There is no end to the tricks of those in Dublin who are so filled with hatred for Israel, and of course for Jews because Israel is the Jewish Homeland

The tricj employed by the IPSC and Hughes is that they hide the preceeding events. The Jews and Israel were driven to distraction by Arabs coming into Israel and blowing themselves up, creating massacres, on buses, in pubs and in pizza parlours.

The IPSC and Hughes are either naturally thick, or else they are so filled with hatred of Israel that the past does not matter to them.

Do not expect any truth from this mob!

But is this “art” not an ugly sight.

I mean, I always thought that Dublin was one damned ugly city, with its crammed buildings, horrific architecture etc, with poverty and expense living side by side.

But this stuff that this character has produced. makes me want to puke actually!

That is quite apart from the lies that are implicit.

Do the people of Dublin not want to scrub this stuff off or have they no civic pride left in them, as they are ploughed beneath problems of economic survival.

The pictures of these monstrosities are on the IPSC website. The first form of resistance as regards the Irish would be to get them removed.

William Parry and IPSC Chairperson Freda Hughes Picture by Barra Hammilton
William Parry and IPSC Chairperson Freda Hughes. Picture by Barra Hammilton

Picture by Paul Reynolds
Picture by Paul Reynolds

Photo by Barra Hamilton, DCTV

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