Email from Kevin Carroll, EDL Leadership

As many of you are aware, The English Defence League started their international journey by attending the 9/11 remembrance event in New York, as well as attending the protest in opposition to the ground zero mosque.  As I stated in my previous blog the EDL were well received by the American public. 

So just listen to what the EDL has to say about Israel and the Jews.

We add to this that all these forces, must be united together against the Palestine State, which is really antisemitism in action, and be firm on the principle that Judea belongs naturally (think of the name) to the Jews.

There must be a new leadership in the world, and in Israel as well, to affirm this principle, No Palestine State and Judea is Jewish full stop.

The report below is by Pamela Geller:

Edl rabbi6

The English Defence League (EDL) has been meeting with Orthodox Rabbi Nachum Shifren this week ahead of today’s demonstration in support of Israel outside the Israeli embassy in London. This is part of the growing interaction between the EDL and the counter-jihad movement in the US that I enthusiastically support.

Anyway i would just like to thank Rabbi Shiffren for coming here today to support us and our cause.

Edl rabbi4

Today I received an email off EDL joint leader Kevin Carroll about how it went in New York, which he has kindly given his permission for me to share with you all

“bruv it was unbelievable, ground zero is huge u have to c it to believe it.  I was on the 27th floor and looked straight over the ground zero site, huge, loads of work going on especially iron workers. It meant so much to me personally to actually visit the site and speak to people that were there and lost friends and family members, very emotional. I met one guy, a bob lunder ,he was 41 when they came down. He lost 51 friends in the building. I was amazed how come I said to him, because I was in insurance and if he wasn’t in the building he was on the phone or computer talking to them every day. He spent the next years of his life comforting and helping their family members but it took its toll on him. He was such a nice easy going chap, very friendly also an ex us marine. He was really keen to get on board with the EDL and we exchanged details and websites. The funny thing was he didn’t have any thing to write on so this guy next to us ripped out 3 sheets of the Koran and he used that lol.  i met another really sound fella called Patrick he was at the tip of the spear of the tea party, really sound fella well clued up big time. Me and him were chatting and he said do you know what the date was we stopped the Muslims at the gates of Vienna and i said yes, smiling he didn’t believe me so told him September 11,he was shocked and said he never met anyone else that knew that .this suggests that by their actions that horrible day the jihadists were saying ,right its on lets have ya, lets carry on where we left off, there will be a caliphate, they must be stopped. We also met all the fdny and drank with them almost every night they were fantastic blokes, tough as old boots no nonsense new Yorkers and a great crack. We were treated so good by the yanks it was overwhelming every where we went every body wanted to know how they could join the EDL and i mean every one.  edders, bricey ,nemisis, lesley, nathan, gillis they were absolutely first class ambassadors for the EDL to our american cousins, and represented their country and the EDL with nothing but integrity and respect i was extremely proud of these lads in particular and i would like it to be known please Wally.  One night about 1 in the morning Patrick asked one of the FDNY if he would play a tune on the pipes, at first he declined, he was tired, been playing all day it was the night of sep 11 we were in an alley out back with all the smokers. It was a very busy cut through alley also about 30 feet wide lots of people cutting through.  He’d had a few beers and his girlfriend was hassling him to go home, he was dressed in full Celtic FDNY regalia kilt etc.  but when Patrick told him where we were from and why we were there he said yes.  Patrick asked me what tune i would like i said i loved amazing grace on the pipes so he did it was emotional to say the least every body stopped in there tracks, we held up our EDL flags and stood still. Firemen stood up and straightened themselves in remembrance of their lost friendship was a real goose bump moment, he received rapturous applause at the end. I will never forget it as im sure the rest of the lads will not. It was one of the high lights of the trip without a doubt. God bless America.

i would also like to say how gutted we all were and i mean gutted that our leader Tommy Robinson was not there due to the fact that British intell colluded with american intell and had him turned away at the american end jfk airport, this just shows how they are conspiring against us with unfounded bullshit reasons, he was sorely missed.  NSE.”

Thank you Kevin, and a believe I speak for every single member of the EDL when I say you guys have done us all proud, and every one who flew out (Tommy included) earned the utmost respect and gratitude from every American Patriot.

Once again thank you for taking the time to read this.

It is quite clear to me from the above email by Kevin Carroll that the English Defence League is in all respects a very progressive movement.

consider the following.

We on 4international are totally opposed to those journalists of the media who edit the News, that is they let us see some stories that they consider relevant, and onscure our view from other issues that they  are politically opposing

One of the best examples of this was the rally which was held on 11 September 2010 in opposion to the building of the mosque on Ground Zero

This was a massive rally and yet it was cut out from the Media Schedules.

This reminds me in every respect to the way that the Media, and Partisan blogs like Harry’s Place, reported lies against the Serbs in Yugoslavia over very many years.

Switch from Yjugoslavia, through the giant rally on the Mosque 9.11 issue, through the campaign to politically assasinate Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, and on to the rally of the EDL in London last Sunday.

I would say 2 things mainly

1. This was the first time that the British working class people have called for support for Jews and Israel, against Islam, ever in history

2. The whole affair has been carefully hidden by the Media



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