EMPIRE SHARIA ALLIANCE WAR ON LIBYA…it concerns that pivotal Mediterranean context that Hitler was so interested in

March 20 2011

It must be remembered in relation to the war on Libya that the Common Foreign Security Policy (CFSP) is no longer common at all.

The EU is massively split in that the great economic power of Europe, Germany, opposes the intervention

What does this mean?

It must also be remembered that the US in the shape of Hussein Obama has went to war, and committed the great American nation and people to war, without the say so of Congress

I am no expert on the American Constitution but I suspect that what Obama and his Party, and the Republican Party also, has done is unconstitutional

That a loyal to the Constitution American could bring an impeachment against Obama and also take action against the Republican Party, including Sarah Palin, on this issue!

What does that mean?

I think it means that the crisis is driving these governments towards Fascism, a kind of World Fascism, which of course will be represented also on the domestic scene

I am actually Irish but last week I visited the Midlands of Britain, invited there by some friends of the English Defence League

I told my friends who are loyal English people, proud to be English, what a dirty country England has become. I was not speaking metaphorically either.

England really is filthy. Do they not employ cleaners for the streets any more? Are brooms and brushes a thing of the past.

Meanwhile youth unemployment is massive and there are no go Muslim areas now in Britain. Sharia Law reigns in many places in Britain.

It is a land (Britain of today) where you can taste the hatred.

Take France: mass unemployment. An economic basket case. Massive Jew Hatred inside France from all areas, spurred on by the Muslim immigrants

Ireland in an economic sense is totally nuts!

But the daddy of them all is Spain: here the unemployment among youth is almost total.

All job appointment in Spain is on a temporary basis. The farmers are on the streets with their massive and massively expensive tractors because the EU is pulling the gravy train from beneath them.

And the US: A pillar of economic stability there…I don’t think. The most powerful nation in the world in hock to China! California and others actually bankrupt though they call it something else

And that is what the war on Libya is all about.

There were no civilian massacres by Gadhafi, his sons and forces.

If there were the photos would surely be with us

Gadhafi was never shown to be fighting against unarmed civilians, but heavily armed insurgents against his regime.

Now imagine the people of Cork rising up in an armed insurrection against the Dublin centred Government (Actually they did and that essentially was how Michael Collins met his end; however that is to digress)

But follow this imaginative trail…the UN, US and Britain with France wade in to help the Cork Rebels

Even worse in the case of Gadhafi though. A report on Jihadwatch has recently shown that the East of Libya is filled to the brim with Sharia Suicide Murderers. More Suicide Murderers went from there to Iraq than from any other Muslim country in the world.

And they went to Iraq to kill the very troops of Cameron and Obama (British and Americans)

Is that a contradiction or is that a contradiction?

So normal common sense reasoning gets us nowhere in explaining reality!

We have to kind of step out of the box and begin to think in a new way.

What if (and I know this is a hypothesis) these European and US power elites know that they are in a system called the capitalist system which is in deep crisis

Their people are stirring. They badly need an overall strategy.

They move towards Fascism yes!

(Fascism is an emotive word and many people scorn its use. But remember that Obama has by-passed Congress here, and remember also that the main strategy of Hitler was also to free himself from such democratic parliamentary norms…then he (Hitler) could make hay)

And as the Nazis did before them they are coming more and more to see Islam and Sharia as being, perhaps not exactly their way forward or their hoped for way forward, but as being a very useful ally on a world stage situation (and everything is a world stage given the interconnections between commodity production and exchange)

I mean Hitler was a Christian yes! But as a Christian he saw Christianity as being soft and Islam Sharia being strong and with a wonderfully (for him) useful edge

That is the hypothesis.

They grope towards new forms of rule.

The actual history of Obama still remains a mystery. The Media created around Obama a narrative of lies.

The new alliance between western capitalism and Islam is the in thing.

Jew hatred (hatred of Israel) is definitely in as far as that western elite is concerned and the hard edge is given by Sharia, where as Libya is attacked Iran is given the go ahead by Obama and the Democrats to go Nuclear, equalling surely with the advent of the Twelfth Iman a new Holocaust of the Jews

But again why Gadaffi?

To really answer that read Bat Yeor

Gadhafi has never been a total Arab, and the recent Arab League support for Obama and Cameron has shown that. Gadhafi is tribal. He represents the tribes, like the Berbers, who predate Islam. He is of course Muslim and Islam with a fair dose of antisemitism thrown into the mix. But he is too complex for Sharia. His son Saif is surely far more IPOD than he is Sharia.

But they have something else. They have balls.

They are prepared to look at Obama and crew and spit in their eye with a great relish and flourish.

I think our characterisation of the situation in the world is correct. We move into a new situation of Empire Sharia Alliance.

This is in line with all of the research of especially Bat Yeor

Europe is seeking to make concrete The Alliance of Civilizations. That is why its foremost creator, Zapatero, and his supremely stupid Foreign Minister a woman called Gonzalez, are plugging like billyo The Alliance of Civilizations and are after the “difficult” Gadhafi

It is in fact the Empire Sharia Alliance in operation.

And it concerns that pivotal Mediterranean context that Hitler was so interested in, and that he may have used to strike Russia, but he took the wrong fork in the road. The Balkans and Empire support for Islamist Izetbeovic may have been just one event, the taster, with the main course to come

We all need to keep our eyes on this Empire Sharia Alliance. And the Jews of Israel are aware as always that for them it will be life or death. The Jews must not allow anyone to hoodwink them on this issue.

1 thought on “EMPIRE SHARIA ALLIANCE WAR ON LIBYA…it concerns that pivotal Mediterranean context that Hitler was so interested in

  1. Felix, you are coming to the same conclusion that a lot of us are — fascism is making a resurgence, along with the anti-Semitism that comes with it. Rodney Atkinson did a fine job making the connections between the EU and the old Nazi regime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nf5KeC4dAs Put that together with the documentation on the escape of German Nazis to the ME post-WWII http://www.tellthechildrenthetruth.com/where.html and the connections that Oriana Fallaci and Bat Y’eor made, and what we are seeing with NATO and Western countries is indeed a resurgence of European and Islamic fascism.

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