gaza.

Never have I encountered an evaluation of the Gazan tunnels which completely evades any reference to the terrorist organisation Hamas’s smuggling of vast quantities of weaponry by means of these outlets, including rockets, explosives, rifles and ammunition.

The tunnels play an intrinsic role in sustaining Hamas’s guerrilla-style warfare against the civilians of Israel and in maintaining their campaign of terror.

Mr Fitzpatrick also deplores Israel’s launch of Operation Cast Lead in 2008, completely sidestepping any mention of the seven-year campaign of incessant rocket attacks on Israel which initiated the response, or the refusal of the international community to intervene, leaving the small state with no other option in defending its citizens.

Yet while your correspondent’s presentation of these tunnels as the veritable underground Aldi of the Middle East may coincide nicely with his demonisation of Israel, such cherrypicking of facts and failure to present the other side of the argument is shoddy journalism at best.

Cliona Campbell
Dublin 4

This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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