The following is actually a very important picture from an historical point of view

The picture is from Joshuapundit

On the far right, the man with the scarf, stands Tariq Ali.

At the front, near to Ali, is the wife of Mick Jagger

There is also George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and above all Annie Lennox

About Lennox, James Kirchick wrote the following, which is a good summary of the position of Lennox at the time of the Gaza War. The only thing that we disagree with is when he seems to laud the PA, drawing a comparision with the “Good” PA and the “Bad” Hamas:

Last week, former Eurthymics songstress Annie Lennox wrote about the “pornography of destruction” waged by Israel against the Palestinian civilians of the Gaza Strip. Outraged, she did what any other socially-concerned celebrity would do: call a press conference.

On the verge of tears, Lennox told the media how, a few days after Christmas, she turned on the telly to see that Gaza was in flames (the years of Hamas rocket-fire into southern Israel that precipitated the airstrikes apparently escaped her analysis).  “As a Mother, how is this going to be the solution to peace?” she plaintively asked. At her side were the Sandinista-loving Bianca Jagger, the radical Islamist sheik-loving ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, and George Galloway, the Member of Parliament who called on British troops deployed in Iraq to disobey orders and desert. “There has to be a place where people come to the table,” Lennox pleaded.

Of course, Israel has been at the proverbial table for years, trying to hammer out a peace agreement with the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Authority. It’s Hamas that wants to turn that table upside down, throwing platters of hummus and falafel all over the room. Here’s what happened before Annie turned on the television: In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip, forcibly removing its settlers and uprooting military outposts. Immediately after the withdrawal, Hamas began firing rockets indiscriminately into bordering Israeli territory. In 2007, Hamas violently took control from the ruling Fatah party by murdering its way to power. In June of this year, Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire brokered by the Egyptian government, but Hamas broke that agreement (as it always does) when it re-commenced rocket fire last month. But to truly grasp what Israel is up against, we ought to go back further, to the signing of the Hamas Covenant in 1988, which states that the group’s “struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious,” repeatedly cites Koranic justification for the murder of Jews and declares it “compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised.”

On Saturday, Lennox spoke at a rally full of open Hamas and Hezbollah supporters who marched on the Israeli embassy throwing rocks and glass bottles at riot police. If Lennox, “as a Mother,” genuinely believes in peace, why does she speak at a rally organized by acknowledged supporters of organizations that inculcate hatred of Jews in Muslim children and teach them the virtue of suicide-terrorism?

Unlike her compadres Jagger, Galloway and Livingstone, who all have notorious histories of Communist fellow-traveling, Lennox is not known for far-left or anti-Israel posturing. Indeed, her political activism has thus far mostly consisted of feel-good stuff like singing at the Live 8 concert and generally raising awareness about global poverty. So one wonders what prompts her currnet, passionate antipathy towards Israel. Maybe it’s something as petty as the 2000 break-up with her Israeli husband, Uri Fruchtmann? I love Lennox’s music too much to want to dwell on her obnoxious polemics, but this newfound activism perfectly encapsulates how for so many critics of Israel — and not just celebrities, either — Middle Eastern history always begins with the latest alleged Israeli transgression.


I actually think that the position of Lennox at the time of the Gaza war is of great importance and significance.

As Kirchick makes clear above Lennox is not that political a person. But suddenly under pressure of event Lennox became very, very political and extremely hateful towards Israel

I think what is really significant is how Hypocricy, that is British Hypocricy, gels in along with a kind of empty pacifism, but the whole package actually does end up in the camp of Fascism, which is what Israel Hatred actually is, because Lennox joined forces with Hamas.

Lennox has been interviewed on BBC hard Talk. Lennox said of course she was against the Hamas bombing of Sderot etc. The point on this is that Lennox did not march, or try to organize a march, not even a press conference, not even with her power an interview, on the subject of the terrorising of Israeli women and children by the Palestinian Arab terror bombing and rocketry.

There you see is the hypocricy.

There is the sleight of hand that ends in real revulsion for people like Lennox

Joshuapundit runs an interview with Lennox on the url below, and what he writes is important

Here’s a nice Sky News Interview the day before the intifada-on-the Thames, a violent jihad friendly rage singer Annie Lennox, George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and other anti-Semites led against the Israeli consulate.

My favorite parts? When the interviewer brings up that it was Hamas who broke the ceasefire and launched barrages of rockets into Israel, which Lennox just glosses over and goes back to the mantra ‘humanitarian crisis in Gaza’..and the part about 3 minutes in, when the interviewer asks “How do you get through to a terrorist organization?” and Lennox responds “I don’t have the solutions. I am not a politician.”

Of course, if she was really concerned about about a humanitarian crisis, she’d have been protesting Hamas sending rockets at Israeli civilians a long time before this. But then, that’s not her agenda, is it? And it’s not hard to figure out why. We are, after all, known by our friends as well as our enemies.

Even when you’re as clueless, biased and stupid as Lennox obviously is.

You see, Joshuapundit makes exactly the point I made above.

What was to stop Lennox during all of those years of terror on those Israeli mims and kids calling a Press conference or even giving some interviews to defend the people of Israel against Arab terrorism.

The other thing that strikes me forcefully in the above interview is where Lennox claims not to be a politician when asked for a solution to Arab antisemitism (Hamas et al)

If Lennox is NOT a politician then she should stay right out of politics.

But she did not. She entered into the battle against Israel at a critical time.

In the recently repeated Hardtalk BBC interview between Stephen Sackur and Lennox, Lennox siad the solution to the Middle East was “Peace, Peace, Peace”

End of story!

Is she also a Buddhist? If a man is coming down the street determined to kill you what do you do if you cannot run?

That is the eternal situation facing the Jews.

This idea voiced above by Lennox of the need for people to come to the table

This idea of coming to the table, of screming peace (or murmuring softly about peace), when your enemy is using those peace talks etc to gain an advantage over ypou, in order to destroy you, is what we are talking about.

People who talk about peace should keep that in mind.

The enemy is quite capable of using talk about peace in order to destroy you.

In certain situations talkiong about peace can actually be very antisemitic.

No matter what way Lennox turned she could not answer why she had not done a single thing when the people of Israel were being bombed by the Arabs

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