March 26 2011

The confusing helter skelter of Arabian politics is shown in the protests against the Assad regime in Syria

Here there is real massacres of protesters being carried out, very like what has been happening to protesters in iran for years.

the real lesson here is not in Syria but in how Obama and cameron will react to thisç

You see there is one law for Gadhafi and another law for Iran and Syria

At least that is our hhypothesis:




The protest against Bashar Assad’s regime is swelling. From its first epicenter in the southern town of Deraa it spread Friday, March 25, to new cities, Homs, Aleppo, Latakia and parts of Damascus. It has quickly attained the scale unforeseen by the regime of

a popular uprising by the majority Sunni population (74 percent) against Allawite-dominated (15 percent) rule.

Army troops gunned the protesters down in what witnesses described as a massacre of scores and hundreds injured, raising calls from the opposition for international intervention.

The number of dead and injured cannot be reliably determined. debkafile’s intelligence sources report that special Syrian security clean-up units removed the bodies as they fell.

The authorities were caught unawares by the upsurge of street rallies that followed preachers’ sermons in hundreds of Sunni mosques calling on their congregations to go out and drive the Assads and the minority Allawite sect from power. The Syrian secret service missed the Muslim Brotherhood’s hand in organizing this mass street eruption. The strongest rallying cry came from the influential radical Egyptian television preacher Yussuf Qaradawi who called on Syria’s Sunni community to stand up for its rights as a majority.


The allies who come to mind in the case of Assad are Iran, the Lebanese Hizballah, pro-Iranian Palestinian groups with bases in Damascus – Hamas, Jihad Islami and Ahmad Jibril’s Popular Palestinian Front-General Command.

It would take Tehran no more than a few hours to fly Revolutionary Guards units into Damascus. An Iranian command structure is already positioned at Syrian armed forces headquarters in Damascus. Also available to Tehran is an Iraqi Shiite militia, the Mehdi Army of the radical cleric Moqtada Sadr, a good personal friend both of Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Assad. 


Again in order to make sense of this we go back to our overall hypothesis!


To see what is happening consider this:


The attack on Gadhafi by the “Empire Sharia Alliance” can only be compared to Hitler and the Nazis, Czechoslovakia and beyond


The centre of the Arab opposition is laced by the Muslim Brotherhood, and by antisemitism as was the Nazis


It is all orchestrated by the Empire and goes hand in hand with the Empire Sharia Alliance continual campaign to delegitimize Israel and to make the Jews a hated people big time once more.

Iran, Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas, Fatah, are all part of this deep antisemitism, and this area will be preserved by the “Empire Sharia Alliance”

That is a hypothesis, part conjecture. But surely that will happen. Further thhe more they (The Empire of Obama, Clinton, cameron, the EU, NATO) leave these Fascists unmolested, THE MORE THEY STEP UP THE LYING RHETORIC AGAINST GADHAFI

As we maintained against Israpundit it is all centred on one question: Do you want gadhafi to win, or do you want the Empire Sharia Alliance to win

There is no sitting on the fence possible in these great historical issues and battles

That is why Leon Trotsky laughed at those who tried to sit on the fence when Haile Selassie was attacked by Mussolini. Of course you defend the despot Selassie


Note that Debka does not even think about Assad being opposed by Obama. Debka knows. Instead Obama will say a few things but will not interfere.

Especially the fix is on between the “Empire Sharia Alliance” and Iran.

Iran must be allowed to have the Nuclear Bomb. That is why spokesman for the Empire, Daniel Pipes, has said that Israel cannot now attack the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Making

This issue of adhafi is the issue of the coming Holocaust of the Jews of Israel, courtesy of Obama/Clinton/Cameronand the EU!


The important thing is that all of this alliance between Empire and Sharia is going on under the cover of the campaign against Gadhafi


The lies against Gadhafi are now wholesale and are non stop and unashamed


There is a fatal weakness in the Empire though. In a debate on a Spanish TV station 2 nights (Intereconomia) the running poll showed 80 per cent plus of Spanish people oppose the war on Libya


You see, the war on Libya is tied in with the economic crisis in these countries, in Europe and America.

The worse the crisis, the worse the unemployment, the more the war on Gadhafi (as the Devil incarnate) has to be stepped up

It is deep stuff indeed and is the stuff of Fascism

It is only 2 weeks since Roland Shirk who is defended (and employed I suppose) by Robert Spencer on Jihadwatch maintained that “we do not have a dog in this fight”

By “we” he meant Jews.

But he sure as hell was wrong!

What is going on now is the cornering of the Jewish state. Gadhafi was an opponent of Sharia, an opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, an opponent of Qaradawi

The “Empire Sharia Alliance” has to murder Gadhafi

Jewish leaders like Belman and eller will be judged on that one. These are big issues.



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