It seems that these desperado thugs around “Peace” Nobel Winner (LOL) Mairead Maguire were engaged in forcibly taking possession of a ship and sailing it straight through the Blockade of Gaza, rather than going to Egypt, as the Captain understood to be the scenario.

Are they not disgusting! They could not even tell the truth to the captain, poor guy!

The following is what happened:

The Greek managing company said the captain pulled away from the port with the activists on board because he was afraid more would board and divert the ship to Gaza, which is under an Israeli naval blockade.

The charity disputes this version of events and claims the disagreement was between the ship’s owners and the broker.

The managing company, Ionian Bridge Shipmanagement, claimed ten activists jumped on the boat at Derna and the captain was forced to set off to prevent all of them boarding and taking over the ship.

Most of the aid, which is made up of non-perishable goods including winter provisions, warm clothing and school books, remains on lorries at Derna. Some of the aid was reportedly destroyed when the boat left its berth as it was being loaded onboard.

Three Libyans, two port policemen and the port manager are also thought to be on board the Strofades IV.

Afraid of deperado thugs boarding and redirecting is really a matter of piracy.

Did these Irish Palestine Solidarity campaign types think they were in a movie and that they were Richard Harris or Marlon Brando!

And does this not place Mairead Maguire and her Nobel Prize for Peace in its correct perspective!

A colleague has written 4international with this observation:

Eight Irish nations in total were due to go on board (six were left behind) showing that Ireland is continually over-represented in these flotillas. It seems around 150 “activists” were trying to get on board to take the ship to break the embargo which surely amounts to an act of piracy probably in collusion with some of the “aid workers” on board? The event would seem to be politically motivated as it was in “defiance” of the Israeli embargo and if the organisers are to enter Gaza with Israeli permission it would logically follow that the ship could have docked at Ashdod port. Thus it is objectionable for the media to simply call them “aid workers” as they have been described in the media. “Political activists” would perhaps be more appropriate as the intent is in spirit similar to the flotillas.

Perhaps “political activists in thuggery” would be better…

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