Obama withdrew nothing! Obama made a call for coalition government in America and if you know anything about Ramsey MacDonald’s coalition of the Thirties this represents dictatorship and is the end of democracy. It means the end of the political discussion, and if sections of the Republicans go along, as they will, it will mean lies and persecution of principled leaders like Pamela Geller and Atlas Shrugs.

This is going to be the new line of Huffington Post and I predict of Fox News as well. This guy Beck is very unstable it seems to me.

As the crisis deepens in the American industrial wasteland then the calls for coalition will grow louder.

Obama is finished as far as America is concerned. The economic crisis in the world capitalist system has snookered not just Obama but the whole of American capitalism.

The problem that Pamela Geller will find in seeking a way out for American capital (because she really is a patriot and hates to see America suffer or go down the proverbial drain) is that the crisis is caused by the economic and political contradictions in the world system.

Industrial wastelands are in America because capital seeks a cheaper labour supply. Of course not everything moves because there are transport costs. But a lot does.

Hence as a blind reaction to this shifting of capital to seek a profit not peace and progress…but economic, trade and military wars are on the agenda.

This is the real secret of why the alliance between American and EU capital with ISLAM is on!


Nothing therefore (inside of capitalism) can stop this war against Israel. Antisemitism comes out of the bowels of the system of capitalism.

I know it is a tangent but it is a very vital tangent: it is really quite impossible to understand German, Italian or Spanish fascism without having studied, or at least have a darned good passing knowledge, of how Leon Trotsky analysed Fascism.

Fascism is a method of rule. Essentially a method of class rule! I mean look at John Toland’s “Hitler”, he makes it clear Hitler was nothing without the bankers weighing in at a crucial moment.

Now note: there are many principled people in the American movement, especially in the American “Tea Party”  Movement. And there are leaders like Pamela Geller…look how she refused to support a republican in New York who was linked to the anti-Serb KLA. A true and principled “internationalist” position if ever there was one!

More and more this war of Obama is going to turn into a war against Israel. It is not just a “Palestinian state” issue anymore. It is rather more that US and EU Capital are tied together in the same camp as Islam, in the putting down of mass revolt of poor people.

I feel so truly sorry for Iranian victims like Sakineh. But Sakineh is caught up in exactly these issues. the poor woman does not understand this and that is the fault of the betrayals of the Stalinist Tudeh party over many years in miseducating youth.

Inside Obama last night as I watched him speak to the press I felt a real desparation and I can imagine the utter cruelty that can come out of this man.

Fighters for truth and principle against Obama must expect the very worst and must defend themselves with a strong movement behind them. We truly are going to move into serious times, witness the trials by the state on fighters against Islam like Geert Wilders

As the crisis deepens expect to see sections of the Republican Party joining in coalition with Obama, and expect to see sections of the republicans and ALL of the Democrats embracing Sharia and Islam.

Just today the British Tory William Hague has attacked Israel. The understanding of this attack by Hague on Israel is going to be at the centre of US politics in the years ahead.

This is the task that American patriots like Geller must shoulder. Not every lie can be answered but this is the central lie.

Take this lie that Hague is pushing today:

This Tory Foreign Affairs Minister of Britain is rooted in a long tradition of British antisemitism (if you do not understand this point just shut up and learn…do some research) has once more called on Israel to prepare the ground for a “two-state” solution. He has called on Israel to stop building in what he calls “occupied territories”

Let us try to together address this issue:


The basic point of creating a “Palestinian State” is to have a situation where:


  1. Terrorism is awarded
  2. Arabs who now call themselves “Palestinians” with a history of hatred of Jews are awarded with a state
  3. This state is sitting on ground which looks down on Israel, literally, from a few miles off
  4. Where this state is backed by Arabs who have always hated Jews and especially Israel
  5. Where the forces of Islamist Jihad, Al Qaida, Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas – are coalescing with the aim to destroy the Jewish state
  6. And finally all of this, 2 states, is going to happen on a piece of the earth which is NO BIGGER THAN MUNSTER (which is about one quarter of Ireland)


It will make a mockery of history and of what passes for “international law”.


The Jews in 1920 were given by international treaty: Jordan, this so called “West Bank”, Gaza, Golan, present day Israel


In 1923 after Jordan was carved off the Jews were definitely given by international treaty all of the above that remained, which is: Golan, Israel as it is now, the “West Bank”, Gaza


In 1947 it was resolved by the UN that that area be divided between Arabs and Jews. The Arabs without any mistake about it rejected that resolution and went to war.


Thus there is no “Occupation”.


How could there be an “Occupation”? There was NO Arab land to start with because the Arabs rejected the so-called “2 state” arrangement in 1947


We repeat:



The fight for this conception is what is at the centre of politics in the world today.

If these forces of darkness can get away with this total revision of history then mankind is finished.

I do believe that this is the ground that Obama must be fought on in the coming months and years.

Obama is going to play this “Palestine State” to the very end, and this is nothing other than Fascism and Nazism in its modern sense

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