March 25 2011


There is not ONE Jewish or Israeli or American Jewish leader in existence at this present moment in time (that anyways I can find) which is lining up with Gadhafi and calling for the defeat of NATO


That means, and I include Jared Israel of Emperors Clothes in this also, that they are lining up in this war on the side of NATO


Emperor’s Clothes is interesting because I cannot find any Serb blogs EITHER which are calling for the victory to Gadhafi


What a sorry bunch.


I dealt with Jared Israel of Emperor’s New Clothes here yesterday and today I hear the sound of crickets chirping.


Leave tenc aside for the moment because it is finished. Of course it will churn out a few glossy researches but from the standpoint of the working class and repressed nations like Libya and Israel it is over.


That is what I make of their (tenc) attack on Gadhafi in the midst of a war on Gadhafi by NATO and the Empire.


Yesterday I dealt also with Ted Belman and that oh so “Jewish” website Israpundit. Same thing! Belman will not call for victory to Gadhafi just as he would not call to victory to Milosevic


But he since Milosevic made noises for the Serbs to curry favour with Julia Gorin.


Through Gorin to Gorin’s friend Pamela Geller. It is as basic, and treacherous, as that…sorry folks! Belman is just one more retired lawyer!


But let me turn this morning to a website which claims to be pro Israel and pro Jews and which has gotten a big name for itself


So I read this morning


“We’re told what we need to know, that Gaddafi is bad and the rebels are good. And while it’s hard to argue that a world without him might be a better place, it’s unclear what Libya will be like without him”




The Iraq War had intimidated Gaddafi, but its collapse had him feeling his oats again. Irrational demands followed. And the toadying of the American and British governments to his family only fed the beast.




And they’re all eager for our support, so long as we don’t ask any difficult questions. Such as who besides Gaddafi was responsible for human rights abuses and whether they intend to protect equal rights for all peoples regardless of gender and religion. And of course we won’t be asking any bothersome questions like that.



Bush’s invasion of Iraq, ill-considered as it was, had a basic germ of idealism in it.




It is why we are now spending billions of dollars on regime change in Libya, while ignoring genocide elsewhere. It’s why a man who denounced the overthrow of Saddam, who actually did commit genocide, is now part of a campaign against Gaddafi, who has not. We are ensuring stability. The stable order. The mold of convenience. Get your war on with Obama and see Iraq repeat itself a second time as farce. Marx would have been proud.


Yes it is Sultan Knish who you will find somewhere in the records of 4international hating us and who is full of hatred for Trotskyism


Note the final paragraph above, that is the Knish final paragraph as well


What a sorry ending to an analysis article.


The ending is literally meaningless


It is meaningless, foolish and also false in the extreme because what Obama represents is the Empire/Sharia Alliance and in response to the overall crisis in the capitalist system… yes they are seeking stability, like Hitler did, the stability of the grave of millions of Jews




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