Anybody who claims that antisemitism is a thing of the past needs to get medical help.

The whole of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is filled with antisemitism

In this we first look at their campaign around what they call “Blood” diamonds and the latest gimmick of this antisemitic outfit is to use an actor dressed as Marilyn Monroe

30 Oct 2010
Marilyn Monroe launches ‘Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds’ campaign in Dublin

Marilyn Monroe launches ‘Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds’ campaign in Dublin

“Israeli Diamonds… no longer a girl’s best friend”

On Saturday 30th October 2010 the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) held a nationwide awareness-raising day to expose the contamination of the global diamond market with Israeli “blood diamonds” ahead of the annual meeting of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP) in Jerusalem on November 1st. To launch the Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds campaign activists from the IPSC in Cork, Galway, Limerick, Wexford and Waterford activists from the IPSC handed out thousands of leaflets and collected petition signatures to while in Dublin, a blood-stained Marilyn Monroe even turned up to endorse the campaign saying “the fact that Israeli diamonds are sold as ‘conflict free’ means that diamonds can no longer be considered a girl’s best friend!”

Marilyn Monroe turns up to endorse the campaign
Marilyn Monroe turns up to endorse the campaign


These members of this organization in Ireland are not only antisemitic, consciously using this blood libel against Jews, they are also insane. Only explanation!


The following is about antisemitism in Belgium and how it is being brought into London via the Law Society

This show trial in London will be an exercise in antisemitism (Something called the “Russel Tribunal” is organizer)

Again the use of the Blood Libel

By way of the brilliant Habibi on Harry’s Place

(There is a video of this guy Franssen)

Mario Franssen is a Belgian left wing activist who will speak at the Russell Tribunal’s upcoming show trial of Israel in London.

Mario Franssen

His big target is Dexia, a Belgian bank. It has lent money to customers in settlements in the occupied territories.

This is how far Franssen’s group goes in its ugly campaigning. Look at this video of a march on the bank’s annual general meeting in May. People dressed in clown suits pretend to be Israelis. Shortly after the beginning of the clip, they proceed to drink Palestinian “blood” and chant this:

“J’aime le sang. Un petit verre de sang. J’aime le sang.”

“I love blood. A little glass of blood. I love blood.”

Distressed Belgian Jews objected to this obvious echo of the medieval blood libels.

This was Franssen’s reaction to the complaints, in his capacity as spokesman for the demonstration:

I think they are trying to divert attention from the core issue: the colonisation of Palestinian land that breaks international law.

So, no apology, just a cheap tactic often employed by extremists. Sneaky Jews, they’re not complaining about racism, they’re just trying to trick you!

Mr Franssen sounds perfect for the show trial.

Does the Law Society care? No way. It has sent this manus lavo letter to the Jewish Chronicle.

Dear Sir

In your edition of 31 October you carried an article “No Kangaroo Court at the Law Society”. It was a pity that your correspondent chose not to contact the Law Society in advance. Permit me to correct a number of the inaccuracies and misconceptions in your report.

The Law Society is not “hosting” an event involving the Russell Tribunal.
The Law Society is not endorsing the Russell Tribunal.
The Law Society is not spending one penny of its members’ money on the Russell Tribunal.

The Law Society’s involvement is simply that at a time when the Law Society is closed over a weekend we have leased via our letting agents some of our rooms to be used by the Russell Tribunal for a private event that they are holding.

The contents of the meetings and discussions to be held by the Russell Tribunal have nothing whatever to do with the Society.

The letting of rooms in this way is designed to maximise the returns for the benefit of all of our members from the assets of the Society. It is not about endorsing or supporting a particular viewpoint.

Yours faithfully

Desmond Hudson
Chief Executive

Hey, a bunch of racists and supporters of terrorism in the building, using our name to gain credibility, who cares, we are going to make some money!


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