Imagine this barbarity:

As some one hundred worshipers celebrated evening mass, Islamic terrorists stormed the church. According to an eyewitness account, they walked straight up to the priest administering the mass and executed him. The Muslim terrorists then took the Christian worshipers hostage.

This is the age of telling lies

Turn to the pages of the main pro Palestine organization in Ireland, the IPSC, and you will find not a mention of this barbarism on Sunday at mass in Baghdad

Listen to the hundreds of hours on the BBC, its television and radio…hardly a mention

The Irish Times covered this…just…and no more. It was not a BIG issue.

The response of the Catholic Church in Ireland. in Spain, in England. Hardly anything at all that I could find.

But all of these can find all the time in the world to attack israel and to support the Fascism of the “Palestinian” Arabs

This is a repeat of what we all experienced during the 1990s with total lies against the Vhristian Serbs and total lies in support of the collaborator of Hajj Amin el Husseini, Izetbegovic, in the Holocaust

Yes we do live in the age of lies.

The centre of these lies lie in the lies of the narrative of the “Palestinians”, really the lies of the Arabs and Islam, to stop a Jewish presence on their Islamic lands

We on 4international maintain that this is the central lie, that antisemitism is the Big Lie once more.

Tomorrow the Iranian Fascist Islamists of Ahmadinejad are threatening to murder this poor woman, Sakineh, most likely by hanging.

It is typical that the lies of the Fascist Iranian Mullahs are obvious here too. First they said the charge was “adultery” and because of world opposition they changed this to a “murder” charge. The lies really of our age.

And as I turn to the Facebook page to save Sakineh, I find people from Ireland posting there, who support the creation of a Palestine state, that is antisemitism, and pretending to defend Sakineh. They are full of their antisemitism against Israel, yet the liars that they are pretend to support poor Sakineh.

Then there are the lies against our colleagues in the English Defence League and the lies against Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

And as we always emphasise here there are the lies of those who do not report any of these things, who fill the minds of people with trivia

We on 4international on this very important American Election day send our regards to Pamela and say that we will eventually, through new and principled leadership, have the truth come out

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