March 31 2011

Cameron and Hague made their offer for Gadhafi to flee “in safety” even as the rabble army was sent scurrying down the road even one more time, introducing an air of farce to the BBC reports. Now you see the rabble army, now you only see their backsides as they scurry down the road


These Eton type British rulers are really bullies. They have perfected the method of using UN Resolutions, actually the resolutions of a reactionary and deeply antisemitic entity. The Court in The Hague is also part of their armoury


We and many others have shown that the rebel army is really a rabble on the one hand and the army of Islam on the other


But Islam is a decrepit force today. It has learned to murder as in 9-11 and in a thousand other places such as Madrid and London


But look! Who are those in the front of assisting the Jihad in Libya against Gadhafi. It is Britain which experienced the horror of the tube and bus bombings, and Madrid who experienced the train bombings


In other words Islam today is not fighting its battles openly but rather has learned to work through fronts, and these capitalist governments and capitalists come to help the Jihad


So these government leaders like Obama and Cameron are doing just that.


It is more than governments. There is the example of the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg who has emerged as the main ally of the Jihad in New York, the intention to build a Mosque on Ground Zero


Debkafile has consistently got this Libya issue wrong. It is true that Obama and co face difficulty.


The main difficulty they face is in fact that the Libyans are a warrior people, and that they do not wish to be subdued by the Jihad


When it is a fair and square fight between Gadhafi and his enemies, including his enemies the Islamists, in Libya then it is a no contest


This is seen in that Gadhafi had his opposition totally routed and when about to conquer all the UN and EU passed their infamous Resolution, then followed the destruction from the air by these superior NATO power of the Gaddafi tanks.


So it is not a fight between an Arab Government – Gadhafi – and his opposition in Libya


It is a fight in which NATO and the EU are totally involved against Gadhafi


But these are the very forces – NATO. The EU, Britain, America – which were responsible for crushing the Serbs

Where precisely are these Serb leaders and blogs today in the defence of Libya and Gadhafi against NATO, the EU, the Hague Kanaroo Court, US Imperialism, Britain and France?

I for one really want to know!


March 31 2011

““The West seems to be convinced that the revolution was led by secular democratic forces,” says Mahmoud. “Now that myth is shattered. Which means that either the old order”—by which he means the military regime—”stays in power, or we’re headed for Islamist dominance.”



The quote is from an article by Bret Stephens of WSJ


It is a rambling article taking a long time to get to the point. The point really is that Egypt is heading fast towards a state which is totally Islamist, is based on Sharia Law, and where the Army of that state will be a combination of Muslim Brotherhood and Army top brass. It is a total reversal of the relative secularism of the past under Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak


But that is still not the MAIN point which of course Stephens never gets to, nor will he


The main point is that there is emerging very rapidly in America and in all countries of Europe a dictatorship which takes the form of a dictatorship in the Foreign Affairs Ministry


The centre of this new change IN THE WORLD AT LARGE is Obama


Obama operates the affairs of America as a petty dictator and he is supported in this not only by the Democratic Party, but also by the Republican Party, and included in this is the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, because Palin has given Obama the cover he needed in both Egypt and above all in Libya






Obama has thus reduced Congress down to an irrelevancy


It is proving to be a fact when it comes to making war Bush was a minor figure. It is Obama who does so (make war abroad) as a dictator. Bush was always careful to bring Congress with him, Obama just rules and makes war on his own.


And that is the major danger that Americans are facing.


There is a dictator now in power in the White House, a populist dictator like Hitler, and things on this score will only get worse, as the American economy goes deeper into crisis.


They are pushed forward to destroy Gadhafi and in that way both set an example for others and to build up on this Empire Sharia Alliance


To see this move to dictatorship you just have to look at Britain first, Spain second


In Britain all MPs voted for war on Libya with a few exceptions


In Spain all (EXCEPT 3) voted for war on Libya


This really is total dictatorship which is operating with the cover of very corrupt capitalist politicians


I can illustrate this by making 2 points


  1. In Spain the air is filled every minute of every day by stories of corruption
  2. In England or Britain Cameron seems to be doing what he likes, saying that the Resolution allows British troops on the ground which is A TOTAL LIE


These are corrupt countries of the capitalist system


A poor English mother spoke at an EDL demo last weekend, the mother of Charlene Downes, in the case of her daughter that very same CHARLENE DOWNES being murdered and fed through a food processor to end up as meat for kebabs.


The Times reported that there was evidence against Muslims that they did this


The sickness of Britain is that the Police dropped the case






March 30 2011


A number of things may now be dawning on a growing number of people in Britain:


  1. Cameron from a selfish upper class British background may not understand the desert fighters in the Gadhafi movement. His son said “We are Libyans. We are born here. We live here. We die here. This is our country
  2. Hence this selfish upper class twat may not understand the courage of the Gadhafi and Libyan patriots
  3. It is becoming clear that the rebel army is a rabble army and they depend on Imperialism to incinerate the Gadhafi patriots for them to win any “battle”
  4. Britain is broke, as is France. The plane power is supplied only by America which is also broke, hence the growing opposition to Obama, and why Obama lies that he is not in control in Libya. The Americans are!
  5. Hence Cameron and Haif made their offer for Gadhafi to flee “in safety” even as the rabble army was sent scurrying down the road even one more time, introducing an air of farce to the BBC reports. Now you see the rabble army, now you only see their backsides as they scurry down the road
  6. Thus not only do Cameron and co insult the desert honour of the Libyans of Gadhafi, they are in no position to offer anything. Cameron faces a stark choice which is between bombing Tripoli to a dustbowl murdering hundreds of thousands from 20,000 up in the air. Or send his squaddies in and if he does so many will come out in body bags. Keep in mind a million Brits were on the streets of London last Saturday against the cuts of Cameron. Who is desperate!!!???


It sure as hell is not Gadhafi who as a proud desert Libyan warrior is prepared to die fighting.


The floppy pink skinned Cameron, almost effeminate, would not be able to understand


March 29 2011




In his Libya address to Americans early Tuesday, March 29, President Barack Obama failed to resolve the inner contradictions in his strategy for US involvement in the Western campaign against Muammar Qaddafi:

“The United States would work with its allies to hasten the day when Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi leaves power, but would not use force to topple him,” he said, indicating that US allies France and Britain and Libyan rebels would be in the forefront of the mission for ousting the Libyan ruler.

Shortly before the Obama speech, French and British leaders, President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron, declared that Muammar Qaddafi “must go now.”

This was exactly the language the US president used to topple Hosni Mubarak as Egyptian President but has avoided in reference to the Libyan ruler or Syrian President Bashar Assad, although the latter has ordered soldiers to shoot to kill hundreds of civilian demonstrators – and continues to do so.

Obama did not refer explicitly to US military support for Libyan rebels – except to promise “to help the opposition” while at the same time insisting “the US would play more of a supporting role.”

Yet at the Pentagon US Navy Vice Adm. William Gortney, staff director to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Monday that the rebels are not well organized. (This is a tactful understatement given their chaotic makeup)  “Clearly they’re achieving a benefit from the actions that we’re taking,” and “They are not a very robust organization. So any gain that they make is tenuous…”

He was not just referring to intelligence and logistical support but rather

to low-flying US Air Force AC-130 and A-10 attack aircraft which were used to pin down Qaddafi’s loyalist forces and clear the way for the rebels to sweep back to the eastern cities they lost, Adjabiya, Brega and Ras Lanuf where fighting is still raging.

And Army Gen. Carter Ham, commander of the Libya mission told the New York Times: “The regime possesses the capability to roll them (the rebels) back very quickly. Coalition air power is the major reason that has not happened.”
He added that only very small numbers of Qaddafi’s troops have defected to the opposition.
debkafile’s military sources: The only way to “help the opposition” in its campaign against Qaddafi is to transform a pack of squabbling dissidents into military-capable units with proper training and arms, a feat requiring a substantial US military presence on Libyan soil and time – as Washington has discovered painfully in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The transition of the US command to NATO welcomed by President Obama was likewise a play on words given the pre-eminent role America plays in the Northern Alliance in terms of command, capabilities and budget.

Qaddafi is fully capable of retaliating against the coalition campaign with terrorist strikes in other parts of the Middle East and in Europe. Therefore, the only way to stop the Libyan war may turn out to be its ruler’s demise, a goal clearly aimed at by British and French bombardments since Saturday night, March 26 but excluded from UN Security Council Resolution of March 19.

Having failed to achieve that goal, British and French leaders have called more than 40 foreign ministers and regional group representatives together in London for Tuesday, March 29, to find ways of intensifying the pressure on him to step down. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will attend as well  as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Military sources in London report that the UK lacks the air crews for strikes against Qaddafi’s forces and has therefore withdrawn instructors from RAF training courses and assigned them to operational duties.

Back here to debkafile’s earlier report of March 29.

Despite protestations to the contrary, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources find the American role in the operation against Muammar Qaddafi heading only one way: Instead of a transition “in a few days” to NATO i.e. Europe – which US President Barack Obama will no doubt reiterate when he addresses the nation Tuesday, March 29 – the United States is sliding deeper day by day into a third war in a Muslim country.

In the last three days, US air strikes have beaten Qaddafi’s forces into tactical retreat from all its conquests in the rebel-held eastern province of Cyrenaica. This operation rescued the rebels from the certain defeat they faced in the middle of last week, allowed them to retake the strategic oil towns of Ajdabiya, Brega and Ras Lanuf and opened the way for them to drive forward to Qaddafi’s home town of Sirte, the key to Tripoli.

In the view of debkafile’s military experts, the Libyan opposition’s gains are no more than a victory on paper, not the battlefield. Qaddafi and his commanders executed tactical retreats from those towns – not because they were beaten in battle but to avoid being ground down by superior US sea-based and air power. That power opened the door for the opposition rebels to recover the towns they lost in the last three weeks and pose as victors.

For Washington, the implication is clear: Continuing rebel momentum against Qaddafi’s forces depends on United States commitment to two steps:

1.  Keeping up the aerial and sea-based bombardment of government forces. Nothing, otherwise, will stop Qaddafi’s troops turning around and heading back east to recapture the towns they left.  Containing Qaddafi’s army cannot be left to the limited capabilities of France and Britain or any other members of NATO which has assumed token command of the Libya operation.
2. Organizing the rebels into regular combat units and furnishing them with arms, funds and military instructors. The other alternative would be for the Americans to invest increasing numbers of ground forces into Libya to defend the eastern provinces against Qaddafi reasserting control.

Saturday, March 26, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted, “Libya did not pose a threat to the United States before the US began its military campaign.” Asked whether ongoing developments indicated that US military involvement might continue at least until the end of the year, Gates replied: “I don’t think anybody knows the answer to that.”

In other words, no one in Washington, including no doubt the president, can say with any certainty exactly where the American campaign in Libya is heading or its duration.
In just a few days, the gap has widened exponentially between America’s first commitment to supporting a European-Arab operation mandated by the UN for enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya and protecting civilians plus an imminent transition of the US lead role and President Obama’s pledge not to involve ground troops – all the way over to an expanding commitment to supporting an armed revolt against the Qaddafi regime.

Aware of the Obama administration’s quandary, Qaddafi offered Washington a way out. By pulling his troops out of the eastern towns, he gave the Americans a chance to chalk up a rebel victory – or at least a standoff – and leave it at that. At this stage, he would accept the loss of Cyrenaica so long as the Americans give up their assaults.

However, should the Obama administration decide to persist in its active military support for the rebellion, the Libyan ruler may consider three counter-steps:

One, to carry out the threat he made prior to the coalition campaign against his regime to strike back at American, British and French targets in the Middle East and Europe;

Two, to activate Libyan undercover terrorist networks in Europe against US targets as well as local ones;

Three, to retreat along with his family to a secret sanctuary among loyal Saharan tribes and from there to fight for his survival against both the Americans and Al Qaeda which he accuses of penetrating the opposition and turning his people against him.


March 29 2011


While violence flared in London yesterday, the unjustly vilified EDL were holding a protest on Blackpool seafront to demand that the CPS re-open the investigation into the disappearance and presumed murder of Charlene Downes. On this occasion no UAF or MDL were present to unleash violence, and thus it turned out to be a completely peaceful demonstration. As can be seen from the video below, the EDL are continuing to provide support to the Downes family, something which neither the justice system nor press appear willing to do, and this support is not going to waver and evaporate. As the EDL organiser said of the case:

“We want it highlighted. We don’t want it brushed under the carpet just like any other case. We want the powers that be to know, the English Defence League is not going to forget this. We will keep coming back. . . . We will keep coming back, until at least this case is looked at again by the Crown Prosecution Service, and these scum are not going to get away with this one.”

“We want them to know that the casuals and the English Defence League; we know about them! We’re watching you! And in Charlene’s name, we won’t let you get away with it. . . We will never let you get away with it.”

Why was there media silence over this demo yesterday? It numbered hundreds of people, men and women who gathered together to highlight a cause about justice that needs to be addressed and resolved. If the victim had been a Muslim or a member of any minority group, you can guarantee this crime would never be out of the headlines until justice had been done. But Charlene and her family belong to the most demonised section of the population – the English working class – so our politically correct multiculturalist media don’t want to know. They don’t want to acknowledge that the alleged perpetrators of the crime (captured on tape admitting raping and murdering Charlene then cutting her up to sell as kebab meat) belong to that officially protected and idolised section of the population – Muslims.

The UK has a significant problem with Muslim paedophiles who prey upon English girls and contemptuously abuse them. This stems directly from the example of their violent paedophile prophet Mohammed. Increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact that this is the reality that lies at the centre of Islamic tradition and doctrine, and no amount of state-sanctioned politically correct media brainwashing can cover this up. Anyone who has direct experience of living near to the Muslim colonies in our country today knows the official media and government line about Islam being just like any other religion to be a lie.

The Downes family are grateful to the EDL, and yesterday Charlene’s mother expressed this gratitude by saying:

“God bless you. You are our angels . . .You’re doing a great job. A job the police and the CPS are incapable of doing . . .We will fight, and fight on for justice.”

Next Saturday the EDL go to Blackburn, and the Downes family will be with them. This protest will continue, just as the EDL will continue to protest until justice is restored in this country, so that we are free from the malign influence of doctrinaire Islam. One day, we will again be able to go about our daily lives, secure in the knowledge that this dark episode in our national story will have passed, and that Islam will never threaten our shores and our people again. As the organiser of yesterday’s demo said at the close of the protest: “No surrender and never forget!”




Israel informed the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council last week, as well as several other prominent European Union countries, that if the Palestinian Authority persists in its efforts to gain recognition in September as a state within the 1967 borders, Israel would respond with a series of unilateral steps of its own.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials said the ministry’s director general, Rafael Barak, sent a classified cable last week to more than 30 Israeli embassies, directing them to lodge a diplomatic protest at the highest possible level in response to the Palestinian efforts to gain international recognition for statehood at the UN General Assembly session in September.

The Israeli diplomatic corps conveyed the message that support for international recognition, particularly by most of the members of the European Union, encouraged the Palestinians to forgo negotiations with Israel and to move more quickly toward recognition at the UN of Palestinian statehood. Israeli diplomats stressed that such a move violates the Oslo Accords and will not lead to a Palestinian state even if the General Assembly grants recognition, but could lead to violence on the ground.

European diplomats have confirmed to Haaretz that such a message was conveyed several days ago. One diplomat said his country did not receive a serious response when asked what unilateral steps Israel might take. Another diplomat, from a European country, said in light of the current deadlock in negotiations, international recognition of Palestinian statehood appeared unavoidable in September.

Foreign Ministry sources said no decision has been taken at this stage over a possible Israeli response to UN recognition of Palestinian statehood, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not held any major discussion of such a response on a formal level among his cabinet colleagues. Ideas have been floated on the right wing of the political spectrum in recent weeks, suggesting, for example, that Israel might apply Israeli law to the West Bank or annex major settlement blocs to Israel. [..]


March 29 2011

Netanyahu’s declaration of support for Palestinian statehood required his acceptance of the Palestinian narrative. That narrative blames the absence of peace on Israel’s refusal to surrender all of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Having effectively accepted the blame for the absence of peace, Netanyahu has been unable to wage a coherent political counteroffensive against the Palestinian political war. 





For the past week and a half, Netanyahu has been considering a new “diplomatic initiative.” According to media reports, he is weighing two options. First, he may end IDF counterterror operations in Palestinian cities in Judea and Samaria. Such a move would involve compromising all of the IDF’s military achievements in the areas since 2002 when it first targeted the Palestinian terror factories from Hebron to Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield. 


The second option he is reportedly considering involves announcing his acceptance of a Palestinian state with non-final borders. Such a move would render it difficult if not impossible for Israel to conduct counterterror operations within those temporary borders. It would also make it all but impossible for Israel to assert its sovereign rights over the areas. 


Supporters of this initiative argue that not only will it stave off US pressure; it will strengthen Netanyahu’s political position at home.


Leon Trotsky maintained for all of his life that Zionism could not solve the Jewish Nationalism issue


This was part of what became known as the “Permanent Revolution”, basically theoretical generalisations, one of which was that the national bourgeois leaders were deficient in creating functioning national states


This also applies to Jews and to the creation of the Jewish Homeland


It is one thing to “refer” to the ancient Jewish Homeland of the Bible; also to refer to the ancient and still living concept of the return to Zion, that is to Jerusalem.


It is another thing entirely in today’s political struggles to bring that Zion into fruition


Trotsky maintained that the Jewish bourgeois leaders could not do this. This has been given rich confirmation by all of Jewish and Israeli history since 1948, with special reference to their inability to deal with the Fascist type propaganda of Islam, in this case of Arabs imbued with the Muslim religion.


The Jewish capitalist leaders like Netanyahu just cannot lead this struggle against the antisemitic Muslims. Time and events have proved this.


Since 1948 the Jews of Israel have fought major battles, and won, especially 1948 and 1967, but at each victory the leaders have surrendered the positions previously won




  1. The acceptance of the slicing off of the present Jordan, which Britain did by means of underhand moves under the table, prior to Britain taking the role of the organizer of the “Mandate”
  2. The acceptance of the “Armistice” following the 1948 to 1949 war with the Arabs, and the acceptance of the Armistice Lines, an acceptance which is the root of the present evil
  3. Finally the acceptance of Resolution 242 following the Jewish victory in the 1967 War


This has been followed by


The role of Sharon, Livni and Barak in surrendering even more of the land heritage, which followed on the betrayal of the once great Jewish fighter Begin of the Sinai




The acceptance of Netanyahu of a Palestine State to be built on the most precious to Jews land of Judea and Samaria, land that is mentioned many times in the Bible


The path which Netanyahu has entered onto, with his appointment of Barak to the key position of defence, to following the same path as Livni and Olmert in allowing rockets to rain down on Jews from Muslim Arabs, who had supported The Holocaust


The ties of Netanyahu to Empire especially seen in his refusal to side with Gadhafi against the Sharia Al Qaida in Libya


The fear that Netanyahu plans more concessions on this road of giving in to Muslim Arab pressure to create the 23rd Arab state, and the 2nd Arab state in Palestine (Jordan of course being the first



Or in other words, as Trotsky maintained in the lst years of his life, especially in 1937 on coming to Mexico, the Jewish bourgeois or capitalist leaders cannot carry through the Jewish national struggle


Netanyahu as their most consistent representative confirms this. It confirms the tendency of the Jewish capitalist class to sell out and to give up on the struggle


This does not mean that the struggle of Zionism is not worthwhile, (THE OPPODITE IN FACT, IT IS MOST VALID) just that the capitalist representatives cannot lead it to success.


Of course partisans may seek to distort the positions of Trotsky, may seek to distort the record of history, may even attack the dead Trotsky on an almost personal basis!


But those basic facts of the situation are being played out: The Jewish capitalist class cannot create a leadership which can or will complete their Zionist struggle, which is really the central national struggle of the Jewish people


This overall concept needs to be kept in mind as we watch the consistent betrayals of this class.


As a representative of this Jewish capitalist class Netanyahu moves to dismantle the gains that were made in the great 1967 War, and almost (approaching totally!) accepts the narrative of the Palestinian Muslims, that that was a not progressive war by the Jews.


Netanyahu like Sharon is accepting the narrative of the Muslim Arab enemy of the Jews


This is the real and underlying meaning of Netanyahu giving away to the Muslim Arabs under pressure from America the key defensive shield of road checks etc, and thus placing Jewish lives in danger, as happened in the tragedy of the Fogel murders 2 weeks ago


Also planning to give up security in J and S to the Arab Muslims, who have had an army built up on their behalf by America, on similar lines to the army being built up for the “Transitional Council” by America and NATO/EU countries AGAINST Gadhafi in Libya, also confirms the same thing. The main lesson is the weakness and perfidy of this Jewish capitalist class and their leaders, in this present case of Netanyahu


There is one move that could be made to stop this rot, not the full answer, but a step towards an answer


That is to dismiss totally the concept of a 2nd Arab state in Palestine and a decision taken that Israeli Law will extend to all of this territory, which will include the Golan, Judea and Samaria, Gaza, with probably the Sinai to follow, if Egypt proves to be belligerent to Israel


This may need a new election and a new Government, that is if Netanyahu does not immediately do a 180 degree turn


These are the positions of 4international alone.


But we are happy for others to copy and to put into effect these proposals and analysis

Girl’s body ‘put in mincing machine’

On Saturday the EDL held a demo on the issue


From The Times
June 22, 2007
(printed for our educational purposes)

Girl’s body ‘put in mincing machine’

Russell Jenkins

The mother of a 14-year-old girl wept in court as a kebab shop owner was heard on tape allegedly telling how he had chopped up her daughter and placed her body, “bones and all”, in a mincing machine.

Karen Downes broke down in the public gallery as the gruesome conversation between the fast-food shop owner and another worker in Blackpool was played at the murder trial of Iyad Albattikhi.

Mrs Downes’s daughter, Charlene, “vanished off the face of the earth” three years ago after kissing her mother goodbye, Preston Crown Court was told.

No trace of her has been found since, the jury heard, leading police and her family to the “inescapable conclusion” that she is dead.

Charlene was known to have been among a number of young white girls who congregated around a district of Asian fast-food shops in the Lancashire seaside town.

The prosecution claims that Charlene was killed by Mr Albattikhi, 29, the owner of the Funny Boyz kebab shop, and that he had boasted of having sex with the teenager.

The tape recording, the prosecution suggests, is of a conversation between Mr Albattikhi and his business partner and co-accused, Mohammed Reveshi, 50, about how the girl’s body was disposed of after her murder.

On one tape, it is claimed, Mr Reveshi said: “Her big bones went into the machine as well, you know that, don’t you?” Mr Albattikhi replied: “Her bones? Did you . . . inside the machine?” “Yes,” Mr Reveshi said.

More than 52 tape recordings were captured by covert surveillance of Mr Reveshi’s home and car between February and March 2004 by the police inquiry team set up after Charlene disappeared in November 2003.

The jury was told that in one conversation Mr Reveshi had said to his partner: “Well, hopefully I [done] it properly you know . . . he thought he saw me cutting her body up.

“Do you remember she was bleeding to death?” “Yes,” replied Mr Albattikhi. “So that she made a mess,” Mr Reveshi allegedly added. Later in the transcript Mr Reveshi allegedly says: “The last one then, it was the last deep one and then it was the [heart] . . . that finally killed her.”

At one point Mr Reveshi said: “I’m so worried and you was the one who killed her.”

In his opening address to the jury last month, Tim Holroyde, for the prosecution, claimed that a witness had heard Jorda-nian-born Mr Albattikhi joke with fellow takeaway employees about how the teenager had been chopped up, and how her body “had gone into the kebabs”. Mr Albattikhi, of Blackpool, denies murdering Charlene while Mr Reveshi, also of Blackpool, denies disposing of her body.

Ian Goldrein, QC, for the defence of Mr Albattikhi, questioned the integrity of the tape recordings, which took Detective Sergeant Jan Beasant 2,400 hours to transcribe over a two-year period.

He said that neither of the transcripts read by the defendants’ lawyers included anything about bones, a mincing machine or blood.

The trial continues.

JEWS CAN LEARN FROM RAIMONDO…“Humanitarian” interventionists salute their commander-in-chief

March 27 2011

Liberals March to War

“Humanitarian” interventionists salute their commander-in-chief





(START Raimondo’s piece here)


Well, that didn’t take long.

Now that President Barack Obama has intervened in Libya, his army of apologists is mobilizing to defend his “humanitarianism,” declaring that his war isn’t at all like Bush’s wars. It’s something new, and different – and admirable.

I’m not at all surprised. Are you? The anti-interventionist veneer of most American liberals and assorted “progressives” peels off quite readily when a little “humanitarian” lotion is applied – especially if it’s poured on thick by a liberal Democratic President with a domestic agenda they can endorse.

Mother Jones magazine, to cite one exemplar of this chameleon-like transformation, is no stranger to cheerleading the dark side of Obama’s presidency. You’ll recall that the magazine launched a scurrilous attack on Julian Assange, in which the author compiled a lot of quotes from self-described “experts” to the effect that WikiLeaks suffers from a lack of “transparency” – to the US government, no less! – and, alternatively, is a CIA “front.” That didn’t sit too well with their readers, as a look at the comments appended to that article attests, but a shill for power’s gotta do what a shill is born to do, and that is “spin” every event to make the team –Team Obama, in this case – look good. And certainly David Corn is up to the task.

“A ghost hung over President Barack Obama,” writes Corn, “as he stood at a podium in the East Room of the White House on Friday afternoon to talk about Libya: the ghost of George W. Bush.”

Well, not really: that was the ghost of Woodrow Wilson. Bush, I would remind Corn, isn’t dead yet. But such details don’t bother a progressive on his way into battle. The latest US attack on a Muslim country in the Middle East may seem very similar to Bush’s wars – “absent references to WMD” – what with the rhetoric (He’s killing his own people! He’s a tyrant! He’s a terrorist!) and the stern Bushian mien. But that just shows how much you know ….

Because, you see, according to Corn, the President “in the second half of his remarks departed from the Bush-like script.” He then cites a single sentence in which the President refers to the “international coalition” arrayed against Gadhafi – one smaller than Bush’s, by the way – and includes some reassuring phrases about how, this time, we’re “shaping the conditions for the international community to act together.”

There – feel better now? Take two bromides that Bush himself could – and did – utter, and call me in the morning.

Here is Corn’s translation of this vague happy-talk:

“That is, we’re not cowboys. This will be, Obama suggested, true multilateralism—one including Arab nations. His administration and the governments of France and Britain had quickly guided a forceful resolution through the Security Council (with China and Russia abstaining), and the United States, Obama noted, would be ‘enabling our European allies and Arab partners to effectively enforce a no-fly zone.’ US leadership, yet European and Arab action. He added, ‘The United States is not going to deploy ground troops into Libya.’”

“Noting that ‘our British and French allies, and members of the Arab League’ will take a lead role in enforcing the resolution, Obama declared, ‘This is precisely how the international community should work, as more nations bear both the responsibility and the cost of enforcing international law.’ That is precisely the opposite of how the neocons of the Bush-Cheney crowd viewed the world. They were not interested in tying their strategic desires to international law or in developing a global order in which the United States would not be the top-dog decider and enforcer.”

We’re not cowboys: we’re social workers, the kind with mean, pinched faces and a moralizing, condescending air – armed with fighter jets, guided missiles, and nuclear weapons, and determined to Do Good.


Raimondo who is anti war except when it is his beloved Hamas attacking Jews


But he does get it, doesn’t he!


Not the Bushites! But the Libertarians are riding into war


Is there no end to the tricks played on us!


Meanwhile back at the ranch Cameron faced yesterday angry crowds on the streets of London who have realised they are getting poorer…and fast


The youth among them, quick on the uptake, have decided they will not be “kettled”, by giving the police some of their own medicine in return.


At least the part that came on my television showed police of London very much in kettling mode, except for a change THEY were being kettled by the angry youth!


And Raimondo in the above is indeed remarkable and totally refreshing because he has nailed these Obama freaks in a way that they will not forget

But he misses an important aspect of the war on Libya and Gadhafi and he misses it because Raimondo like all of this left is basically antisemitic … they do hate Israel and essentially Jews


The main aspect of the war on Gadhafi is missed in these circles and that is that the war is fought clearly on behalf of Sharia essentially, and also that this war on behalf of Sharia is being fought precisely because of that crisis back home


I am mightily surprised that Raimondo does not see this and emphasise it!


Because it is not really rocket science (Apt analogy that considering that the war is now being fought by libertarian rockets…Cameron pulverises the Gaddafi forces and the Sharia forces move in and through the ashes, that once were Libyan troops, because you see although “libertarian” there is a dark side as well)


So just pausing to kneel in prayer to the moon God Allah the Sharia rushes forward


All this is kept well hidden from the plebs, of course

This plebs do know that Cameron is short of money, not personally of course, hence their declining standards of living


But the riches of Libya are kept hidden. Cameron and BP plan to make a killing if they kill Gadhafi. There is yellow real gold and there is black liquid gold also


And there is something even more important.


These wars, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, are only very minutely about oil…they are in essence about power


This is the New World Order but Alex Jones is a mile off. This New World Order is really an alliance between crisis ridden western capital and reactionary lethally repressive medieval Islam


It is the “Empire Sharia Alliance”


Raimondo and Jones leave out the Islam part which is not clever because it is absolutely central


The Islam part supplies in large measure the antisemitism, this part is very important because all great crises in the past have called on just this.


Note that they are attacking Gadhafi, the very man for all his “little ways” was the great Sharia fighter in Libya


But the Alliance of Civilizations as described by Bat Yeor is not about the Brotherhood of Man but about the Brotherhood of capitalism WITH Sharia


So it may be safe to make this prediction:


Those strong Sharia states which centre around Iran will be propped up by Obama and Cameron… a few whinges for the plebs about Syrian/Iranian brutality no more


Those states which are fighting Sharia will be undermined


This means full blast off for the Iranian Nuclear Bomb on its way by whatever means to blast Israel


We are in for rough times.


The Jews of Israel are in for deadly times


That in essence is what the Killing of Gadhafi is all about

LONDON PROTESTS AGAINST CAMERON…These were English youth. The Islamists are on the other side, on the side of the police

March 27, 2011

“Kettling” resisted

Wiki says: Kettling, also known as containment or corralling,[1] is a police tactic for the management of large crowds during demonstrations or protests. It involves the formation of large cordons of police officers who then move to contain a crowd within a limited area. Protesters are left only one choice of exit, determined by the police, or are completely prevented from leaving. In some cases protesters have been reported to have been denied access to food, water and toilet facilities for a long period.[

PROTESTS IN LONDON AND LIBYA…What happened in London yesterday is nothing less than the beginning of the English Socialist revolution. The BBC said quarter million, that means that probably closer to a million because the liars of the BBC cannot tell the truth…ever

What was significant ion London was not just the numbers but that the youth involved with the police did not stand still in order to be “kettled” like cattle

Oh no! The youth took to the police with gusto and it was a case of the police being kettled

Expect vengeance from this bitter English ruling class police

These were English youth. The Islamists are on the other side, on the side of the police

This too is a great lesson for everybody

It bears out our characterisation on 4international

On the one side are the workers, the youth, anti Islam and anti Sharia fighters like Gadhafi

On the other side is the “Empire Sharia Alliance”, which is the mechanism which is used for moving towards a brutal dictatorship

Obama is right there leading the charge towards dictatorship


The same is happening in France. Expect the French bourgeoisie to snuggle up closer to Sharia, as in fact is happening, but abroad.

It is France which is leading in installing a Sharia regime in power in Libya after the planned murder of hundreds of thousands of those loyal to Libya and Gadhafi

Thanks to the EU, thanks to the “Alliance of Civilizations” of Zapatero, the first real Sharia state is going to be installed on the Med


Talking of Zapatero… his Foreign Minister is now a complete laughing stock in Spain…really!

And in a poll last Thursday over 80 per cent of Spanish people are opposed to Spain in the Libyan War against Gadhafi

It all adds up to a revolutionary situation developing fast…without a revolutionary leadership in place

That equals police dictatorship

The crisis of leadership is what does predominate

That is why we have to pay attention to this most amazing development. One of the groups in Britain which claims to be socialist, and heresy of heresy, even “Trotskyist”, on the website Workers Liberty, has come out in support of the “Empire Sharia Alliance” in Libya

Is that a crisis of leadership or is that a crisis of leadership!!!


March 27 2011

This is BULLSHIT from Barak and Netanyahu


Barak 2 days ao:


“…he praised the military’s reaction to heightened rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, saying “in the last ten days, the terror organizations in Gaza have been hit hard and lost 11 militants.”





This crap about their Iron Shield must be rejected by every single Jew in Israel and outside.


What happens if a rocket gets through your Iron Shield. Then Jews die..right!?


Barak and Livni showed that they were prepared to accept Israel (especially Sderot) being bombarded by Arab Muslims who live in Palestine for 7 years before they took action, and then thanks to the very same barak plus US and Bush/Rice, did not follow through on the action to kill in battle the Hamas fascist leaders.


And while all this bombardment of Israel in recent weeks is taking place what does Netanyahu do…He leaves everything to Barak and takes a flight over to talk with the Stalinists of Russia, or the erst while Stalinists, who are full of crap antisemitism


The problem is that it is not just Barak and Netanyahu who are the flunkeys of the Empire part of the Empire Sharia Alliance


It is also Jews in America such as Daniel Greenfield and Ted Belman, who are lining up behind Palin, who is really closely connected to the NeoCons


Palin has shown this connection because she has lined up on the side of Obama over Libya


These truly treacherous Jewish leaders in America are hiding that from their readers. PLEASE DO NOT HIDE PALIN ON LIBYA, PALIN ON GADHAFI, PALIN ON SHARIA IN LIBYA!


These American leaders are traitors to the Jewish people…no question at all about that!


Everything really does boil down to one question: Are you prepared to stand by and to watch Gadhafi be incinerated by the planes of the RAF and of the French?



What dominates in the world today is absence of principled revolutionary leadership, parties of the type that Lenin and Trotsky sought to build.


I had an email accusing me of “dumping on Julia Gorin”!!! Ask who is Julia Gorin? Somebody who writes in defence of the Serbs and is for the truth about what happened there. Bravo Julia Gorin! But because you defend the Serbs all the more reason then why you should be prominent in calling for the victory to Gadhafi over the murderers Fox and Cameron. Understand, one thing leads to another. You defend the Serbs…You defend Gadhafi, it is very simple!


Instead Gorin has been silent and many others who are in the Serb camp have been totally silent, but especially silent on the grave threat that is happening to Israel from Sharia, and if Sharia with Cameron and Fox murders Gadhafi that will be a calamity for the Jewish people…Therefore also for the Serb people


The idea of 4international dumping on Julia Gorin don’t make me laugh!


We have made a rescue call to Gorin!



Qaradawi…’Whoever in the Libyan army is able to shoot a bullet at Mr Kadhafi should do so…’

March 27 2011


We call for victory to Gadhafi and for the defeat of NATO, really the Empire Sharia Alliance


Jared Israel of Emperors Clothes has shown the dire threat from Islam and from this deadly alliance between Islam and capitalist Empire winning


The Media leads us astray. The Media are full of liars.


One was led to believe by this Media that Gadhafi was just another Muslim and that this was just another fight between Muslims


But there is a history of deadly conflict between Gadhafi and Islam as is represented today by the Muslim Brotherhood


The following picture is translated into English as


English: People at a Benghazi rally watching the photos of victims of Abu Sleem massacre (occured in 1996).


 File:Victims of Abu Sleem massacre.JPG


 If these are all pictures of Islamist opponents of Gadhafi in a jail in Tripoli who they claim were massacred by Gadhafi then there must have been an intense fight going on between Gadhafi and his Islam opponents inside Libya

The public in the West have not been told a word about this

The public has not been told that Cameron is fighting on behalf of Sharia and against Gadhafi in Libya

Jared Israel on Emperor’s Clothes ( has analysed some of this opposition:

(starts here)

While in 2009 most Iranian protesters opposed Islamist rule, in Libya fierce Islamists apparently dominate the rebels.  Thus in a March 7 New York Times article that supports the rebels, even as the Times denies that Islamists dominate the rebel side, the Times reports that, in the rebel bastion of Darnah:

[Excerpt from The New York Times starts here]

only the Muslim Brotherhood and more militant strands thought to number in the hundreds show signs of organization, many having forged bonds in prison or fighting the government in the 1990s. One of those men is Abdul-Hakim al-Hasidi, who fought for five years in Afghanistan, ended up in Colonel Qaddafi’s jails for four years and now, with hundreds of armed men, runs the defenses of Darnah and its hinterland.

He helps run much of the city’s rump bureaucracy as well, drawing on a formidable talent for logistics recognized by many in the town.

— “Diverse Character in City Qaddafi Calls Islamist,” by Anthony Shadid, The New York Times, March 7, 2011…st/08darnah.html

[Excerpt from The New York Times ends here]

So in Darnah – in which according to the Times secular and Islamist influences mingle in a fashion the Times says is typical of the rebellion – it is an ‘Afghan Arab,’ one of the foreign Islamist fanatics who went to Afghanistan as part of the Western sponsored war against the Soviets in the 1980s and/or fought on the side of the Taliban in the 1990s, who leads both the military and political structures.  Can one get more Islamist?

And, the Times tells us, it is the Muslim Brotherhood “and more militant strands” who are the only forces that presently “show signs of organizing.”  Nevertheless, the times poo-poohs the idea that Mr. al-Hasidi and his associates would rule Libya if they were to win, because:

“He promised to lay down his arms once victory is won and return, he said, to teaching.”

What does the Times take us for, children?  He promised not to rule?  Did he say “Cross my heart and hope to die”?

Consistent with the leading role Islamists in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular are – according to the pro-rebellion Times – playing in the anti-Gaddafi revolt, the Brotherhood fiercely supports the rebellion; witness the fact that, on February 21, Yusuf Qaradawi, who played a leading role in the recent turmoil in Egypt and is the Mufti of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is headquartered in Egypt, issued this fatwa:

“ ‘Whoever in the Libyan army is able to shoot a bullet at Mr Kadhafi should do so,’ Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born cleric who is usually based in Qatar, told Al-Jazeera television.”
Agence France Presse, February 21, 2011…a_20110221212046






March 26 2011

Barak and Netanyahu are employing something they call an “Iron Dome” which obviously is designed to stop rockets from gaza

This is the most horrific situation that the Jews of Israel are being thrust into

barak is the man who said that the overthrow of Mubarak meant nothing to Israel.

He has stood by and has said nothing at all about the hounding of Gadhafi

now he is trying to block rockets from gaza in the air

“…he praised the military’s reaction to heightened rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, saying “in the last ten days, the terror organizations in Gaza have been hit hard and lost 11 militants.”

He lamented the loss of civilian life in the strikes, but said that “it is not Israel’s intent to allow terror organizations to renew their efforts to break our routine,” saying that Israel will do whatever necessary to restore order.

Barak warned Hamas and other terror organizations of the consequences of further firing into Israel, saying that although the past 24 hours have been rocket-free, Israel is continuing to follow the situation closely.

The defense minister said he authorized the experimental deployment of Iron Dome, which will in all likelihood be in use initially for several weeks. He added that the mode and scope of deployment will be in accordance with the security situation in the South.

The system is a main component of Israel’s defense against the homemade and imported rockets fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza, as well as the longer range rockets in the hands of Hezbollah guerrillas on Israel’s border with Lebanon.

Barak made clear that Iron Dome will be used in the event missiles are shot into the area in which it will be deployed, but the full deployment of the missile defense system will only be feasible in a few years’ time, largely due to budgetary constraints.”

I am no expert on these issues of defence but the whole concept of stopping rockets in the air is wrong

Barak has a duty to learn from Gadhafi. Gadhafi had the opposition of Islamists beaten fair and square until the Empire Sharia Alliance was put into operation.


This confirms our position.

The present Jewish leadership in the world because of its ties to this American Empire is paralysed in front of every challenge



March 26 2011

The confusing helter skelter of Arabian politics is shown in the protests against the Assad regime in Syria

Here there is real massacres of protesters being carried out, very like what has been happening to protesters in iran for years.

the real lesson here is not in Syria but in how Obama and cameron will react to thisç

You see there is one law for Gadhafi and another law for Iran and Syria

At least that is our hhypothesis:




The protest against Bashar Assad’s regime is swelling. From its first epicenter in the southern town of Deraa it spread Friday, March 25, to new cities, Homs, Aleppo, Latakia and parts of Damascus. It has quickly attained the scale unforeseen by the regime of

a popular uprising by the majority Sunni population (74 percent) against Allawite-dominated (15 percent) rule.

Army troops gunned the protesters down in what witnesses described as a massacre of scores and hundreds injured, raising calls from the opposition for international intervention.

The number of dead and injured cannot be reliably determined. debkafile’s intelligence sources report that special Syrian security clean-up units removed the bodies as they fell.

The authorities were caught unawares by the upsurge of street rallies that followed preachers’ sermons in hundreds of Sunni mosques calling on their congregations to go out and drive the Assads and the minority Allawite sect from power. The Syrian secret service missed the Muslim Brotherhood’s hand in organizing this mass street eruption. The strongest rallying cry came from the influential radical Egyptian television preacher Yussuf Qaradawi who called on Syria’s Sunni community to stand up for its rights as a majority.


The allies who come to mind in the case of Assad are Iran, the Lebanese Hizballah, pro-Iranian Palestinian groups with bases in Damascus – Hamas, Jihad Islami and Ahmad Jibril’s Popular Palestinian Front-General Command.

It would take Tehran no more than a few hours to fly Revolutionary Guards units into Damascus. An Iranian command structure is already positioned at Syrian armed forces headquarters in Damascus. Also available to Tehran is an Iraqi Shiite militia, the Mehdi Army of the radical cleric Moqtada Sadr, a good personal friend both of Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Assad. 


Again in order to make sense of this we go back to our overall hypothesis!


To see what is happening consider this:


The attack on Gadhafi by the “Empire Sharia Alliance” can only be compared to Hitler and the Nazis, Czechoslovakia and beyond


The centre of the Arab opposition is laced by the Muslim Brotherhood, and by antisemitism as was the Nazis


It is all orchestrated by the Empire and goes hand in hand with the Empire Sharia Alliance continual campaign to delegitimize Israel and to make the Jews a hated people big time once more.

Iran, Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas, Fatah, are all part of this deep antisemitism, and this area will be preserved by the “Empire Sharia Alliance”

That is a hypothesis, part conjecture. But surely that will happen. Further thhe more they (The Empire of Obama, Clinton, cameron, the EU, NATO) leave these Fascists unmolested, THE MORE THEY STEP UP THE LYING RHETORIC AGAINST GADHAFI

As we maintained against Israpundit it is all centred on one question: Do you want gadhafi to win, or do you want the Empire Sharia Alliance to win

There is no sitting on the fence possible in these great historical issues and battles

That is why Leon Trotsky laughed at those who tried to sit on the fence when Haile Selassie was attacked by Mussolini. Of course you defend the despot Selassie


Note that Debka does not even think about Assad being opposed by Obama. Debka knows. Instead Obama will say a few things but will not interfere.

Especially the fix is on between the “Empire Sharia Alliance” and Iran.

Iran must be allowed to have the Nuclear Bomb. That is why spokesman for the Empire, Daniel Pipes, has said that Israel cannot now attack the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Making

This issue of adhafi is the issue of the coming Holocaust of the Jews of Israel, courtesy of Obama/Clinton/Cameronand the EU!


The important thing is that all of this alliance between Empire and Sharia is going on under the cover of the campaign against Gadhafi


The lies against Gadhafi are now wholesale and are non stop and unashamed


There is a fatal weakness in the Empire though. In a debate on a Spanish TV station 2 nights (Intereconomia) the running poll showed 80 per cent plus of Spanish people oppose the war on Libya


You see, the war on Libya is tied in with the economic crisis in these countries, in Europe and America.

The worse the crisis, the worse the unemployment, the more the war on Gadhafi (as the Devil incarnate) has to be stepped up

It is deep stuff indeed and is the stuff of Fascism

It is only 2 weeks since Roland Shirk who is defended (and employed I suppose) by Robert Spencer on Jihadwatch maintained that “we do not have a dog in this fight”

By “we” he meant Jews.

But he sure as hell was wrong!

What is going on now is the cornering of the Jewish state. Gadhafi was an opponent of Sharia, an opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, an opponent of Qaradawi

The “Empire Sharia Alliance” has to murder Gadhafi

Jewish leaders like Belman and eller will be judged on that one. These are big issues.



March 26 2011

This is from a Russian website. It does not name the source. However in the absence of knowing what they talk about in these secret CIA/MI5 meetings we also asserted from the very beginning that the forces of what we call the “Empire Sharia Alliance” would place their forces on the ground and would eventually murder Gadhafi:



Mar 26, 2011 10:23 Moscow Time

Print Email Add to blog

The international coalition may launch a ground operation in Libya as early as in one month’s time, says a high-ranking source in the Russian Intelligence Service.

According to the source, NATO is drawing up plans to that end in an effort that involves the UK and the USA.

The operation may start unless airstrikes at the Muammar Gaddafi forces will fail to make him surrender.

It transpired a day earlier that the US started transferring more than 4,000 seamen and Marines to the Mediterranean to reinforce the coalition’s Operation Odyssey Dawn.


I have been attacked for publishing detail on Julia Gorin, why she wrote nothing on Libya.

Is that attack on me fair? I defend Julia Gorin and support her campaign to expose the lies against the Serbs. But I do not operate as part of a clique in any area of politics.

In one respect I may be unfair to Gorin. She may be ill and unable to write or something like that. In any case time will tell.

Note I and 4international will never operate as `part of a clique in any area of political life.

I have answered the attack made on me, I was accused of dumping on Julia, by stating that the Srebrenica Lie against the Serbs was carried out by precisely other cliques of people.

It is my opinion that the great killer of free speech in our period is silence.

It is far from being just orin. We have attacked the whole of the present Jewish leadership in the world on the issue of their position towards Gadhafi, which is really all about their position and political relationship towards the “Empire Sharia Alliance”, my term, and I stick with it because it sums up the essence.

What is happening in Libya?

What is happening in Syria?

To see what is happening consider this:


The attack on Gadhafi by the “Empire Sharia Alliance” can only be compared to Hitler and the Nazis, Czechoslovakia and beyond


The centre of the Arab opposition is laced by the Muslim Brotherhood, and by antisemitism as was the Nazis


It is all orchestrated by the Empire and goes hand in hand with the Empire Sharia Alliance continual campaign to delegitimize Israel and to make the Jews a hated people big time once more


These are the New nazis, those who are waging war on Gadhafi and on Libya

It is in essence an Alliance, where these modern state and international Nazis like Obama and Cameron, are in alliance with the Nazi ideology of Islam. (Note these are NOT Nazi states but they carry on a Nazi type policy abroad, and the two are connected…we move towards Fascism at home also, note that Obama went to war without bothering about Congress, the centre of American democratic life)

It is all laced with Antisemitism , Jew Hatred, which is why they will NEVER attack Iran, or Syria. Syria and Iran will be allowed carry on murdering oppositionists

But they will murder the essential anti-Islamist and tribalist Gadhafi in order to create an Islamist, fascist and Jew Hating state on the Med.

It is a firm alliance on a world scale between world capitalist governments in crisis, and the essential Nazi ideology and practice of Sharia Islam

They thus are a great menace to all Jews, these Jewish elite leaders who support and defend this Empire.

The position of all these blogs and leaders who we attack here has not really been explored.

In supporting this Empire they are supporting the New nazis. Why do Jewish people support this Empire? THAT is what has not been explained!

More on this later



March 25 2011





(Glick starts here)

WHAT THE US foreign policy fights regarding Egypt and Libya indicate is that currently, a discussion about how events impact core US regional interests is completely absent from the discussion. Consequently, it should surprise no one that none of the policies the US is implementing in the region advance those core interests in any way. Indeed, they are being severely damaged.


Under Mubarak, Egypt advanced US interests in two main ways. First, by waging war against the Muslim Brotherhood and opposing the rise of Iranian power in the region, Mubarak weakened the regional forces that most threatened US interests. Second, by managing the Suez Canal in conformance with international maritime law, Egypt facilitated the smooth transport of petroleum products to global markets and prevented Iran from operating in the Mediterranean Sea.


Since Mubarak was ousted, the ruling military junta has taken actions that signal that Egypt is no longer interested in behaving in a manner that advances US interests.


Domestically, the junta has embarked on a course that all but guarantees the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in the fall.


Saturday’s referendum on constitutional amendments was a huge victory for the Brotherhood on two counts. First, it cemented Islamic law as the primary source of legislation and so paved the way for the Brotherhood’s transformation of Egypt into an Islamic state. Under Mubarak, that constitutional article meant nothing. Under the Brotherhood, it means everything.


Second, it set the date for parliamentary elections for September. Only the Brotherhood, and remnants of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party will be ready to stand for election so soon. The liberals have no chance of mounting a coherent campaign in just six months.


In anticipation of the Brotherhood’s rise to power, the military has begun realigning Egypt into the Iranian camp. This realignment is seen most openly in Egypt’s new support for Hamas. Mubarak opposed Hamas because it is part of the Brotherhood.


The junta supports it for the same reason. Newly appointed Foreign Minister Nabil el-Araby has already called for the opening of Egypt’s border with Hamasruled Gaza.


There can be little doubt Hamas’s massive rocket barrage against Israel on Saturday was the product of its sense that Egypt is now on its side.


As for the Suez Canal, the junta’s behavior so far is a cause for alarm. Binding UN Security Council Resolution 1747 from 2007 bars Iran from shipping arms. Yet last month the junta thumbed its nose at international law and permitted two Iranian naval ships to traverse the canal without being inspected.


According to military sources, one of the ships carried advanced armaments. These were illicitly transferred to the German merchant ship Victoria at Syria’s Latakia port. Last week, IDF naval commandos interdicted the Victoria with its Iranian weaponry en route to Gaza via Alexandria.


Add to that Egypt’s decision to abrogate its contractual obligation to supply Israel with natural gas and we see that the junta is willing to suspend its commitment to international law in order to realign its foreign policy with Iran.


ON EVERY level, a post-Mubarak Egypt threatens the US core interests that Mubarak advanced.


Then there is Libya. One of the most astounding aspects of the US debate on Libya in recent weeks has been the scant attention paid to the nature of the rebels.


The rebels are reportedly represented by the so-called National Transitional Council led by several of Gaddafi’s former ministers.


But while these men – who are themselves competing for the leadership mantle – are the face of the NTC, it is unclear who stands behind them. Only nine of the NTC’s 31 members have been identified.


Unfortunately, available data suggest that the rebels championed as freedom fighters by the neoconservatives, the opportunists, the Europeans and the Western media alike are not exactly liberal democrats. Indeed, the data indicate that Gaddafi’s opponents are more aligned with al-Qaida than with the US.


Under jihadist commander Abu Yahya Al- Libi, Libyan jihadists staged anti-regime uprisings in the mid-1990s. Like today, those uprisings’ central hubs were Benghazi and Darnah.


In 2007 Al-Libi merged his forces into al- Qaida. On March 18, while denouncing the US, France and Britain, Al-Libi called on his forces to overthrow Gaddafi.


A 2007 US Military Academy study of information on al-Qaida forces in Iraq indicate that by far, Eastern Libya made the largest per capita contribution to al-Qaida forces in Iraq.


None of this proves that the US is now assisting an al-Qaida takeover of Libya. But it certainly indicates that the forces being assisted by the US in Libya are probably no more sympathetic to US interests than Gaddafi is. At a minimum, the data indicate the US has no compelling national interest in helping the rebels in overthrow Gaddafi.


The significance of the US’s descent into strategic irrationality bodes ill not just for US allies, but for America itself. Until the US foreign policy community is again able to recognize and work to advance the US’s core interests in the Middle East, America’s policies will threaten both its allies and itself.







a discussion about how events impact core US regional interests is completely absent from the discussion


 able to recognize and work to advance the US’s core interests in the Middle East


From which I conclude that Caroline Glick is obsessed with US

Glick seems to be a creature of the US and not at all of the proud Jewish people, and the proud Jewish people of Israel

Sure this may seem impertinent of me, an impertinent thing for me as an Irish person to say, since Glick explained also how a few days ago she just missed bein blown up by Muslim Arabs

But these are political conmcepts and political positions which have to be made…





I was curious and I googled Gorin Libya

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Julia Gorin

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    4 Jun 2008 Posted by Julia Gorin. Italy Rejects Libyan Interference in – En caché ———————————————————————————————————————————————–THERE IS NOTHING. GORIN HAS SHUT UP!!!


March 25 2011


There is not ONE Jewish or Israeli or American Jewish leader in existence at this present moment in time (that anyways I can find) which is lining up with Gadhafi and calling for the defeat of NATO


That means, and I include Jared Israel of Emperors Clothes in this also, that they are lining up in this war on the side of NATO


Emperor’s Clothes is interesting because I cannot find any Serb blogs EITHER which are calling for the victory to Gadhafi


What a sorry bunch.


I dealt with Jared Israel of Emperor’s New Clothes here yesterday and today I hear the sound of crickets chirping.


Leave tenc aside for the moment because it is finished. Of course it will churn out a few glossy researches but from the standpoint of the working class and repressed nations like Libya and Israel it is over.


That is what I make of their (tenc) attack on Gadhafi in the midst of a war on Gadhafi by NATO and the Empire.


Yesterday I dealt also with Ted Belman and that oh so “Jewish” website Israpundit. Same thing! Belman will not call for victory to Gadhafi just as he would not call to victory to Milosevic


But he since Milosevic made noises for the Serbs to curry favour with Julia Gorin.


Through Gorin to Gorin’s friend Pamela Geller. It is as basic, and treacherous, as that…sorry folks! Belman is just one more retired lawyer!


But let me turn this morning to a website which claims to be pro Israel and pro Jews and which has gotten a big name for itself


So I read this morning


“We’re told what we need to know, that Gaddafi is bad and the rebels are good. And while it’s hard to argue that a world without him might be a better place, it’s unclear what Libya will be like without him”




The Iraq War had intimidated Gaddafi, but its collapse had him feeling his oats again. Irrational demands followed. And the toadying of the American and British governments to his family only fed the beast.




And they’re all eager for our support, so long as we don’t ask any difficult questions. Such as who besides Gaddafi was responsible for human rights abuses and whether they intend to protect equal rights for all peoples regardless of gender and religion. And of course we won’t be asking any bothersome questions like that.



Bush’s invasion of Iraq, ill-considered as it was, had a basic germ of idealism in it.




It is why we are now spending billions of dollars on regime change in Libya, while ignoring genocide elsewhere. It’s why a man who denounced the overthrow of Saddam, who actually did commit genocide, is now part of a campaign against Gaddafi, who has not. We are ensuring stability. The stable order. The mold of convenience. Get your war on with Obama and see Iraq repeat itself a second time as farce. Marx would have been proud.


Yes it is Sultan Knish who you will find somewhere in the records of 4international hating us and who is full of hatred for Trotskyism


Note the final paragraph above, that is the Knish final paragraph as well


What a sorry ending to an analysis article.


The ending is literally meaningless


It is meaningless, foolish and also false in the extreme because what Obama represents is the Empire/Sharia Alliance and in response to the overall crisis in the capitalist system… yes they are seeking stability, like Hitler did, the stability of the grave of millions of Jews





March 24 2011


The website Emperor’s Clothes was much read among Serbian people, certainly familiar with many activists, also in Jewish circles, starts off its article on Libya in the following way. It is a scandal:


Against the Western attack on Libya

A statement from Emperor’s Clothes

[Posted March 20, 2011]


Numerous people have asked us where we stand on Libya.  Let us say, briefly: we oppose Gaddafi and we oppose Western military intervention against his regime.




The writer is Jared Israel and as far as I am concerned THAT is the depths of opportunism and shows the real nature of his politics.


Emperor’s Clothes is sitting on the fence in a situation of war, where the Empire is openly talking about the assassination of Gadhafi. Treachery is an inadequate word to explain this position of Emperor’s Clothes or


I can explain this better by reprinting here the beginning of the last article which we wrote on Libya:

We on 4international hope for a Gadhafi victory over the forces of the Empire/Sharia Alliance


Gadhafi is fighting for us all, all of us who oppose this Alliance of the Evil.


We as Trotskyists stand TOTALLY with Gadhafi. And we ask all of our friends among the Jewish patriots, and we have many friends, to stand with us along with Gadhafi

The future of this very battle, in which we must defend Gadhafi, is going to determine if Israel will continue to exist. In short, Obama, Cameron, Zapatero and their likes must be defeated because the Empire/Sharia Alliance must be defeated.

No matter how the Media talking heads spin it Libya is a tiny country of a mere handful of millions


America has 300m millions


Britain about 60 millions


Spain about 40 millions


France about 60 millions


Add all of the rest and you soon arrive at a figure of at least a billion actively involved in this war against Libya

The contrast is sharp!

We on 4international call for the victory to Gadhafi while tenc and the writers there, in this case Jared Israel, is opposed to Gadhafi

In this context, the context of a war against Gadhafi,  Jared Israel is sitting on the fence and states in his first sickening sentence that he is against the attack on Gaddafi and is against Gadhafi.


That position of Jared Israel is both nonsence, logically, and is also a complete lack of revolutionary backbone







This is the position also (totally) of all of the Jewish sites that I have read


Ted Belman, and Yamit82 who writes under that pseudonym with Belman on Israpundit, started off in support of the “Empire/Sharia Alliance”. They were for the victory of the Empire (Obama) and the defeat of Gadhafi.


I challenged Belman in public on his site.


To his credit Belman acknowledged that the war in Libya by the Empire/Sharia Alliance was a major threat to Israel, that he was wrong and that I was right. I am not crowing, I could care less really, but these political positions for Jews are life and death matters.


The sneak Yamit82 who writes with Belman then changed his position totally also, AND IN THE WAKE OF THIS, and began to write in a kind of supportive way towards Gadhafi


In changing his position Belman was generous enough to say that I was right and he was wrong


That is just fine by me. I have some repect for the integrity of Belman, not his general politics though. Belman has been wrong too many times, wrong on the withdrawal from Gaza, wrong on Bush and the Iraq war etc…until hhe changes and adapts and kind of also covers his ass as lawyers do.




The sneak Yamit82 was never able or prepared to do that. Just as if by a miracle he changed his line. But that is only temporary anyway because these types keep adapting, also however because he is a sneak and lacks basic honesty. It is all there on Israpundit for anybody who is bothered to check up on the controversy.


As I said that kind of change is usually and in this case definitely IS superficial.




Jared Israel and Tenc is just one of this sorry crowd of opportunists and people whose politics is not really based on principle. He may have done good research in the past but this is the present and this is war.


The roots of these differences are deep.


I am proud to say that the roots of 4international lie inside of the massive struggle of Leon Trotsky in order to create principled leadership inside of human society.


Trotsky did not look on Haile Selassie as any kind of progressive.


But when Haile Selassie and his country Abyssinia (Ethiopia) was attacked by Mussolini Trotsky called for the victory to Haile Selassie. Trotsky did not fudge the issue.


His defense of Selassie was UNCONDITIONAL against the Nazis


This is the politics that Jared Israel is opposed to, it is the politics that Ted Belman and this whole swampland of Jewish blogs is opposed to. You know, like Jihadwatch, Atlas Shrugs, and a hundred others


And the sneak called Yamit82 who writes with Belman on Israpundit will NEVER understand the meaning of the word principle


On the morning after the horrific bomb on the bus in Jerusalem yesterday evening we appeal to all Jews and Serbs to think very carefully of the treacherous position of Jared Israel, and to look very closely at every Jewish leader today.


The test is actually not in Jerusalem, or not just in Jerusalem, but the test is in relation to the NATO war on Libya.


Do you want the victory to Libya led by Gadhafi. That is TO GADHAFI.




Do you want the victory to NATO, to Obama, to Cameron, or to all of these Fascists who make up what we call the Empire/Sharia Alliance who state their hatred for Gadhafi


You could not sit on the fence when Milosevic was in the NATO prison and I did not. I do believe through what he did (and I believe that Andy Wilcoxin thinks so too, or did think so) that Jared Israel and Tenc sat on the fence then


He is certainly sitting on the fence now in relation to calling for victory to Gadhafi


In company with Belman, Yamit82 and this whole swampland filled with opportunists…It is a bad scene!




We on 4international hope for a Gadhafi victory over the forces of the Empire/Sharia Alliance


Gadhafi is fighting for us all, all of us who oppose this Alliance of the Evil.


We as Trotskyists stand TOTALLY with Gadhafi. And we ask all of our friends among the Jewish patriots, and we have many friends, to stand with us along with Gadhafi

The future of this very battle, in which we must defend Gadhafi, is going to determine if Israel will continue to exist. In short, Obama, Cameron, Zapatero and their likes must be defeated because the Empire/Sharia Alliance must be defeated.

No matter how the Media talking heads spin it Libya is a tiny country of a mere handful of millions


America has 300m millions


Britain about 60 millions


Spain about 40 millions


France about 60 millions


Add all of the rest and you soon arrive at a figure of at least a billion actively involved in this war against Libya


The opposition to Gadhafi concentrated in Eastern Libya is laced with extreme Islamists. This area sent more suicide murderers into Iraq to carry out suicide murders than any other area in the world


Al Qaeda is involved and has been involved ever since Islamists came back from Afghanistan and tried to assassinate Gadhafi. The Muslim Brotherhood, the extreme Islamist organization, is heavily represented and is tightly organised.


These countries, Britain, America, France, and Spain who are leading the charge have insoluble economic problems in their own economies.


Why should they, and what is their great interest in helping such oppositional forces to Gadhafi.


We on 4international have been opposed to these so called oppositional forces since the very beginning. We are unique in the world in that respect. I mean others have come round but we never had a moment of hesitation!


It is not that we are against democratic rights. The opposite, we are foremost in defending democratic rights. But what rights did the American journalist Lara Logan have when she was stripped naked in Cairo by these “protesters” and repeatedly raped, with the bob calling “Jew Jew” to her (Actually she is not Jewish.)


So where are we?


Actually, in all truth, 4international is the only force on earth which has a clear position. We defend Gadhafi and his forces unconditionally, in the same way that Leon Trotsky defended Haile Selassie against Nazi attack in the 1930s


We are independent from Gadhafi; we have different policies and different approaches to life; but our defence is unconditional; against the murdering Imperialists our defence is (that important word again) unconditional; we wish for Gadhafi to survive and for the attackers of his country to be defeated and we will do everything in our power to do just that.

This is a real testing situation for leadership


We on 4international know very well that the best elements out of the Jewish leadership will come forward in a principled way and defend Gadhafi against these enormous odds


That is already happening. That affirms the truly great, historical and progressive nature of Zionism, as the millennia old striving of the Jewish people to live in Zion, which is the centre of their Judaism, a religion and political philosophy which has guided this people through thick and thin.


Why should they abandon or throw that off? We on 4international respect it.


We already have much evidence of this Empire/Sharia alliance. The great historical record is of how Islam and the Nazis came so closely together that they were indistinguishable.


Then just 40 years or so after the end of the Holocaust the whole dirty history was being re-resurrected first with the Holocaust Denier Tudjman, then most remarkable with the Clinton Alliance with Izetbegovic, a confirmed and admitted (Islamic Declaration) Nazi Islamist. Then the body snatchers of the Albanian Nazi Islamists in Kosovo.


While all this was happening in the 90s we had reactionaries like Oliver Kamm (Now The Times of London) rabbiting on with his lies trying to hide the truth, especially from Jews


Then there was and is the totally disorientated “Left”, some of them even calling themselves “Trotskyists”, and take it from me that later claim needs to be looked into!


As we speak Matgamma and WSWS are joining with the Imperialists (in differing ways)












We believe that in these great historical events you cannot be a hurler on the ditch!