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The essence is that a group of Jewish Israeli doctors are travelling to the Maldives to help out in a hospital there for a week. The Government there has been asked by an Islamic Group to refuse the assistance of these Jewish doctors.


This reminds me of the story which was put about at the time of the Earthquake in Haiti that the team on assistance from the IDF were really there on a “project” of the harvesting of human body parts.


How to explain these things? The only way that it can be explained is that they are due to antisemitism. The harvesting of body parts is really connected to the notorious Blood Libel.



Israeli Doctors Help Sick in Maldives, Muslims Protest saying it is against Islam to have relations with Jews hat tip PVC

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has called on the government to break off all diplomatic ties with Israel, a day after Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) announced that a team of seven Israeli doctors is due to arrive in the country to treat patients at the government hospital for a week.

The Foundation requested the government terminate all ties with Israel saying ”we do not want any sort of assistance from Jews.”

President of the Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzy said that the organisation did not support accepting “any sort of assistance from Israel as long as they are in the lands of Palestine. We should fear that we might have to face the wrath of God.”

Fauzy explained that the Islamic Foundation does not recognise Israel as a state as “they have stolen the lands of Palestine by power and force,” adding that “it also against our religion to have relationships with Jews.”

In November last year, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed narrowly survived [1] a no-confidence motion for his role in deciding to normalise relations with the Jewish state.

Dr Shaheed told Minivan News today that the “government does not have diplomatic relations with Israel” and has not signed any agreements to that effect.

He added that he was not aware of the visiting Israeli team as “doctors don’t come through the Foreign Ministry.”

Fauzy also claimed to have information that Israel was attempting to influence the education policy of the government, which has come under fire from religious NGOs for plans to make Islam an optional subject in A’ Levels and change four secondary schools in Male’ to single-sex schools.

”There will be cunning plans of them behind the scenes, they will not wish any good for Muslims, inside their heart,” Fauzy alleged.

In a press release yesterday, IGMH invited interested patients to register at their customer relations counter between November 28 and December 2 for appointments with the visiting Israeli doctors.


This was one very interesting comment which deals with the numbers of Arabs from Gaza who have continually been serviced in Israeli Hospitals, which fairly opened my eyes. I seriously think the Israelis are naive in this! But I advise readers to visit url and read ALL comments … FQ


Follow the comments on this url, but having done so make Atlas Shrugs part of your regular news hunting



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