All that the students of Ireland were doing was defending some basic democratic rights, rights that have been stripped away from them by the crisis.

The dreamworld of the “Celtic Tiger” is gone and these youth have not even stepped on the ladder and face unemployment and a very uncertain, probably impoverished, future.

They have a right to demonstrate and must be defended in every way and at all costs against the state.

But as the following report from Indymedia makes clear the leaders of the unions, including unbelievably the student unions, are not giving this unconditional backing:

More than 600 people marched in Dublin city centre tonight against Garda violence at last weeks student demonstration.

Speaking ahead of the protest, well known trade unionist Des Bonass told indymedia ;”I believe last weeks actions from the Guards are coming down from a higher authority to keep people off the streets.”

The demonstrators marched from Stephens Green to Pearse Street Garda station, chanting “No cutbacks, no fees, no Fianna Fail TDs.”

Student speakers were joined by representatives of Dublin Shell to Sea and the Dublin Congress of Trade Unionists.

A Free Education for Everyone (FEE) spokesperson thanked all those who showed solidarity with the student movement and said “Who knows when we will be needed to support them? There is a long fightback that needs to be staged in this country.”

However, some comments from the speakers provoked an angry response from demonstrators. The Vice President of NCAD students union was heckled loudly when he appeared to question the motives of some protesters at last weeks demo. “We have the power to make a protest peaceful”, he told the crowd.

Similarly, Des Bonass of the Dublin Congress of Trade Unions was interrupted when he called for support for the Gardai with their industrial relations issues.

“I was just trying to get the Guards to come over to our side”, he later told Indymedia.

Despite repeated requests, an invitation to the Guards to speak to the protesters was not taken up.

Among the demonstrators present were representatives of the Workers Solidarity Movement, the Socialist Party, Labour Youth, the Socialist Workers Party and various Republican groups.

Speaking after the demo, a FEE spokesperson told Indymedia that hundreds of students around Ireland were contacting the Free Education for Everyone (FEE) .

“The Guards have radicalised a generation of young people in a way that no Connolly pamphlet of left wing poster has managed to do.”


A very large number of students from all over Ireland demonstrated in Dublin last week and they were met with great repression by the police force of the Irish republic, the Gardai

This is a picture taken during the demo and shows the gardai arrestine a student

You can see by the placards that are lying about that the gardai moved in with force, so that is the pattern being set in southern Irish society, the crisis in the banking system, leads to cuts in standard of living, leading to resistance, and leading to this

The following picture is a good indication of how the state in the southern Republic are prepared to meet opposition to the crisis:

The following picture shows the dangerous situation in Ireland for working class people who will resist and for youth who must resist as this young man bleeds for his opposition to the crisis in the system:


I have placed a comment onto a post on the British website Harry´s Place. The comment is near the beginning of comments and I am certain will meet with some slanderous attacks, but the issue is very serious.

First of all the post on Harry´s place is aimed at providing a cover for Islam, the reactionary political ideology of Islam.

The world as always is divided between those who seek to tell the truth and those who hide it.

The issue of the role of Muslims in the world today cannot be separated from the ideology and political praxis of Islam. Those who are hiding the truth try to portray Islam as a mere religion and exclude from their deliberation that Islam is engaged in a political PRACTICE.

Naturally not all Muslims in the world are political reactionaries, but the point is that a goodly portion of them are, witness that no group of Muslims came forward to defend Salman Rushdie, witness also the result of polls conducted re their attitude to Israel and even to Jews in general.


Whence then comes this reaction, this antisemitism.

Those who seek to hide the truth blather about “racism” and those who seek the truth of the matter take the foundational documents of Islam seriously, the Koran, Hadiths and Suras.

That indeed is what the real division is about. It is really about the scientific method.

It is very interesting to me that many of those who attack principled people like Pamela Geller anf Robert Spencer are very often also pushing the Alex Jones line on conspiracy theory. Not all, but on the Fascist Left, a goodly portion!


The posting on Harry´s Place is very “cute”. The writer makes a big fuss about “Remembrance Sunday”, the implication being that it is “disloyal” to question the Imperialist World War 1 and 2, and that you are the lowest of the low to do so. This is out of the longstanding British characteristic of social imperialism mixed with crass hypocricy.

But this premise is rapidly driven from the court by the powerful forehand (to use a tennis analogy): the American planes and the British planes overflew quite deliberately and consciously the railway lines leading to the death camps.

And as if that forehand smash is not enough there is also the drive down the middle of their defence: What about the escape of Hajj Amin el Husseini from the hangman’s rope at Nuremburg!

File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-27237-0001, Reinhard Gehlen.jpg

photo from,_Reinhard_Gehlen.jpg

Or what about the American treatment of the above gentleman after the War for “liberty”. Gehlen, who was planning along with Hajj Amin el Husseini the extension of the Holocaust into Palestine, with the aid of the “Palestinian” Arabs of course, as in countries like Lithuania the locals would be used, was adopted into the American CIA

 The post in question on Harry’s Place is on the url


I read this morning with interest and a lot of foreboding the machinations between Netanyahu, Obama and the stooge of this antisemite Hilary Clinton, in which Israel is being asked for a further 3 months of non building in Judea, Samaria (The West Bank) and Jerusalem (the home of the Jews for 3000 years)

The whole story is told with great clarity on DEBKAfile this very morning:

As I see it the key factors are these:

1. The split between the Jewish people of Israel and American Imperialist interests is complete. Or to put it another way after being betrayed first on OSLO, by the US, then following up with the betrayal on Gaza (this time by both Israeli traitors and the US Government), THEN by Bush on two issues, his declaring of the Palestine State and his decision to remove Saddam thus opening the door to Iranian Antisemitic Fascism, THE JEWISH PEOPLE OF ISRAEL NO LONGER TRUST THE US GOVERNMENT OF OBAMA, and will look carefully and sceptically at any future government, including that led by Sarah Palin

2. This has taken the form in Israeli politics of Netanyahu trying to sell promises from the US of free fighter planes and something called “political support” (LOL). This utter creep is trying to sell this to the Israeli people through the Knesset Cabinet. With Netanyahu it is all rush rush, just like the IMF and EU making Ireland toe the line and accept a loan (!), but since the Jews are not keen to face another genocide, whether of the post OSLO variety or the Shoah THEY ARE DEMANDING PROMISES FROM OBAMA AND CLINTON BE PUT IN WRITING

And that is a good move for the simple reason, as all our experiences in Yugoslavia showed, the US Governments operate by sleight of hand. Moshe Yaalon has emerged as the key factor here, and since he is second in command, it shows that Netanyahu even though there is a complete absence of clear leadership in Israel has got feet of clay.

The future in Israel as in all places on earth will unfortunately have to be decided by power and force. It will be decided between the people and Jewish patriots on the one hand, and the sections of the IDF which are anti Jew, and the police forces which Sharon created on a sectarian anti Jew basis to carry out the withdrawal from Gaza.


(To our readers, DEBKAfile, Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch, Israpundit of course, Israeli National News and Augean Stables should be required reading…turn to them first)

Iran: Christian pastor accused of apostasy to die by hanging

Jihadwatch has an article which deals with the recent decision of Iran to hang a Christian Pastor for the crime of … being a Christian

The analysis of Robert Spencer ( proves that these crimes flow straight from Islam itself, and this should be read by Richie Allen of Talk Radio Europe, and indeed by all the dhimmis there, because it continues, and Allen continues to bring onto his programme Islamofascists, who then use his programme to propose Sharia, and to thereby support murders such as this case:

Islamic apologists in the U.S. routinely deny that Islamic law mandates that apostates from Islam be murdered. Unfortunately for the apostates, the facts are otherwise.

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam and supreme example of conduct for the Muslim (cf. Qur’an 33:21), said: “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Bukhari 9.84.57)

The Tafsir al-Qurtubi, a classic and thoroughly mainstream exegesis of the Qur’an, says this about Qur’an 2:217: “Scholars disagree about whether or not apostates are asked to repent. One group say that they are asked to repent and, if they do not, they are killed. Some say they are given an hour and others a month. Others say that they are asked to repent three times, and that is the view of Malik. Al-Hasan said they are asked a hundred times. It is also said that they are killed without being asked to repent.”

All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence all teach that a sane adult male who leaves Islam must be killed. They have some disagreements about what must he done with other types of people who leave Islam, but they have no disagreement on that.

The internationally renowned Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has been praised as a “reformist” by pseudo-academic John Esposito, has said this about Islamic apostasy law: “That is why the Muslim jurists are unanimous that apostates must be punished, yet they differ as to determining the kind of punishment to be inflicted upon them. The majority of them, including the four main schools of jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi`i, and Hanbali) as well as the other four schools of jurisprudence (the four Shiite schools of Az-Zaidiyyah, Al-Ithna-`ashriyyah, Al-Ja`fariyyah, and Az-Zaheriyyah) agree that apostates must be executed.”

“Iranian Pastor Accused of ‘Thought Crimes’ to Die by Hanging,” by Michael Ireland for Assist News Service, November 13 (thanks to Dos):

TEHRAN, IRAN (ANS) — An Iranian court has passed down a death sentence on a Christian pastor, who was found guilty of so-called “thought crimes.” According to, the official verdict has now been delivered in writing to Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, stating that he is to be hung for the crime of apostasy….


This is an important study on the matter of the United Nations which is based on the contrast between Obama towards Israel and of Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, towards Israel.

We on 4international have no time for the United Nations in any shape or form.

The author in this article brings out through how the United States elite are using their support for Israel in the United Nations in a very special manner.

It seems that the US elite appear to stand as a protector, as a kind of referee at times, but the essence is that the very powerful US has always used this as a threat against the smaller and vulnerable nation of Jews and their vulnerable religion Jews and Judaism.

(For example, if just ONE resolution comes from these Fascists attacking the right of Israel to exist, etc., then the correct approach for the US to take, and what the US workers should fight for, is for the US to exit the United Nations, and to kick this bunch of ass-holes right out of New York and America.

Let them set up camp in Iran!

But let patriotic Americans NOT be there!)

This has always been the case but as always Obama is a very special case. Obama and his party are really in the camp of open and decisive haters of Israel so then this implicit threat to Israel from the US in the UN becomes an absolute threat. The author tells it well:

by Isi Leibler

Having recently visited the US and Canada, I was left with a feeling of profound disquiet concerning the starkly contrasting attitudes toward Israel displayed by the leaders of these two neighboring countries.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unquestionably emerged as Israel’s greatest friend in the world, effectively assuming the role previously occupied by former Australian prime minister John Howard.

Harper’s principled approach to Israel was demonstrated in an extraordinary address he gave in Ottawa to an interparliamentary conference for combating anti-Semitism. Courageously dismissing the traditional political correctness expressed by many liberals, who feel obliged to distance themselves from the Jewish state, Harper made it clear that under his leadership Canada would not “pretend” to be impartial on Israel even if that meant facing negative repercussions at the UN and other international organizations.

He said that the persecution of Jews had become a global phenomenon in which anti-Semitic ideologies targeted the Jewish people in their “homeland” and perversely exploited the “language of human rights to do so.” He stressed that “while Israel is the only country in the world under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand.

“I know this because I have the bruises to show for it, that whether it is at the UN or any other international forum, the correct thing to do is simply to just go along with this anti-Israeli rhetoric, to pretend it is just about being evenhanded, and to excuse oneself with the label of ‘honest broker’… There are after all, a lot more votes in being anti- Israel than taking a stand.

“But as long as I am prime minister, whether it is at the UN or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost. Not just because it is the right thing to do but because history shows us that the ideology of the anti-Israeli mob tells us all too well, that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are a threat to us all.”

Canada was in fact “punished” for its support of Israel when it was ignominiously defeated by Portugal, an almost bankrupt country, in its attempt to obtain a seat at the UN Security Council. All 57 seats of the Organization of the Islamic Conference opposed the Canadian nomination.

For some, Canada’s defeat under such circumstances will be viewed as a badge of honor. But what made Canada’s defeat even more outrageous was the role of the US. According to Richard Grenfell, a former press officer with the US mission to the UN, “US State Department insiders say that US Ambassador Susan Rice not only didn’t campaign for Canada’s election but instructed American diplomats to not get involved in the weekend leading up to the heated contest.”

David Frum, a speechwriter to former president George W. Bush, also noted that “the US government has kept awfully quite about the suggestion that it went missing during the Security Council vote.”

The US betrayal of its neighbor and long-standing ally is a chilling indication of the depths to which the Obama administration has stooped in its efforts to “engage” and appease Islamic and Third World rogue states.

Having joined the appallingly misnamed UN Human Rights Council dominated by dictatorships and Islamic nations, the US is now beginning to reap the harvest from this flawed policy. This was exemplified this month during the council’s first “universal periodic review of human rights.” In a session where US representative Esther Brimmer told the group that “it is an honor to be in the chamber,” Cuba described the US blockade of Cuba as a “crime of genocide”; Iran, a country which stones women for adultery, urged the US “to combat violence against women”; and Libya complained about US “racism, racial discrimination and intolerance.”

IN THE midst of this and despite repeated assurances concerning the “unbreakable bond of friendship” between the US and Israel, Obama is continuing to flex his muscles by beating up on Israel. Yet, his Middle East policies, which run counter to American public opinion, have failed disastrously, with US approval levels in the Muslim world even plummeting below 2008 levels.

Obama’s most recent assault on Israel was conveyed from his childhood home, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world, which he praised as a model of tolerance worthy of global emulation.

While compared to Arab standards, Islamic Indonesia may be relatively tolerant, the president overlooked the recent opinion polls, in which 25 percent of the population expressed confidence in the leadership of Osama bin Laden, and that between 2004 and 2007, 110 Christian churches were closed due to pressure from local governments. In January of this year, 1,000 Muslims burned down two churches in Sumatra.

Needless to say, Indonesia does not recognize Israel, bans Israeli aircraft from flying over Indonesian territory and denies entry visas to Israeli citizens. It is especially galling that from such a country, Obama again saw fit to distance the US from Israel and aggressively condemn the Jewish state for building homes in the exclusively Jewish suburbs of its capital Jerusalem.

We must ask ourselves what endgame the US administration is pursuing. Obama knows that former prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinians everything and that they still refused to reach an accommodation because their ultimate objective remains the delegitimization of Jewish sovereignty. What they now seek is a non-demilitarized state based on the 1949 armistice lines to provide them or other Arab states with a launching pad to attack and destabilize Israel. Not surprisingly, the Europeans are more than happy to accept such a state of affairs. It would thus be catastrophic for the Obama administration to stand aside and enable this process to eventuate.

Yet, all indicators suggest that the Obama administration is determined to capitalize on Israel’s international vulnerability. Despite the absence of any response from the Palestinians or the Arab world to Israel’s 10-month settlement freeze, the US has literally bludgeoned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to breach his undertaking to the people of Israel and renew a settlement freeze, including areas that will undoubtedly remain in Israel.

Although on the surface the US appears to be offering incentives to Israel to persuade it to accede to its requests, anyone reading between the lines recognizes that nothing new is being offered. The exercise of the veto in the face of UN resolutions demonizing Israel and offering to maintain Israel’s security needs have been fundamental tenets of the relationship between Israel and the US. In reality, Obama issued an ultimatum to Netanyahu by threatening to abandon Israel unless it capitulates to his demands.

Many of us today yearn for an American president who would be more considerate of our needs than the present incumbent. It would perhaps be an impossible dream to have someone of the caliber of Stephen Harper leading the US, but alas, today, we are becoming increasingly reconciled to the reality that the US president is no friend of Israel and is paving the way for an imposed settlement with potentially disastrous long-term repercussions on the security of our nation.

Read my lips, “No Palestinian State”

We on 4international keep repeating that there is a false narrative concerning the Palestinian Arabs abroad in the world. We keep saying that this whole area was promised to the Jews as their Homeland in 1920, by 1923 thanks to the betrayals and treachery of the British this was reduced by 78 per cent, but the remaining 23 per cent was to be without any question Jewish Homeland.

All that has been challenged by lies and by world antisemitism in many forms.

But as an organization, and with a long and broad historical perspective, 4international maintains that as long as antisemitism is a factor in the world, we say in a capitalist world where capitalist crisis always brings on intense (Fascist-type) antisemitism, then Jews must be protected from this barbarity.

How? We say only by allowing the Jews to live alone in Israel. Any non Jews can live there, of course, because Jews are a very civilized and welcoming people, BUT ONLY ON THE BASIS OF GUESTS.

The principle is simple: But of course is complicated in process. But just because it is difficult does not mean that the principle is not to be fought for. We live by principles after all.

bear that in mind when you read this very useful study of the issue of the Jewish Homeland:

(Article by Graulich starts here)

Read my lips, “No Palestinian State”

by Irwin N. Graulich

Do you think you can start 4 wars with Israel, lose them all badly, and then say, “We lost–but give us all the land back and then some, and we will sign a peace treaty.” Well guys, you lost–now you cannot come crying to us like little babies, who want their toys back. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

In 1948, the UN completed disregarded the Balfour Declaration, the decisions of the League of Nations and the historical rights of the Jewish people to Israel/Palestine. Instead, they unfairly split, or partitioned the land of biblical Israel into a Jewish state and a Muslim/Arab state. The Jews said, “It is not fair, but we will take what we can get.” The Arabs said, “No, we want it all.”

And so those big macho Arab armies attacked a bunch of weak Holocaust survivors, who were joined by some energetic Jewish boys and girls whose only military experience was working with plowshares and axes. Miraculously, this rag tag Jewish army must have had God behind them, because they won big–and the Arabs lost big. Well my friends, there are consequences to your actions, and the consequences are–Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

Again in 1956, 1967 and 1973, more Jewish mothers and fathers lost their sons. And so, my dear Arab brothers, when you lose, you lose. This is not a game. You tried to annihilate the Jewish state numerous times, and you thought there would be no consequences? You could have had East Jerusalem, Judea and Sumaria, but you wanted Tel Aviv, Netanya and Haifa. Learn a lesson because now you will see the consequences of your actions. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

The Saudi/Arab Peace Initiative calls for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, among other things, in exchange for a “true peace.” I mean, is that a joke? If pre-1967 borders were truly the problem, how come there was no peace in 1966–which was a time with the most tension between Israel and its Arab neighbors. How come? Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

In 1967, King Hussein, who at the time had East Jerusalem in his possession, went to war with Israel. If someone has East Jerusalem and goes to war, then it is obvious he wants West Jerusalem as well. Hussein lost. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

There is one tiny, tiny Jewish state and 55 Muslim states. Virtually each of these states dwarfs Israel in size. There are natural borders to Israel with the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and Jordan on its East coast, and the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt on its West coast. Look at any map and you will see that most countries in the world have natural borders, and do not have the heart of their country cut out, making it only 7 miles wide in certain parts. That is just totally ridiculous. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

For 2000 years, the Jewish people were persecuted, murdered, forced to convert, crucified, shot, buried alive, tortured and most recently gassed and burned. We became accustomed to suffering and dying–to being defeated. Today, because of Israel, we are winners–big winners on the world stage. And people hate winners, especially strong winners. The UN, the EU, much of the world including Obama, Hillary, George Mitchell, J Street, Peace Now and of course the Israeli and American Left have great sympathy for losers–even evil losers. And losers who have excellent pr are especially loved by these groups. For the sake of the Jewish people, it is better to have an Israel that is hated by most of the world, than an Auschwitz that is loved with gorgeous obituaries. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

There was a Jewish dream for 2000 years, where our grandparents, and great grandparents, and great great grandparents suffered with pogroms and terror and humiliation, while constantly praying nightly for this dream to come true–to go to a Jewish homeland called Eretz Yisrael. A place where they won’t be afraid anymore and a place that will protect all Jews worldwide–and be a safe haven for any Jew with a dream.

However, leftist and liberal Jews turned that dream into a nightmare–by having misplaced compassion for the people who invented terrorism, first sending suicide bombers into pizza parlors to murder mothers with their babies and then shooting Jewish schoolchildren in Israel; by ignoring the group in Gaza whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel; by saying that the Arabs really do not mean it when they call May 14th, Nakba Day–The Catastrophe called Israel; by disregarding the Palestinian majority vote for Hamas; by criticizing Israel for responding to thousands of rockets shot at civilian population centers. Those sick, sick Jews must learn to “Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!”

Irwin Graulich is a regular contributor to JewishIndy. He is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, Judaism, religion and political issues. He is President and CEO of a leading corporate communications, marketing and branding company located in New York City. He can be reached at


Yes Graulich does give a good general overview.


However there are some very weak points, and while he addresses the false narrative (lies) of the Arabs, and their backers in many quarters, and not just the revisionist “Left”, he misses a central point.


Ideology is the key factor and it is this that he does not really tackle. I suspect that he has not really thought about it and he does not certainly factor it in.


graulisch remains a prisoner inside his own “Jewish” world experience but this issue is MUCH wider.


Take one classic mistake, always made in these circles. He mixes up under the term “communism” so many factors that his position becomes in the end non-historical.


For example what was the role of Stalin and what was the contribution of Stalinism to this false ideology of the Arabs, and what was the contribution to the false ideology of say the Israeli Labour Party, or even to the social democrat Ben Gurion.


At another level, there is a very dominant ideology in the world today, the ideology of anti-historicism, expressed in the crass pragmatism of American ruling elites.


And this ideology plays into the falsification of history carried out by the likes of the (liars) Palestine Solidarity campaigns, George Galloway and many others, but also of George Bush Jnr when he stated that Islam was ROP and then went to war in Iraq on the basis of that anti-historical concept. Whether it was deliberate or not on Bush’s part Bush removed the secular opposition to the Iranian Israel haters and played into the hands of Soros and co!


(The Graulisch article is on