This is very common as a tactic by Muslim states/organizations. The Frazer mentioned is a UN general who was active in Bosnia

I am referring to an article this morning which is on the Serbianna site, named “A Spectre of Bosnia’s War”

The writer is Marcus Papadopoulos,the editor of Government Gazette, a magazine for the British Government. This text was originally published in Morning Star, UK

Fraser also recalled that a deliberate practice of Bosnian Muslim forces in Sarajevo was to employ mobile mortars adjacent to sensitive positions, such as UN installations and hospitals, and fire at Serbian positions in order to “draw a response from the Serbs.”


This, of course, brings to mind the recent war between Israel and Hamas, and all of the fuss kicked up by the allies of Hamas ans Fatah over the number killed by Israel.

Israel found it difficult to answer the propaganda. They knew that the Hamas Fascists were very happy to fight from the cover of their own civilians. Israel made at least tens of thousands of phone calls to warn civilians they were going to strike a particular building etc

The same kind of baiting situation was employed on all of the Flotilla Boats, especially on the Mavi Marmora, which was taken over by the terrorist IHH, willing to die as martyrs, and also as this article proves willing to kill their own.

The article is on

Bosnian Wahhabi practices shooting at the training camp in Bosnia Gornja, Bosnia.

Bosnian Wahhabi practices shooting at the training camp in Bosnia Gornja Maoca, Bosnia.

The author of the article makes the point that the revelations that the Muslims were killing their own people for propaganda effect will not be published on the Media.

This is the main issue today, that “journalists” edit the news, instead of reporting the news…

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