Yesterday as Christians in Iraq were attending mass they were taken hostage by Islamic Jihadists who were wearing “suicide vests”, a better description is killing machines.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has a picture of the Church where many Christians were murdered yesterday by Islamists taken in 2008

Misunderstanders of Islam strike again. Horrible. Expect the media to report it every which way but the truth. Jihad.

Iraq church

Ahmad Al-Rubaye  /  AFP – Getty Images file
Iraqi Chaladean Catholic Christians celebrate Easter mass at the church of Virgin Mary in central Baghdad’s Al-Karrada neighborhood on March 23, 2008. The same church was the site of a four-hour seige on Sunday.


One of the demands was to free “prisoners” of christians in Egypt. This is so absurd it does not need to be answered. The Christians in Egypt are the oppressed in every sense of the term Christian Copts.

What they really mean, most likely, is that a couple of girls have converted from Islam to Christianity, and the punishment for that is death. So this verdict of death is projected onto the Christians of Iraq, on the Sunday Mass situation.

One comment on Jihadwatch fairly summed up the situation:

The lib MSM whipping up the ‘outrage’. The Arab media talking of yet more Western ‘assault on Islam’. The demo’s, killing and torching of Embassies.

And worst of all, our ‘politicians’capitulating to the fake narrative of provocation, insult, religious sensitivities and western imperialism.

Meanwhile as this is a Christian Church, who cares? Certainly not the dhimmi MSM who studiously look the other way.

Descartes famously said ‘if a tree falls in a forest and no one hear’s, did it really fall’?

In the case of ‘the religion of the perpetually outraged’ all it takes is a twig for the repercussion to reverberate around the world. As far as Christianity is concerned it could be the whole forest with not one reactive blink.

And thus the West implodes, not with a bang but the wimper of politically correct cowardice.

Another comment hit the nail on the head

Will the pro-Hamas flotillas now be diverted to help the Christian victims of Islamic jihad in Iraq?

Further thoughts on that last comment: it is a fact that the irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has very close links with the Irish Heirarchy. We will detail those links in a later article but suffice to say that a central figure in the Irish/IHH Flotillas of Hate against Israel has been mairead Maguire, a central figure close to the Catholic Heirarchy, and a leader of Corpus Christi.

But Maguire has got little time for these things. She will have nothing to say against the Jihad against Catholics and Christians in Iraq.

Her whole being and energy is devoted to the Palestinian Arabs, who we maintain most strongly are part of the same Jihad, but this time against the Jews of the Middle East, who are congregated in Israel

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