What did the Pope have to say on his recent visit to Spain about the Christians being driven out of Iraq?

Absolutely nothing at all. Not a word!

The plain and honest conclusion to draw from this: This man is a phoney if ever there was one!

This was the perfect forum to voice the information for Spanish and European Catholics and Christians of the horrors that Christians are experiencing in the middle East ans elsewhere.

He could easily have done this in simple and clear language. But he decided to say not a word.

The result is that all Spanish remain in ignorance about what is happening to their co’ religionists at the hands of Islam.

This is cute on the part of the Pope. There are others in Spain who are keeping silent on the persecution of Christians in Iraq and elsewhere, not least in the areas controlled by so called “Palestinians”. This is the followers of Zapatero who do not want to tell the truth about this, because they have a great love god themselves, and that is Islam, and their very special love god, their sweetest honey pot, the “Palestinians”.

You can see the alliance can you not!

Everything in this world on almost all occasions centres on the “Palestinians” but there is a sub plot to this.

The sub plot is without the slightest shadow of doubt antisemitism in its modern form, which is hatred in all its myriad appearances of Israel

Of course we do not hate Israel…they añll cry out in anguish at such a suggestion.

Of course we defend Israel’s right to exist…they counter before they even begin their attacks on Israel.

OK then! Why not give full publicity to the Christians being driven out of Iraq.

Do not blame anybody and do not blame Islam! Just for a start tell ordinary people in Europe what is happening! That is not a lot to ask! Just give people the facts!

You see the Pope did not mention Christians driven out of Iraq when he visited Spain because he is part of a bigger and more gigantic alliance. He is in alliance with Zapatero against Israel, against the Jews, in unity (both of them) against any who fight against Islam, against any who fight against Iran, and as for the reality of Iran getting a Nuclear Bomb to threaten Israel and others with, THAT MUST NEVER BE MENTIONED

You will appreciate that if you do not talk about the Iran Bomb then it will not exist.

Just close your eyes and imagine that Iran does not have the Nuclear Bomb. Problem solved. It does not have it.

That is the basic kind of subjective idealism allied with direct antisemitism that motivates the Pope and the followers in Europe of Zapatero.

In the meantime Pope Bededict 16 can keep droning on his attacks against secularism, against the secular state, against the separation of Church and State as embodied in the French and American Constitutions, and all his other big pet projects.

But they are divorced from reality.

At least Spanish youth and workers should draw this from the Pope’s visit to Spain.

The Pope and Zapatero are in alliance with Islam and with Iran…that is the fact which is glaring at us.

These word merchants like the venerable Senor Bono are so good with words on the morning programmes. But when Iran has the Nuclear Bomb and the Costas are within reach of the rocketry of Iran, which is quite outstanding in its sophistication, then mr Bono all words will cease, and you and your people will fry.

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