It could not be more beautiful! it is all so beautifully poised!

This is how the world divides at the moment: there are those who are prepared to tell the truth; there are those who hide the truth.

The issue of the English Defence League is one case in point!

FACT: A few weeks ago the English Defence League organized a march in London to the Israeli Embassy IN ORDER TO SUPPORT ISRAEL

FACT: This is the first time in history that any group of workers are known to have marched to the Israeli Embassy to show their support to the Jewish people (of Israel or of anywhere else, but especially of Israel)

FACT: The English Defence League are the type of working class English who could not care at all what respectable and full of lies Britain thinks about them. Bully for them! That is the greatness and historic nature of their action!

FACT: 4international is independent of the English defence League, and they of us, but we defend their march and stance, and applaud them for it!

FACT: Pamela geller and Atlas Shrugs are also independent of the English Defence League but they also defend and applaud their action. Others do too. These are real savvy Jewish people who do defend the EDL!


So it is all just so beautifully posed and poised and the big question will be “Where do we go from here”?

Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs sums it all up concisely here, when she draws attention to the Jew Hatred that is coming out of the bowels of the British Imperialist (allied with Islam) system. The so called “Left” are at the centre of this antisemitic filth.

She writes in explanation:

A new “group” was recently formed by the British Board of Jewish Deputies, Holocaust Information Campaign, CST and the Israeli Embassy, among others, “to combat Jewish support for the English Defence League within the community.” 

Jewish Kameradschaftspolizei leadership in the UK have declared war on the pro-Israel, counter jihad group, the English Defense League. This just after the massive EDL demonstration in support of Israel. I have wrestled with the Jewicides at the CST, et al, so it is not surprising to see the usual humilated suspects prostrating themselves to Islamic supremacists, but what turned my head is “Israeli Embassy.” Could this be true? Does the Israeli government know?

I have for years reported on the vile Jew hatred on display in front of the Israeli embassy in the UK  by the very enemy the EDL marches against. Last year I posted video and pictures of Muslims attacking policemen (while screaming “allahu akbar” “Kuffaaaaaar!”  and “run you fucking cowards”) who were escorting them to the Israeli embassy, where they terrorized and tried to break through the gates to attack the Jews.

Truly, you could not make this up.

The Jews in above orgs. which Pamela Geller describes formed a group to fight against another group which is marching to the Israeli Embassy to defend the Jews!

But defend the Jews against what? I hear the little weasels squealing “But there is no antisemitism in Britain or Ireland…”

Come again! Come again Richie Allen of Talk Radio Europe!

The following pictures are from the video on Atlas Shrugs…”Demonizing the Jew 10th Jan 2009. London. demo”

To check out video visit http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2010/11/uk-israeli-embassy-takes-up-against-stauch-defenders-of-israel-.html

“Jew holding dead baby covered in blood”

London .demonising the Jew 10.1.2k9

“Jew eating dead baby whilst holding dead child”

Jew holding dead child and eating baby

“Jew holding dead child and eating baby”

Jew holding dead child and eating baby2

Pamela Geller starts with The Jewish Chronicle

She is right to start with them, because they, like the little political and undeducated children that they are, carried all of this rubbish on their site. Pamela calls them “The Jewish Chronicle, notoriously leftwing and Jewicidal”, and Pamela is wrong on just one aspect of this because they are everything and anything but they are not anything to do with true socialism.

The Jewish Chronicle is Left Wing in the sense of Bakunin being Left Wing. In fact Bakunin was an anarchist and an antisemite to boot!

So THAT gloating and full of self righteousness pathetic little Jewish Chronicle writes the following:

The initiative of the Union of Jewish Students, the campaign is a response to the creation of a “Jewish division” by the extreme right-wing anti-Islamic-fundamentalist group earlier this year, and the EDL’s pro-Israel protest outside the Israeli Embassy last month, which was supported by American rabbi Nachum Shifren.

The “Not in our name” group’s founding pledge states: “The Jewish community has always been at the forefront of anti-fascism. From Cable Street to defeating the BNP at the ballot box, we have been unafraid to speak out against those who seek to spread fear and hatred in our communities.

“Now our community faces a new threat. The EDL claims to be our allies in the fight against extremism. In reality, they are violent racists with BNP members and Nazi sympathisers among their ranks.

“It is time for the Jewish community to come together as one to expose the EDL as the racist thugs they are.”

UJS campaigns director Carly McKenzie said: “We felt this was a prime opportunity to bring the whole community together with one loud voice.”


And for that Ms Carly will get full marks from mama and papa and all the little bureaucrats of British Imperialist Capitalism, and they will give her a little job in the Times or Independent, or maybe even Carly can become a little doctor somewhere.

But the lovely thing about it is that the English Defence League could care less about public opinion.

And that is why they are far better for the Jews than these little British Imperialist-loving pricks. As I said it is all beautifully poised in British politics today.


The English Defence League are far more preferable than these little British Imperialism suck ass of…

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