We salute the courage and principled leadership of Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs today. Pamela has come out against the KLA American leader in today’s vital election in America, in New York. This is particularly principled because Pamela is out for a Republican win to defeat the antisemite Obama, but this man who she is opposing is a republican . More below:

His name is Joe Dio Guardi and along with the explanatory text he is seen in the picture below along with Biden and a war criminal from the KLA. It is this that Pamela takes exception to.

(Text and picture from Julia Gorin follows below)

As a KLA commander, Haradinaj ordered the murder of 40 Serb civilians in Glodan, Kosovo, including six whom he killed with his own hands. His atrocities are too numerous to name, but one in particular was when he stopped a bus in 1998 to look for two Albanians — because they had Serbian wives. The men were never seen again. Haradinaj was also involved with the KLA’s kidnapping-and-organ-removal slaughter which, according to former prosecutor Del Ponte, was overseen by current U.S.-backed “prime minister” Hashim Thaci. The site of the operation was near Tropoja. As author Trifkovic wrote after the primaries, “The horrors of Tropoja and the KLA are light years away from DioGuardi’s New York State audiences and his usual sales pitch: standard fiscal conservatism, family values. No mention of the KLA anywhere, of course…a sad testimony on the decrepitude of the GOP and on the state of this country’s politics.”

Biden, DioGuardi and indicted war criminal/terrorist Ramush Haradinaj


The above is via Pamela Geller’s site Atlas Shrugs to be found on


The analysis contained in the above is a must read.


But against those who attack Pamela Geller, what we are emphasising here is that this movement around Geller, Spencer, the Tea Party movement, and the anti Mosque on Ground Zero IS PROGRESSIVE AND PRINCIPLED

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