Two Iranian nuclear scientists employed at the Bassij Forces Beheshti University in North Tehran were blown up on in two coordinated blasts on their way to work early Monday, Nov. 29. One was killed, the second injured, debkafile’s exclusive Iranian sources report.  The authorities immediately accused US intelligence and the Israeli Mossad of responsibility.  

The attacks occurred at 7.45 a.m. Iranian time, less than 12 hours after the WikiLeaks organization uncovered US diplomatic cables attesting to a proposal by Mossad director Meir Dagan to overthrow the Islamic regime as one of the means of terminating its nuclear program. He proposed enlisting oppressed Iranian minority groups for the task like the Baluchis and their liberation movement, Jundallah
Our sources report from Iran that the death squads, mounted two each on two motorbikes, trailed the two scientists’ cars, then speeded past them, attached explosives to their vehicles and were gone before they exploded. The victims have been identified as Prof. Majid Shahriari, who died on the spot when his Peugeot 405 blew up shortly before he reached the university, and Prof. Feredoun Abbassi-Davani, driving a Peugeot 206. He and his wife survived the blast with serious injuries.

Prof. Davani was Dean of Students, a key political post at the university.
debkafile’s intelligence sources note that this was the fifth attack directed at Iranian nuclear scientists in Tehran in two years. None of the perpetrators were apprehended.  It may well have been the work of Jundallah, which recently began targeting nuclear scientists serving the hated regime and which two months ago reported the abduction of a scientist employed at the Isfahan nuclear facility. Tehran played down that incident claiming the kidnapped man was a driver. But last week he appeared on the Saudi TV station Al Arabiya and described his nuclear work.


That news from Debkafile brings into focus this group, the report which follows is from the (unreliable sometimes) wikipedia:

Jundallah, or Jondollah (Arabic: جندالله literally meaning Soldiers of Allah‎), also known as People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI) (not to be confused with People’s Mujahedin of Iran), is an organization based in Balochistan that claims to be fighting for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran. It was founded by Abdolmalek Rigi who was captured and executed in Iran in 2010.[3] It is believed to have 1,000 fighters, and claims to have killed 400 Iranian soldiers[4] and many more civilians.[5][6] It is a part of the Baloch insurgency in Pakistan and in Iran‘s Sistan and Baluchistan Province. The group started under the name of Jundallah and later renamed itself as the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by Iran, and has been linked to and taken credit for numerous acts of terror, kidnapping and smuggling narcotics.[7] Many observers believe the group is linked to al-Qaeda.[8][9][10] Iran has long alleged that the U.S. government is supporting Jundallah. Several other sources such as the ABC News, Daily Telegraph, and journalist Seymour Hersh have also reported that Jundullah has received support from the United States against the government of Iran,[11][12][13][14] although the US denies any involvement.[11]


Wikipedia adds this useful survey of what seems to be a nationalist group inside Iran, a national liberationist goup against the Fascist Clerical Dictatorship, in fact:


Jundallah (Soldiers of God)
Jondollah Logo.png
Dates of operation 2003-present
Leader Muhammad Dhahir Baluch[1] (acting)
Motives Separation of Iranian Balochistan
Active region(s) Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Ideology Militant Islam, Sunni Islamism, Islamic fundamentalism, Baloch nationalism, religious conservatism
Status Officially designated as a terrorist organization by Iran.
Size 2,000[2]


But there is one further thing about this group which leads us to think that the American Government and the American State department are actually working along with Iran, and rather than trying to block Iran from having a nuclear bomb, are in essence encouraging.

This is what we on 4international have always held to, that the US Government as opposed to its people, are seeking an arrangement with Islam, and with Fascist Governments in Islam, to rule in the future by brute force, meaning the brute force of Sharia Law.

Press TV in this regard should be listened to because they are the voice of the Iranian Clerical Fascists. So what does the reader make of the following report:


Iran welcomes US move on Jundallah
Thu Nov 4, 2010 11:32AM

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast
Iran has welcomed a decision by the United States to add the anti-Iran Jundallah terrorist group on its list of foreign terrorist organizations.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers putting the name of (Abdolmalek) Rigi’s terrorist group on the US national list of terror organizations as a move in the right direction,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Thursday.

“Fighting terrorism is a general responsibility of all nations,” he went on to say.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will assess the change in US policy in practice regarding its support for (anti-Iran) terrorist groups, including Jundallah, Tondar and PJAK,” the spokesman emphasized.

The US State Department said in a statement on Wednesday that it has added the terrorist group Jundallah to its list of foreign terrorist organizations.

“Jundallah has engaged in numerous attacks resulting in the death and maiming of scores of Iranian civilians and government officials, primarily in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province,” the statement said.

“Jundallah uses a variety of terrorist tactics, including suicide bombings, ambushes, kidnappings and targeted assassinations,” it added.

Jundallah is a Pakistan-based terrorist group which has carried out numerous bombings, assassination attempts, and terrorist attacks in Iran.

The group’s leader Abdolmalek Rigi was captured by Iranian intelligence forces in February 2010 and executed in June on charges of 79 counts of crimes, including armed robbery, bombing operations and armed attacks on police and civilians.

In confessions after his arrest, Rigi offered detailed accounts of his talks with US representatives that offered him financial and military resources in exchange of waging an insurgency war in Iran. Rigi regularly appeared in official media outlets of the US and UK, boosting his criminal activities against Iranians.

Major US-based broadcaster ABC News reported in 2007 that Jundallah “has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials” to destabilize the government in Iran.

Follow their actions, not the words, is the motto in relation to the US Governments. Their actions tend to suggest they are supporting the Iranian Fascists

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